Civ Bonus Concept - Plunder Mechanic

Civ Bonus concept for the Magyars or Huns.

They have no economy bonus, so I think they need a buff when it comes to economy.

Gain +5 (II)/+10 (III)/+15 (IV) of each resource each time your Stable Units destroy a building. Town Centers, Markets, and Monasteries yield more resources.

Now that the Vikings have a bonus like that I think the Huns should have it too.
Tarkans giving resources when destroying a buildings.
No Stone though.
Should depend on the building. A house should give less then a monastery or a TC.

Leave this for a new civi like vandals.

Huns and Magyars suffer because of no economic bonuses, so the eco bonus should come from this instead

Who said they’re suffering? They’re some of the best raiding civs in the game.

Not needing houses is a sneaky little eco bonus. Why do you think huns were once OG best civ?