Cinacos bonus against heavy infantry

Hello friends want to ask you about chinacos bonus, so they have 1.5 against infantry and 0.67 against heavy infantry my question is this one how they do damage against heavy infantry like this (base damage + 1.5 + 0.67) or like this (base damage + 0.67) I am just wondering and if its is the second way why there is bonus against infantry and not light infantry for example ?

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Against heavy infantry they do (base damage * 1.5 * 0.67). The multipliers cancel out so they do their base damage to heavy infantry.

There are some units that are generic infantry but not heavy infantry or light infantry. These include minutemen, European heros, and petards amongst others. I suppose this way it can do bonus damage to these units where if it was only a bonus against light infantry it would not.

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The first one is correct, but it is like (basedmg1.50.67) that is equal to 1,005 againts hvinf.

ok but if you do the cabaleros card shipment the bonus will be against infantry 3.5, so this is significant bonus against heavy infantry also right ?

Correct, after the card it does 1.675 times the base damage to heavy infantry. (the card makes it a have a 2.5 multiplier against infantry not a 3.5 multiplier)

Ok thank you for the clarification mates, I was confused about this ;d


ty, that’s the reason because Presidial lancers make them broken.

Yeah, that card should keep them x1 vs HI like asian cavalry. They have already sp lancers for that