Christopher de Gama's Historical Battle is broken now


Since the most recent update, the challenge to complete the aforementioned historical battle on Hard difficulty is impossible. The Ethiopian friendly units are way too weak compared to the Somali and have absolutely no chance against them now. I have completed the battle before on hard and had no where near the amount of issues I am having now completing it. It seems that the timer for your Ethiopian allies is turned down way too significantly, making it impossible to mount any offensive whatsoever. It may even be bugged since the Somali spawn 4 clusters for every one cluster of Ethiopians from the main village, even if it was a 2-4 ratio instead, I think the battle would be challenging but at least possible to complete. I hope they fix this in the next patch because I would really like to get the profile icon attached to the challenge.

Mmm trata primero de juntar un gran grupo de ballesteros (no hagas picas no vale la pena) y dejar los cañones de salva en la base, y cuando vallas a liberar las aldeas empieza por la que se encuentra atrás de la base etíope y luego la que esta arriba de esa así el flanco izquierdo quedara cubierto, luego te atrincheras un poco en la base, juntas otro pequeño grupo de ballesteros y luego atacas el flanco derecho, las aldeas centrales las dejas para el ultimo.

I am not the best at Spanish, which I should be after four years of studying it, but I tried to use the organ guns to hunker down in the village and move far left all the way over to far right then try to do the middle. But before I can even get back to go far right, the wvillage has already fallen. There isn’t enough time to move all the way from one side of the map to the either. I ahd someone respond similarly with what you suggested and when I asked if they have even tried the battle don’t he new update they said no, so I’m going to assume it doesn’t work.

yo… jugué la batalla ayer… y la pase igual de fácil que siempre buen señor, las pistolas órgano se deben quedar en la base y solo sacar los ballesteros a liberar las aldeas.

Just played it on hard to see what were the updates.

I won handily. The only think different I saw was the walls skin.

I manged to beat it after a few try

the key is to keep a chunk of your army alive during the escape, especially the organ gun. Then use the 3 organ guns to defend while you clear the first 2 closest village.

First 3 cards only send additional crossbows, build up a mass then keep clearing clearing villages. once you get to age 3 just send more organ guns, then get to max pop and push

I attempted it for well over a 30th try now. I have almost 20 hrs in the games in the past week only trying to complete this challenge. I have tried every avenue I can think of to try to win this historical battle. The tactics that I have tried to employ in the game have made me able to face the extreme A.I. one on one fairly comfortably now and I still cannot beat this battle. So I am going to have to disagree that you beat it “handily” without some proof.

And I am not trying to be toxic, its just I have seen this type of post too many times now. Or people that state “just try this” I try it and it fails, the most success I have had so far was bum rushing with all of my units moving from Right to Left and even that time, I was only able to get 6/8 of the villages liberated. I would like to see someone attempt this and post a video/replay of how they did it. Otherwise I just think it is impossible.

I leave 1 organ behind for defense, the rest slowly liberate villages. As you can see, I freed them all by 22 min.

The organ gun do all the job really. The rest of units are just there to shield them.

If I could, I would kiss you. Thank you so much man. You have no idea how long I have been trying to get this done. So the strat is to keep one organ gun back, even if it dies, it leaves you enough time to take out the villages you need to. You are actually a genius, thank you again :slight_smile: