Civ balance in de , major issues

There have always been the situation that most players playing supremacy and still decent number of players playing treaty they even made treaty patch for it . On re currently there are about 50% players who plays treaty . But I really hope they work to fix treaty balance along with sup balance . I don’t have beta access sadly but As far as I know about beta there are a few issues not addressed in de so far .

  1. Slow training time for india in late game , and viability of sowar in late game , as mahout cost lots of wood , and Indian late game wood income is not reliable .

I suggest a age 5 tec or age 4 card late game that boost training time for india units as they lack church tech that most other civs get . May be some adjustments to camel . I think that can fix Indian treaty without making them op in sup .

  1. No relaible source of wood income for mezo civ in late game . Mezo civs have no souce of wood income late game . They don’t have huge wood crates like India(still unreliable tho) , or any other ways to get wood . Incas has wood tickle but u want firepit on attack/fertility dance instead of wood dance . Over all they get huge issue in wood short map like Deccan or any map with extended game . That is just toooo unfair .

Specially Aztecs , they have no way to counter mass skimenser late without huge bank of wood as cyote are weak late game( low stats and low range resistance) and they cost wood (that Aztec has no access late game ) and only skirmisher type unit Aztec have macehuatin also cost wood . So Aztec just suck late game , eagle will drain u againt skirmishers due to lower range , slow train time and skirmishers bonus againt them . Vs 80% ski + 20% musk = Aztec useless

Suggest a age 5 tech or age 4 card that give significant tickle of wood or a infinite 1-2 mango groove card in age 4 . Plus a card or tech that change important unit wood cost to little lesser or equal gold cost . That will fix them in treaty without affacting their performance in sup or may add the fast industrial as a viable strategy in sup that is not an option atm .

  1. Chinese train time late game , it has been pain to play china on mon Andes map due to their slow train time for troops late game and with batch training , u can’t que one unit and add more later , so descent amount of troop space are blocked in training which cause fighting troops to be less in number , also most of the time in late game halt the batch troops are useless like pikes and steppe , they just die instantly in large fight and again u need to bloock good amount of troop space in training becoz u can’t que one and add more when it’s about to end .

I think They need a little boost to few army train time ( like russian ally boost army train time , so they need to trade Brit hp boost for fast training ) or a age 4 tech or card to boost train time a bit and fix that useless flamethrower plzzz .

  1. Livestock , they have been the most useless tech for civs that don’t have fuelling mill card . Any way to make them worth to use by all civs ??? . They require too Manny cards for so little over all gain .

These are not only issue for treaty but also in supremacy in late game , Which cause frustration.

What u people think ?? Any changes that I missed ?? Or any concern or suggestions ??


This is definitely false. Treaty players exist, but they are in the minority. For example, I just checked the lobby right now and there is not a single Treaty game room even hosted.

This is already solved on DE, as the monastery tech now affects camels too.

It should not be used by all civs, that’s just boring standardization. It feels much better to have some civs focused on livestock and other civs focused on different things. I don’t want to be forced into livestock strats with all civs…


I m tlaking about lobby in re , not beta , and I m in re , lots of treaty lobbies there , I don’t know where u were .

And for india train time for their infantry and camels was very slow , camels got solved , it’s good news , what about infantry train time ??? U can’t play all camels , they are very weak against anything except what they counters . U can’t play with mass camels.

And why do u have livestocks card when they r just useless for most civs ??? What is the point of giving every civ those cards when they are not viable . And making livestock viable doesn’t mean they are not making them monotonous but giving them variety as u need to choose , livestock use require 2-3 cards , which can be change for other unit/unit upgrade cards . Atm there is absolutely no points to have livestock card in deck for except 2-3 civs with fuilling mill card.

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There was an idea to include train time improvements in each unit’s imperial upgrade, this way treaty would be more balanced. I am not sure if this was ever implemented.

Anyway I think this is a valid point, you just have to go the correct way to make sure that the devs hear your complaints. Make a separate topic for each specific issue for example “asian civ unit train times in treaty”, and describe the current state (make sure that you actually check the facts before) and present your case. I am sure many will agree with you. This would be the best way to get your ideas heard by devs.