Cinematic Act 1 '' Blood, Ice and Steel '' Not in French

Hi guys !

This is just a detail, but during the cutscene at the end of act 1 ‘’ A possible future ‘’ The audio is in English (French Subtitles) While basic all of the 'audio must be in French …

I don’t know if someone has already mentioned it, but here I am reporting this problem.

Same for the end cutscene of Act 2 … English audio and French subtitles … Also to be corrected :slight_smile:

The same issue is happening in the spanish version. English audio and spanish subtitles, when all of the voices and dialogs are the same as the original version.

It’s not normal seriously, the one in 2005 there is no problem with Dialogue.

True. Only graphics has been changed, but dialogues are exactly the same, so they could be recycled from legacy version, like the starting screen saying “Atto I: Sangue” and so on.

Only Shadow campaign has been heavily reworked, it should be re-dubbed entirely.