Civ Concept: Majapahit Empire

The Majapahit Empire

-Foot Soldiers-Trade-Elephants-

It was a Javanese Hindu thalassocratic empire in Southeast Asia that was based on the island of Java. Consisting of present-day Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, southern Thailand, East Timor, southwestern Philippines. Majapahit was one of the last major Hindu empires of the region and is considered to be one of the greatest and most powerful empires in the history of Southeast Asia.

Civ Traits:

-Docks have 50% more sight and may have outpost upgrades.

-Traders cost same as Abassids (50g/50w)

-Traders produce wood equivalent to 25% of gold

Crossbows cost 80f/40w instead of 80f/40g

-Villagers cost wood instead of food

-Most Buildings are cheper, some are free but take a lot longer to build.
–Wonders, Landmarks, Keeps, Towers, and Outposts are unaffected.
–Town Centers cost -200w
–Barracks, Stables, Archery Ranges, Seige workshops, Docks, Walls, and Gates cost -50%
–All other buildings are free
–Increased build time is based on wood saved. Maybe something like +4 seconds for every 5 wood or stone (for walls and gates) saved with exemptions. Lets say Barracks would now cost 75 wood but takes 90 seconds to finish, Instead of 150 wood and 30 seconds.

Unique Units
-Replaces Archer
-Costs 40f/50w (10 more food than Archer)
-Moves at 1.12 speed (same as Longbowman)
-Has +3/4/5 ranged armor
Basically an Archer that costs more but has high Ranged Armor

War Elephants
-Same as Delhi but you do not have access to the +3/3 armor tech

Siege Elephants
-Replaces bombards
-Costs 400f 600g
-Same stats except it is considered as an Elephant unit, thus take normal attack damage from melee units rather than fire damage. Takes bonus damage from Anti-Cavalry attacks rather than Anti-Siege attacks
-Benifits from biology and blacksmith upgrades rather than siege workshop upgrades. Basically Fully upgraded is same stats as bombard but with no +20% movement, and have +3 melee armor.

Unique Technologies

Age 3

Spearmen have +3 Ranged armor. Available in the Barracks

Waju Rante
Bhayangkara and Crossbows have +2/2 armor. Available in the Archery Range

Traders produce additional wood equivalent to 25% of gold (total of 50%) . Available in the Market

Pararaton chronicle
Villagers construct buildings 15% faster. Available in the University

Age 4

Forced Levy
Infantry built in batches of 2. Available in the University.

Hand Cannons +14 damage vs Heavy (1/3 of post Chemistry attack). Available in the Archery Range


Feudal Age

Economic Landmark
-Functions acts as a Market. Trade fee is 10% instead of 30% for this market and all markets.

Military Landmark
-Can build Barracks and Archery Range units. Can research their techs as well.

Castle Age

Military Landmark
-Units cost -20% wood.

Economic Landmark
-Functions as a Town Center.

Imperial Age

Technology Landmark
-Age up costs 25% cheaper and built 25% faster.

Military Landmark
-Units move 15% faster

This Civ concept came about ever since I always wanted a civ that mixed the Indian bonus from Age of Empires 3 that their Villagers cost wood instead of Food and the Egyptian bonus from Age of Mythology where their buildings were cheaper (some were free) but took longer to build.

I feel like the combination of both Traits would give a Civ a very unique playstyle. Since you save wood from buildings but instead use it on your villagers instead. Your opening build order would probably require a lot less on food and more on wood.

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I like your ideas alot, any civ with elephants ill get onboard with.

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