Civ Concept - Songhai

Camel Civilization

  • Start a game with a Gold Mine.
  • Heavy Camel Rider available in Castle Age.
  • Stone mine locations revealed in map.
  • Caravan upgrade is free.
  • Camel Riders have +2/+3 pierce armor in Castle/Imperial Ages.

Team Bonus:

  • Trade carts generate gold during the journey rather than bringing the gold back to own Market.

Unique Unit:

  • Tuareg Raider (65f, 65g) - Songhai unique camel unit with attack bonus vs. cavalry and unique units. (Stats without upgrades: HP: 120, Atk: 7, RoF: 2, Speed: 1.45, Upgrade to Elite Tuareg Raider: 880f, 860g, Attack Bonuses: +8 vs unique units, +8 vs cavalry)

Unique Tech:

  • Castle Age: Timbuktu (450f, 430w) - University tech golds cost removed, Monasteries have +5 relic capacity.
  • Imperial Age: Camel Corps (1000f, 800g) - Camel Riders deal 50% trample damage.

Missing Techs and Units:

  • Infantry: Halberdier, Eagle Warrior Line
  • Archers: Parthian Tactics, Elephant Archer Line
  • Stable: Paladin, Steppe Lancer Line
  • Siege: Siege Ram, Heavy Scorpion, Bombard Cannon
  • Blacksmith: Ring Archer Armor
  • Naval: Galleon, Cannon Galleon, Dry Dock, Shipwright
  • Defenses: Bombard Tower
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Songhai with any form of gunpowder feels incredibly wrong.

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Aren’t their camels too strong?

So much is weird about this civ

Heavy camels in castle age, 2/3 extra pa on them makes them very problematic in team games. Trample damage in imp…

Timbuktu seems weird as not many univ techs have gold cost (your basically paying 250 gold to save 475 gold) and 2 extra relic slows is more or less useless.


This civi concept is taking bits and pieces from the other topic and changing them.

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Those camels are ridiculously overpowered. You basically have to kill them before they are able to use them or you will have a really bad time. Also, the civ has like 5 camel bonuses, thats just bad design imo

Timbuktu is the worst UT I have seen in a long time

Awful design to be honest, unlike other designs you offer nothing strategic to work with.
This one is a better Songhai version, not ideal, but at least something we can adjust.

The civ already has a fancy Camel, yet you chose to give them another Camel, that’s a childish approach to civ design, that’s why Britons have such a bad design, same syndrome.

You didn’t make a “Camel Civillization”, you’ve madea Civillization of Camels.

Imagine Indians/Hindu had all their identifying features/bonuses focusing Camels only, That’s so single dimensional.

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This is rather low effort as you didnt tell us about this civilization’s history.

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nor do we know the armor on the UU, furthermore they fall into the same problem Saracens, Britons, and Vietnamese do.

a Unique Unit that shares a role with another unit or unique unit.
saracens buffed camels vs mameluke
britons extra range arbs vs longbows
vietnamese extra pa rattans vs imp skirmisher.

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