Civ bonuses, from the top of my head

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. And while I understand that I might lack some skill to suggest balance changes, I love to think about possible bonuses and stuff, and since it seems we’re gonna need some not gimmicky ideas, I’m gonna list a few that I’ve thinked of. Between brackets I put the existing civ that could take said bonus. I do not claim these to be balance ideas. Just a starting point. Enjoy !

Eco Bonuses:

  • Several farmers can work in the same farm
  • Farm technologies add the extra food to already seeded farms
  • All type of food gathered 5% faster.
  • Hunt Animals last 30% longer
  • Can produce herdables on mill (probably the upcoming Polish bonus/special mill)

Military Bonus/UT:

  • Camels +1 attack in CA + 1 Melee defense in IA (might be an UT)
  • Towers +1 attack against cavalry / +2 Attack against Archers (Incas?)
  • Free Infantry armor upgrades
  • Free eagle warrior upgrade (incas?)
  • Knight Line/Elephant line +2 attack against buildings (Burmese? if so, Manipur Cavalry needs to be modified)
  • Barracks / Archery range upgrades (either one or the other) cost no gold
  • Steppe Lancers +1 attack or attacks 15% faster (cumans?)
  • Monks +1 Range
  • Monks +1/1 Armor
  • UT: Skirms gets +2 attack and reduced reload time to 2.2. Food cost changed for 35 G (for a civ with no arbalester. Their skirms would be worst than FU arbalester against cavalry, but would completely wreck enemy archers)

Team bonuses:

  • Free caravan (this one is not my idea, I saw it in the official forum and I though it was good).
  • Villagers have +1PA or +10 HP (incas?)
  • Trade Carts/Cogs cost -15%

Finally, I would like to share some specifics balances changes:

Burmese: The aforementioned bonus for cavalry dealing extra damage to buildings. Otherwise, I think that they could get Heresy, but I’not so sure about this one. The whole idea is that Burmese could get, one way or another, some bonus to their cavalry/elephants, and thus make this gameplay more viable.

Koreans: Get Bloodlines. WW/EWW gets -20 HP. General Buff for Koreans, small nerf for WW

Incas: Gets 3 llamas. A decent eco bonus. It delays farms. Anyway, I think some things about this civ need to be reworked (blacksmith upgrades affecting vils are kinda senseless now. and their Team bonus is the most useless in the game).

Hope you like it, and don’t forget to give your oppinion :smiley:

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So this is a list of random bonuses, no related to any civ (most of the time)?


For my Iroquois brainstorm on the wiki, I actually gave them free Caravan, to reflect their extensive trade system.

What if a civ have the bonus of vils occup half pop, but their lack of most of imperial techs and upgrades. It should be a full Castle age civ

sounds too gimmicky for my taste.

Yep, exactly. Some viable civ bonuses

Honestly I though of that before both as a free bonus and an Imp UT.

Well potentially double the vill pop would be OP for sure, unless you give the civ super heavy penalties, but then you risk to make the civ trash whenever the pop bonus doesn’t come into play.

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  • Faster Walking Archers
  • +1Attack Archers
  • +1/1 Armor on Archers
  • Free Archer Line upgrades
  • Free Elite Skirm
  • Free Husbandry
  • Military Buildings 50% cheaper (Racks, Ranges, Stables, Workshops)
  • Villagers can plant berry bushes (Cost 30 food) before the mill
  • Can build markets in dark age
  • Can build fish traps in dark age
  • Start game with 1 militia and -50 food
  • Castles have +1 range in CA +1 range in Imp
  • Unit upgrade gold cost is converted to wood cost (For example hussar would cost 500f600w instead of 500f600g.)

not without some huge downside.

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I think you guys should mention new bonuses on this thread instead of making new one.

I know most of the people doesn’t like to necro down a thread but I personally don’t like to see a new thread with unspecific civ bonuses.

The huge downside is no eco bonus

Honestly all those stuff are broken. Archer line is already the best unit line in the game, you can’t attach bonus that are so powerful.

And I am not a fan at all. Farms already have the role of converting other resources into food, so this mechanic is gonna be either strictly better (making farms useless) or worse (being useless since you’d better placing farms then) than farming.

I think the ship of buffing combat stat for villagers is kinda sailed tbh

Having one side getting raiding protection like that is probs not OK

So we are discussion viable bonusses, not related to any civ at all? Seems pretty useless to me.

Sounds very OP for team games. I think I would rather make a civ with villagers needing less pop but lacking eco techs until they arent far way from other civs economically