Christopher Da Gama

His name is Cristovão da Gama, not Christopher.
Why do you keep anglicanizing the Portuguese names? Same thing with Henrique the Navigator, not Henry.
This casual erasure of distinction between Cristovão and Christopher is in the very least annoying and at the very most insulting.

Names are usually anglicized. My problem is how they think jinete, cassador, and encomienda are Portuguese. We need ginetes (or better, a culturally Portuguese equivalent), caçadores, and a completely different system for encomienda.

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i mean frankly speaking Portugal shouldn’t even have ranged cavalry, Portugal basically didn’t use cavalry.

They are suppressing the language and identity.
A name is a sense of connection and ethnic identity, how they approach the name speaks volumes of their anglo centric bias.
Is Portuguese language and Culture less valuable?

Have you heard about Confucio? don’t you think is weird that his name is not in chinese?

Do you call Deutschland Germany or Alemania?


You just proved my point.

If you are called John, I’m not gonna be calling you João.
So if the name is Cristovão why should I call it Christopher?

It models respect for the other languages, and in this case the individual.

I see you are trying to move the goalpost by now mentioning countries. That’s got nothing to do with my point.

Names are important because they reflect unique cultures, histories, religions, and lineages.

The anglicization of “foreign” names — the practice of taking names and turning them into something English — is a slow and sinister form of identity erasure.

You are experiencing the effects of the game you are playing, most people call him Chrostopher because most people were part of the British Empire, thus we speak the language of the most succesful empire there ever was.

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Last time I check we lived in a multicultural and multilingual world, and the British Empire is not the ruling entity.

Your point has little value except on a nationalistic platform.
Cristovão was never part of the british empire and the fact you went all the way to write his Anglican version of the name is just disrespectful and deamining, taking into account the purpose of the thread. But this is just a symptom of the bigger issue, that you again eloquently demonstrated on your post, the “superiority” of some people over the others.

Thats simply wrong. Hes not called Christopher because most players are from the British Empire. Its english, because of US dominace in western videogame markets and popculture ( the US had their revolution way before the hight of the British Empire). English as a lingua franca has more to do with trade and the cold war, than with the British Empire. Also ‘succesfull’ is a wierd measurement for countries…

I think that following the example of American indigenous civs, for each civ you can add their original names in parentheses, e.g. Germans (Deutsche), Portuguese (Portugueses) and Russians (Russkiye).

its important that people can actually write the name of something, and using a cute C is a sure way for me not to be able to write it.

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the thing is “German” ain’t meant negatively and doesn’t hold negative connotations, Sioux does hold a negative meaning as it is a slur in itself.


You are correct, but we are talking about a personal name here. Its disrespectful to call him Christopher, when he is Cristovao. English is the Lingua Franca of this board as well hence why I’m replying in English, you can call the Civ Portuguese, but his name of baptism is Cristovão, not Christopher.

This is okay, there is no issue with it.
See point above.

This ç?
It’s not in the name. And what you said is an issue aswell. I suppose if you have a friend called Hakkim, you just call him Harry. Why bother getting his name right…

So what you are saying is ,I that live in South Africa, that was op art of the British empire ,that has English as my seccond language am not allowed to referance the famous Chinese admiral as Zheng He but instead you demand that I refer to him as 郑和 whilst in diologue?


What an absurd false equivalence you just brought up, because that’s just his name using the English Alphabet based on latin, same as the Portuguese one.
Where using the same alphabet you are turning Cristovão into Christopher.

You seem to be intentionally obtuse about this so hopefully the following article can enlighten you.

I didn’t mean that the English name for Germans civ is offensive because it is not. I just think all civs can have their native language names (in parentheses). A few civs do, and it looks weird when the rest of the civs don’t.

I know that. But my idea isn’t that English-language names are offensive to civs.

You probably thought that I want to restore the old names for Lakota civ, for example - that was not what I meant.

Yes,in Portuguese it is called Cristovão,but as the English speakers would not know how to pronounce it,it is anglicized as Christopher,for that matter it is the same,but for the Portuguese speakers they should leave it simply as Cristovão and call it that in that case…


Your right @MatM1996, people need to stop being offended by everything

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meu nome e Vitor Cristovão vitor cristovão - YouTube

And this is the issue, changing ones name for convenience. Not for the person convinience tho, for others.
I find that to be wrong.