Civ Concept - Tai/Siamese

Based on Medieval Thailand, specifically the Sukhothai and Ayuthaya Kingdoms. Famous for their elephant use, thus EA, Battle Elephants, and Armored Elephants are available in the tech tree.

Focuses on purely Elephants.

  • Farmers carry +15 food. (Reflects their impeccable agricultural industry),
  • Arson is free.
  • Elite Battle Elephant and Elite Elephant Archer upgrades costs -15%. (The Thai were known for their expertise in Elephant warefare)
  • Masonry and Architecture provides double effect. (Their buildings were one of the best, making it hard for invaders to breach)
  • Treadmill Crane is free.

Unique Unit:

  • Royal Mahout (150f, 80g) - Elephant unit with an aura that will heal infantry within a 5-tile radius.
  • Culverin Elephant (170f, 130g) - Elephant siege unit equipped with a small cannon, trained in the Siege Workshop. Short-ranged, and only good against a small mass of units, and siege weapons. Weak against buildings. Similar to a Turtle ship, but on land.

Unique Technologies:

  • Rice Storage (400f, 400w) - Farms near mills slowly generate +1 food.
  • White Elephant (1000f, 750g) - Spawn a Monk with relic from each monastery (max 4 monasteries).

Team Bonus:

  • Monasteries provide +5 population room.

Archery Range:
Arbalester, Heavy Cavalry Archer


Siege Workshop:
Ram-line (replaced by Armor Ele-line) and Mangonel-line (replaced by Culverin Elephant)

Hussar, Paladin, Steppe Lancer-line, Camel-line

Dry Dock, Fast Fire Ship, Heavy D-Ship, Dromons

Heated Shot

Heresy, Illumination

Stone Shaft Mining


This is a terrible name for a uu.mahout is the guy handling the elephant.

Thats a worse Khmer bonus. The civ needs something else

A bit weak, but okay

All these bonuses are also very weak, especially the elephant one. They are okay filler bonuses but I kinda wish the civ had something else, particularly as tgey seem overly focuaed in late game.

Not a fan. Imo we should limit aura effects at minimum unless extremely hematically appropiate.

Should be the castle UU imo. Just scrap the area of effect. If they need a new unit give them Imperial Battle Elephants or Imperial Ele Archers.

Extremely dull but okay

Way too OP. It should be two at best

Very weak

Why are we giving them an UU that buffs infantry AND a free infantry tech ig their infantry sucks anyway?

Overall weak, and the identity is fairly dull


I think your civ has too many different elephant units.

Depends on what this means. If its +15 carry capacity like Aztecs, its too strong. Atleast as strong as 2 farming civ bonuses combined. On the other hand, if its just the same food per trip within a farm but they keep collecting without walking off to towncenter or mill frequently then its quite mediocre, and subpar to Khmer.

Nice concepts.

Nice bonuses that complement the theme of being an elephant civ.

Its just overtuned. The farm bonus by itself is very strong and this is in addition to it.

4 extra relics? too strong.

You need to add blacksmith tech tree. Conceptually pretty amazing civ. Some bonuses need numeric adjustments.