Civ bonus idea: walls are built in 50% time

What if one civ had a bonus that help to build walls in much less time? Like 66-100% faster

After seeing this video, i thought it could be a nice defensive bonus for those civs with bad dark and feudal age. Less time required for walls could buff that civ in open maps, but not in arena or islands.

However, such bonus could lead to laming strategies like wall rush, but Spanish now build walls 33% faster and its not a problem.

Also this bonus wouldnt affect the intent of quickwalling, because quickwalling is used to inmediatly stop pushes with build foundations and those are not affected by building speed.

Portuguese could make use of this bonus inearly game to reach castle age safely, and in late game with the stone of feitorias


Like Koreans in forgotten? Koreans should get that back as a separate bonus


You are right: I forgot that korean bonus it also affected walls in forgottens!!!

They lost their bonus because tower rushes were frustrating. However, i agree that they could regain it again but limited to walls.

This would fit with their wood discount (more wood for pallisades) or stone bonus (more stone for walls), and also with the increased villager LOS (it is safer go for walling).


Nice idea, would give it to koreans for sure


yeah sounds good, would help a lot with the stone walls…


stone walls are not usually used in early game, i think. I suppose that fast castle players would make use of the bonus.

In my own case, i like to wall myself, but with pallisades. I only use stone walls in blackforest.

I think with Koreans’ stone bonus and stacking with this new bonus it could work. It’s ironic how Koreans lost their fortification bonus in DE and then gained defensive civilization as their theme, the wood bonus is pretty small to consider them along the lines with Byzantine counter units


The reason why faster fortification building (walls, towers and castles) was taken away from Koreans is that it made Koreans too predictable, all in towers and then passive trying to not die from the follow-up aggression from enemy.
Generally, it made Koreans not enjoyable to play and play against.

For this very good reason it was taken away from them.
And it should stay like that.

But koreans mostly used towers in that predictabe way as an opening, and then used the stone for castles and war wagons. Walls, either pallisade or stone ones, werent built a lot at all in this strategy

Walls are not used freqcuently used in a tower rush, because two towers cover each other. Only palisade walls are sometimes used to protect a solitary tower until murder holes is researched, and this bonus wouldnt change this a lot.

I meant walls that were built to defend your base after tower rush.

You play you. I know what works.

cool idea!

That being said, what about linked structures forming a wall getting a bonus? That would make sense in a realistic way and a civ with linked structures next to a typical wall forming a walled place could be amazing.

Or just a wall, the longer and consistent the stronger it gets for the civ receiving the bonus, so say Byzantines could wall as their main strategy and become very difficult to beat early on, which makes sense 'cos byzantines lasted a lot as a civ.

That could lead to different and interesting strategies, for a change.

Better idea: Civ that makes building walls for enemy double time.
Walling is already OP. No need to give a civ another benefit.

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what do you mean by Civ that makes building walls for enemy double time? Just curious… Because I don’t understand what it means -I am not an english native speaker, but still…-.


Civ X has this bonus.
Civ Y is the enemy in a game.

If a villagers normally builds a wall in 5 seconds, then a villager of Civ Y needs 10 seconds to build a wall if they play against Civ X. So the time for the enemy to build a wall will be twice as much.

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This would be non intuitive because you should have to take in account your oponent is X whenever you want to build a wall

Isnt the whole game based on ‘what would my opponent do’? For almost every action you need to take in account your opponent.

For example: If you play against Goths, you know they want the kuskarl spam. Good luck if you want to go archers.

True but goths doesnt make your archers worse. You can build them as usual, nd kill villagers as usual with them. Then the huskarl appears and you should build other army against them.

However, bonus that automatically makes enemy walling worse has no counterplay at all and its directly noticed by the enemy instead of the player…