Church XP

Hi there, my main is Spain and I’m wondering if on maps without tps, is building a church in transition to age2 for the XP trickle worth it? I know it’s something like 0.6 xp per sec, but how much is that compared to a tp?

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Yes it is. And if you can afford Mercantilism, it often is 3 shipments for Spain, while everyone else just gets 2, most of the times.

It is always better to have a TP, but if non is around, get a Church.
Spain always gets a lot from shipments, so the sooner you get them, the better.

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Hi, so currently the church provides an experience (XP) trickle of 0.6xp/second in comparison to a trading post (without upgrades) of 1.2xp/second. Although the church costs 150 wood, and the Trading Post costs 200 wood, however the church can be placed anywhere ie defensively. To answer your question, if there are no TP’s on a map and you are playing Spain it would be worth getting the church in transition, however on TP maps it is better to save up the additional 50 wood for double the trickle.


Hi again, just realised that the church is an age 2 (commerce age) building. This means that you won’t be able to build a church in transition to the commerce age. The devs should definitely make the church an age 1 building ( for the xp growth accessibility and the LOS upgrades in age 1)


I agree. Specially now that we have a couple of maps with no tp on it, being able to get a church early would be nice


Yeah Church in age one, like ottoman, would be real sweet.


I believe TP’s are a lot closer to 1.0 xp/s in DE

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Yes, I believe unupgraded they provide 1.2xp/s on average, could be wrong

I tested and TP generates approx. 0.85~1.15 xp/s so Church generates xp at 60% of TP averagely.