Persia civ suggestion

I just want to thank all devs of AOE III DE for their glorious second expansion (African civs) . I hope you continue to support this great game in next year (2022) with adding more civilizations & content. I summarized the information about the persian empire in AOE III era for devs & fans . Hope to see them in AOE III DE in third upcoming expansion.


continent ### Asia


Home City ### Isfahan


Abbas The Great (Shah Abbas)

Nader Shah



Persian Musketeer

Persian Skirmisher

Persian Swordsman

Slaves from caucasus . They can be cheap unit at barracks / Militiaman at town centers / Mercenary unit


Persian Lancer

Divsar (Devil Head)
Persian Hussar

Persian Zamburak


Persian Artilleryman

Afghan Cannon

Other Artillery Pictures



By adding persia we can also see some afghan mercenary units :
Jezail Gunner

Jezail Rider

Pashtun Warrior


architecture & buildings

● Similar to the indians
● Needs some colour changes
● Needs some unique buildings like shia mosques - unique barracks - artillery foundries (Toopkhaneh) - factory …


  1. Aali Qapu Palace - Isfahan
  2. Shah Mosque - Isfahan
  3. Manar Jonban - Isfahan
  4. Chehel Sotoon Palace - Isfahan
  5. Si O Se Pol Bridge - Isfahan
  6. El Goli (Shah Goli) - Tabriz
  7. Golestan Palace - Tehran
  8. Eram Garden - Shiraz
  9. Fin Garden - Kashan
  10. Karim Khan Citadel - Shiraz

important tips

● In AOE III era persians fought with ottomans - portuguese - brits - russians and indians
● Persian army stopped using of the war elephants in AOE III era . So they will be unique to the indians
● Zamburaks orginally invented by persians not indians
● Best consulate civs for persia ( These civs had strong relations with persia) :
Russia - Britain - French - Ports - Dutch - Indians

in game dialogue language

Best wishes



Falak of Aflak is cool, but it was built in 224 AD, so it is more of an AoE2 thing.
Still pretty cool.


It is now a museum but I heard persians used it as military castle until pahlavi era .


Nice work,

The green flag might look a bit too much like the Indian flag, I suggest going with the red version or to present an alternative for the Indians. But I do like the red and gold myself. :slight_smile:

so the Line up for Persia would be:

Swordsman (Like a rodelero or more like a pikeman?)
Gholam (I like the Militia idea for them)

Zamburak (Don’t worry about them also being in the Indian roster, it wouldnt be the first unit to be shared among different civs.)

Should they get an Grenadier equivalent with their artillery?

The Afghan units can also work as natives or as additional special units for the Persians in the form of special shipments?

Which 5 wonders would you prefer to use and what would they do? How would the Persians play? What special cards would they send and what unique features would you suggest?

As a side not since you appear to be knowledgeable about Persia, was Zoroastrianism still a relevant factor in the AOE3 time period and if so how would you represent it?


I think Gholams should be a 100 Food Archer or Pike unit, with it’s cost making it easy to spam later on, like the Aennas are for Hauds.

Would certainly be more interesting than another Minuteman or Archer/Pike units.

For the Jezzails, I would just add one unit, and a Pashtun Minor Settlement, and let Persians get them through shipments.
Jezzails should be like the USA Sharpshooters, low HP but very long Range.


Thank you my friend :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

You mean 2nd one or 3rd one ?

Of course like rodelero. Rodelero is good against cav maybe Qurchi can be good anti infantry swordsman.

Thanks my friend , I noticed.

I don’t think so my friend.

I think its better to see some maps with Afghans as minor civ , so all players can train and use them but also I think its good idea to get some Afghans via unit shipment cards .

Wonder 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
I want all of them give small eco boosts like : training villagers for free - eco boosts for gatherings - giving some food , gold or wood crates - discounts on rice paddy upgrades and …

I want them to be easy to play economic civ with moderate army & units. I want them to train villagers in batch of 2 so they can expand much more quickly . I think their mosque should play strong role in game unlike the ottoman mosque . Villagers can help the army by giving small amount of gold . They call it khums.
Khums - Wikipedia"one-fifth%20or,and%20fai%20(or%20fay).
Maybe via khums card in home city . And also I want them to have 1 factory like europeans . Maybe they start the game without explorer unit but instead of hero explorer they can train scout cavs to explor the map and take treasures . Without explorer their villagers can build town centers and …


The 2nd one is prettier but I think the 3rd one would look better ingame.

All eco boosts might be a bit boring and perhaps too much of a blow to their eco when destroyed? The 3 current asian civs have vastly different wonders, if all 5 wonders would give a eco bonus one of them would never be build because it would just be worse than the others I think.

Might be a bit too much like the Russians? I can’t think of an alternative atm though.

The Ottoman mosque is quite important to their play I think.

Something like: “20% of all wood and food collected are gained as gold instead” or more like a tiny coin trickle from villagers on farms?

From the Russian consulate or as a base card?

Or just a mounted hero perhaps like the Lakota? The explorer unit seems like a staple in AOE3.


This is about ancient persia , sorry my friend I don’t know much about ancient persia . In AOE III era persians were 90% or more than 90% muslims.
Look at the hand on top of their flags , it’s the sign of Allah & Islam .


Your skirmisher is a musketeer??

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Based on community opinion, the polls, and just basic knowledge on the historical period, the Persians can be the only choice if we are lucky enough to get even one more Asian civ. Here’s hoping!


Please read this info about Jazayer muskets:


You can also see hands on top of the persian flags here

More info about Khums here :
Khums - Wikipedia.


More Persian uniforms here :


Popular links :


Completely agree with you :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

Yes it’s true . If they loose all they wonders it will be too harmful for their eco . It depends to devs decisions .

Russians train their villagers in batches of 3 . We don’t have civ to train villagers in batches of 2 .

Yes they control their villagers count with mosque and some times get some units from mosque . I want persians to build more than 1 mosque (maybe 2 or 3) and if they build it near rice paddies so they can pay Khums to the nearby mosque much quickly .

Base card

This 20% khums is all about gold .
So maybe they can convert 20% of the food and wood to gold and give them to the nearest mosque . You know I’m not sure how this can work . Again it depends on devs decisions. I really want to know other players ideas & suggestions about 20% khums.


i agree
we need more asian civ on AoE III DE specially Persia


I think it would be a lovely addition to the roster

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Petition the devs to replace US with Persia


You mean adding persian civ ?


Yes. I think it would be a nice addition to play with Persians. Its like a mix of Otto with India, and they are relevant in the time period.


After the release of the African civilizations this year we need to wait & see devs will support this game with 3rd expansion or not .

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