Choson Priests are too Overpowered

Choson priests are near impossible to defeat especially against the AI. They have an even greater range that Heavy Catapults which is the farthest firing unit in the game. And the AI knows when you are targeting it and they will immediately ‘wololo’ your entire army.


I think you are talking about Egyptian priests.

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I am talking about Choson priests, not Egyptian ones.

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Choson priests haven’t more range. They are cheaper.

Yeah, but the AI just spammed a bunch of them and when I targeted them with the Heavy Catapults they immediately converted them.

Welcome to Age of Empires.


I think the same. Choson has many advantages. His invincible legions (the most profitable unit in the game), towers with extra range and cheap priests.
Some civs like Shang have only two bonuses, and one of them repeated from Babylonians.


But Shang are so a special thing… For real they have only 1 unique special. Nobody cares the hitpoints from the walls.

Roman legions are much better. Choson legions are only better if they get hit by something strong like catapults and ballistas, where their inferior armor doesn’t matter and only their high HP pool saves them getting killed too soon.

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Roman legions are much better

Not much, by one hit (At least in the old game).

The question is:
Why I should build legions, when I can build Centurion?

Legions hit and move faster, they can cost 0,5 pop when you get Logistics, they are cheaper and they produce faster. But also it depends what are you facing to you need speed or raw power.

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I have been playing the game for a year.

Because Legions are much cheaper to produce yet cost effective and pop effective.
I agree that swordsmen line in AOE1 is a bit too cheap.
Look at the Boring Legion wars between Choson-Romans, say this by experience.

But one Centurion is stronger then 2 Legions. But I accept it if the producing time shorter and the movement speed faster.

Many greetings.

Only Greek Hoplite line can be faster than regular inf and foot archers, but they lack final +3 attack upg.

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The Centurions are best when paired with the Legions because the Legions can kill the units that can exploit the Centurion’s speed like monks. And to return to the topic, the Chosons are very overpowered, I was once playing the Yamato and I attacked the Chosons with 40 Cataphracts, 30 Centurions, half a dozen stone-throwers, an assortment of archers and 4 priests and my army got dwindled into one lone archer and a priest.

When you develop Aristocracy, they are even faster than normal infantry and foot archers.

Jep thats only when you have Greek movement bonus and Aristocracy researched.

First, Heavy catapults have more range than priests. Priest 10 (13 upgraded), Heavy catapult13 (15 upgraded).

Second, it’s a war game. The AI is supposed to attack you. You’re supposed to attack it, that’s how it works.

Third, AI can dodge catapult shots only if they are directly targeted on the units. So groundfire next to them and they are clueless. You, as a player, know to dodge them all the time because you can actually see the stone fly. Seems to me like it’s unfair against the AI because it cannot.

Fourth, make a chariot. They’re a lot cheaper than cats.