Civ concept: The Celts

Now that we will have Caesar’s campaign back, we will again see Greeks or Assyrians representing different Celtic peoples. I hope they don’t do it again.
That’s why I thought of a new civ to represent the Celts. I hope you like it, and the bonuses are a bit flashy.

The idea of the civ is cheap infantry spam. That’s why they don’t have Longsword or Phalangite.

Full upgrade Axeman:
70 HP
5+10 atk
0+6 armor
1+2 pierce armor

Full updrage Broad Sword:
98 HP
9+10 atk
1+6 armor
0+2 pierce armor

Full upgrade Slinger
35 HP
2+2 atk
0 armor
2+2 pierce armor
4+2 range

All +15% speed


Maybe splitting Gauls (who would cover all continental Celts from the Celtiberians to the Boians, and even the Galatians) from the Britons would allow better representing them. Your civ fits the Britons better, who were isolated from the rest, had a less advanced economy and notably still relied on chariots at the time of the roman conquest, while the Gauls had stopped using them centuries before. Gaul was surprisingly advanced, one striking fact is all the agricultural tools used in the early 19th century, so before mechanisation, were already known by the Gauls.

Gauls :

  • heavily armoured infantry : the Roman “lorica hamata” was actually called “lorica gallica”
  • good farming and trade
  • decent aristocratic heavy cavalry
  • okay defences

Britons : as you made this civ, though I question the horse archer.

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Celts having heavy horse archers make no sense at all. Celts should have good infantry and cavalry, but that doesn’t mean it has to be cataphract. In Rome 2 they had really good melee infantry (swordsmen) and cavalry and very poor missile/range units.

I did a bit of a double-take when I read the title: we already have Celts in AoE2! We could really do with a separate Return of Rome subforum.

Anyway, I think the overall idea is good. The lack of Celtic civs for Romans to fight in AoE1 was always weird. I agree with @DukeOfLorraine that this is more appropriate for Britons, and that Gauls could be separate. I like the priest bonus, presumably representing druids performing human sacrifices (the evidence that this was a real practice and not Roman propaganda seems surprisingly strong).

I’m not so sold on the other details, though. I think the infantry bonuses have too much overlap with Romans and Choson. I’d be inclined to go more down the route of AoE2 Celts or Goths, i.e. either faster moving infantry, or cheap and numerous but weak infantry.

For the tech tree, I’d remove horse archers but give them chariot archers. Maybe also remove monotheism and iron shield, and add long swordsman.

I agree, although I’d personally do it this way:

One new graphic set.
3 new civs:

Gauls, Britons, Germanics

That feels like the Aoe 1 style when it comes to making civs.

Or Celts, Germanics and Dacians and Stonehenge as Wonder.


In East Asia, the barbarians were called “Yue”, as large group as Celts. In the game one Yue group is represented: Lac Viet (Luoyue). So I think it would be more fair to have various Celtic civs such as Iberians, Gauls, Britons…

That could work too. Gotta please the Romanian playerbase after all.
And Celts can encompass Britons too.

I’d rather give them a pagan shrine (make it look like it would fit both celtic and germanic paganism) in a grove. Stonehenge predates the celtic presence in Britannia.

The bonuses feel a bit weak. Also why would celts not have chariot archers. Especially in this era, archery eas decent among celtic peoples.

None of those cultures build the Stonehenge though.

Yes, we could call them Britons, we could take out the Horse Archer and give them Composites instead. I didn’t want to give Chariot Archer because there are already too many civs with this one. And Romans is the only civ that has only mele chariot.
And of course, all this would come with a new architecture.

The only thing that matters is never again to see Assyrians representing Gauls, or Greeks representing Britons. :rofl:

If theres no content for aoe2 as well, I doubt many people would buy a RoR dlc, judging by the comments

It doesn’t have to be DLC, they could just add them when they add the original campaigns.

Oh then thats ok if they add them for free

Or they can add new civs to both game mode with one DLC.

This topic should go to aoe1 category anyway

It’s for RoR so not really.