Civ Concept: Ahom kingdom. Used Rhinos as Military Unit

Civ Concept: Ahom kingdom. Used Rhinos as Military Unit.

Formidable as they appear, rhinoceros are difficult to handle.
Ahoms – the people of Assam in the Far North East India – used Rhinos like early tanks, heavily intoxicating them before giving them a sudden shock and sending them towards the enemy units.
Ahom Dynasty existed within same time frame as Delhi Sultanat

The ancient Kingdom of Kamarupa eventually became the Kingdom of Ahom ( 1228-1826) of Assam being physically distant from the center of India it was ruled by tribal kings for many centuries until the early 19th century.

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Sounds like an interesting faction, with unique unit Rhino.


Alrighty then. And on destruction, the rhino could spawn another unit like the AOE2 bulgar konnik…

But not just any unit…

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