Civ Concept: Persia (Yes another one)

Divsar (Devil head) and Persian cossack
You can check them in my topic about Persia

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I mostly used this book for my topic’s pictures :
Parade at Persepolis

You can also check videos of the Celebration of the 2,500th Anniversary of the Founding of the Persian Empire

As I said before I think they should split up the Sufi Mosque into a few different holy sites. Ghazi would work great for one of them.

Another option could be to give Ghulams to the holy site and move Qizilbash to the Persians.

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Why would you move Ghulams to the native site and give Qizilbash to the civ. The Ghulams were explicitly created to curb the influence of the Qizilbash in the Persian crown by making a Janissary-like military corp that would be only loyal to the Shah.

It makes absolutely no sense, the logic is all backward.

It’s not backwards at all. Ghulams aren’t unique to Persia, they’re slave soldiers that fought across the Islamic world. They’re almost as generic as Ghazi, and generic is what you want in a minor civ unit. A specific unit of them may have been trained to replace the Qizilbash, but they were around for centuries before that and predate the Qizilbash entirely.

A 1970s celebration of Achaemid Persia? As in, pre-Alexander the Great Persia?

What does this have anything to do with the topic at all?

A specific unit of them may have been trained to replace the Qizilbash, but they were around for centuries before that and predate the Qizilbash entirely.

Sin título

I don’t get what’s the obsession with having the Qizilbash as a must have, absolutely necessary, iconic unit of Persia. Yes, they founded the Safavid Dynasty, which means they’d make an excellent native site unit, which they already are.

But they acted mostly on their own and were for the most part just a thorn on the side for the remaining Shahs of the Safavid, moreover, they were relevant only for the first half of the period of the first of the four Persian Dynasties covered in this game’s period.
There weren’t Qizilbash military units under the Afsharid, the Zand nor the Qajar, compare with the Gholams which, as I showed above, rose up from being a persian answer to the Janissaries to being the most reliable and important cavalry unit in the Persian armies dynasty after dynasty.

anyways, onto other cavalry units:


The Savaran, which is already part of the civ design.

Worth mentioning is that Savaran just means cavalry, which is kinda lame as a unit name, but technically that’s what they were called, so what’s one to do about it.



A few other unit names can be found if strictly necessary.

Qajar fortunately has much better info, probs because I have a book exclusively dedicated to that topic:


There’s the armored cavalry as a specialist unit.


This period also saw extensive reforms, so you can have Nizam cavalry as the main unit. However all descriptions of this unit say that they performed markedly poorly, so not a good representative of Persian armies by any means.


However, Militia units performed much better and made the bulk of their cavalry forces, being the most effective part of the Qajar armies.


They offer a wide variety of weapon options too, up to and including Javelineers. Which is always a plus.

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I’m not saying they’re essential but they do have a strong Persian connection and Ghulams would work just as well as a minor civ unit so it’s an option to consider.

Personally I’d lean towards keeping Qizilbash as a native unit and just giving Persia good shipments of them.

Ghulam as a standard unit could also be shared with an Afghan civ so that’s a plus. But I’m not familiar with their cavalry so maybe they have better options.

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The parade was a collective celebration of all iterations of the Persian Empire, and featured units representing the various empires, including the Safavids, Afsharids, and Qajars.


The parade begins from the achaemenid era’s soldiers and continues to the pahlavi era
You can see all the uniforms of Safavid - Afsharid - Qajars and even Zands there

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Oh you already answered his question
Thanks :+1:t2:

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Definitely a good reference then.


I’d rather have the monk heroes be replaced/reskinned completely.

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Bonjour, est ce que ce brainstorming à pour but l’ajout des Perses dans Wars of Liberty ? :slight_smile:

Nope, the suggestion is for 3DE