Civ Concept - Algonquins

The Algonquins were one of the indigenous people who dominated Lake Ontario and Mohawk River. Theoretically in-game, they would focus on infantry and archers. Just like their Central and South American counterparts (Aztecs, Maya, and Inca), they have no gunpowder or cavalry units.

To reflect on the ferocity of the Algonquins, most of the bonuses reflect their infantry units. Their unique unit is the Algonquin Maceman, a very fierce infantry unit that will slay a enemy unit once their HP is halved during their hand-to-hand combat. Their unique technology in the Imperial Age would make the Barracks units deal double blows per attack.

Because their home is in the dense forests, much of the economic bonuses reflect on wood efficiency.

Infantry and Archer civilization

  • Lumberjacks gather food as well as wood.
  • Archers can garrison in and fire from Archery Ranges. (Attack power is less than that of towers, and on par with Malay Harbours)
  • Lumberjacks carry +15 wood.

Unique Units

  • Algonquin Maceman (45f, 30g) - Infantry unit that slays a enemy unit that they are engaging, once their HP is reduced to a half.

Upgrade to Elite: 650f, 500g, HP: 60, 70 (Elite), Base Attack: 8, 9 (Elite), Attack bonus: +2 vs buildings, RoF: 2, Base Melee Armor: 1, Base Pierce Armor: 1

Unique Techs
Castle Age: Longhouses (300w, 300g) - Units regenerate HP around houses (8 tiles).
Imperial Age: Native Warfare (1200f, 800g) - Barracks units deal double blows per strike.

Team Bonus
Trade units generate 10% wood in addition to gold.

Not available
Archery Range:
Cavalry Archer, Hand Cannoneer, Elephant Archer
Parthian Tactics


Blast Furnace

Siege Workshop:
Heavy Scorpion, Bombard Cannon

All stable units and techs disabled

Architecture, Bombard Tower, Keep

Cannon Galleon

Crop Rotation, Stone Shaft Mining,

Redemption, Heresy, Theocracy, Block Printing

The rate of this would need to be minuscule to prevent it being busted.

So youre stealing koreans bonus and making it better?

I really don’t understand this post. In the second sentence you say ‘no gunpowder or cavalry’ then assign then when describing the tech tree “All stable units and techs” and “bombard cannon”?

Let’s check civ bonuses;

  • lumberjacks gather food - Bad idea this would lead to weird build orders similar to the poles only mining stone, Portuguese wood from berry bushes both of these have been problematic to balance.
  • archers can garrison in archer ranges - this doesn’t work either. If you are attacking this civ, you can’t apply any pressure until you get rams? or a cavalry mass? if you are attacking as the civ, you send vils forward and build super towers that don’t cost stone.
  • lumberjacts carry more woods - boring, but sure why not.
  • UU - instagibbing paladins from 80hp is broken.
  • UTech1 - op, any push you bring villages to heal your entire army
  • UTech2 - op, like really? Let’s say you get halbs, which do 6+32 damage to Calvary, a paladin is bearing down on them an elite UU. in a single instance, the halb hits twice bringing the paladin to 84hp, then the UU hits twice bringing the health down to 78hp, and then proceeds to instagib it while the paladin has done maximum 14-18 damage. (Math: 160-38-38=84-9-9=66, 66 is less than 1/2 160)
  • Team bonus - Boring and unhelpful, wood is the most abundant resource in games that last long enough for trade to payoff.

Overall I rate this civ concept as: Bait. I can’t work out what for though.