Civ Concept: Chimu

Civ Concept - Chimu

The Chimu spanned Peru and Ecuador for centuries, until they were absorbed into the Inca Empire. They were known for their architecture and craftsmanship, so this would reflect on their structural defenses. Here, we have solid defense, with average offensive capabilities.

Infantry and Defensive Civilization

  • University, Guard Tower, and Murder Holes available in Feudal Age.

  • Buildings receive +1/+2 building armor in Castle/Imperial.

  • Eagle Warriors 25% cheaper.


Andes Maceman (50f, 50g) - Infantry unit that deals double blows per second.


Castle Age: Pukara - Units regenerate around a 50 tile radius around Castles.

Imperial Age: Mapuche Warchiefs - Eagle Warriors regenerate.

Team Bonus: Repairers work 80% faster.


  • All cavalry and gunpowder units

  • Blast Furnace

  • Ring Archer Armor

  • Faith

  • Heated Shot

  • Siege Onager

  • More to be updated, please suggest which units/techs should be disabled

I’ll just address two things here.

First, this. This tech is problematic for two reasons. One: It doesn’t have a very historically sounding name. It’s a bit nitpicky, but it needs to have a historical name really. I just did a quick Google search, and this tech should be called " Ciudadelas". Those are literally the Chimu Fortresses, so it makes a lot of sense. And Two: Most of the community hates one time techs, and this is really bad. It’s a one time discount on castles currently built, and they have to pay for it. If you want to run with the ciudadelas tech, you need a new bonus for castles, otherwise, you want to find something else.

Leadership isn’t a specific UT grade tech. It’s not something unique to the Chimu. I couldn’t easily find a rename, but either find a rename, or replace it I think. Maybe something to do with the Spondylus shell, considering it was very valuable?

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Broken and really op unless you have to research these in a uni, even then this could be too strong.

The team bonus sounds onbnoxiously strong. You wont be able to break into their base in feudal, theyll win tower wars and treb wars. Thats not to say there arent super good team bonuses like the teuton team bonus (free faith which is not a cheap tech) but 80% sounds too strong. Not sure what would be a good number tho.

I would kind of prefer repairers getting extra armor or something instead. Or maybe repairs take less res.

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to me this sounds OP for the Feudal and Castle age.

I don’t see a problem with the feudal university techs or faster repairs.

The new UT sucks and the second UT is named after a people that lives very very far away of the Chimu sphere of influence. The civ is basically the fast castle eagle civ.

Call the second UT Tumbaga and the furst UT could maybe just make buildings regenerate. Also give them bladt furnace

I was thinking, maybe to keep it from being as op, he could:

  1. lengthen the research time of the techs in Feudal (33%?) and the build time of the university itself until you hit Castle Age.

  2. Replace guard tower with arrowslits, that way they will be on par health wise with other civs and still have a meaningful damage bonus for them early (glass cannon towers, effectively).