Civ idea: Romania

This one might seem familiar to those that have seen Ropi’s Eastern Europe mod, that’s because I was his consultant on ideas for Romania in that mod.


Romania is a Mediterranean European civ with a focus on hit and run tactics, economy, and especially livestock.

  • Romanians have a General that can plant an Inspiring Flag.
  • Romanians starts with 2 sheep and get access to the Fulling Mills card.
  • Romanian Mills have unique upgrades that affect all food gathering, similar to Native American farm upgrades.
  • Romanian Settlers gather from Mills and Livestock 10% faster.
  • Instead of mercenary shipments, Romanians get Russian Consulate unit shipments.


Dorobanț (pl. Dorobanți) - Romanian mukseteer armed with yataghan in melee. Stats identical to the Revolutionary unit when upgraded to Imperial Dorobanț.

Partisan - Romanian melee infantry armed with a Partisan (that thing Claude-Pierre Pecaudy is wielding). They’re Royal Guard units that upgrade into Voinici (sg. Voinic) at Guard level.

Balkan Lancer - Romanian cavalry armed with lance and bow, similar to a Qizilbash. They’re Royal Guard units that upgrade into Călărași (sg. Călăraș) at Guard level. Călărași use rifles instead of bows.

Roșior (pl. Roșiori) - Dragoon with 15% more attack and 10% more speed, but 15% less hit points. Like the revolutionary unit. They have red jackets and use other areas to show player color, similar to the new redcoats.


Romanian politicians work similar to African alliances, each age adding a new one. Unlike alliances, they do not unlock new techs, but instead unlock new cards, as with Federal States.

The Archbishop (II)


  • Ships: 1/2/3/4 Priest(s) and 2/4/6/8 Settler(s).
  • Autonomous Church (II): Churches trickle Coin instead of Experience.
  • National Banking (II): Delivers a Bank Wagon and enables Banks (build limit of 1).

The Lawyer (II)

  • Ships: 3/5/10/15 Dorobants.
  • Light Industry Reforms (II): Mill and Estate upgrades are free.
  • Heavy Industry Reforms (IV): Ships 1 Factory Wagon.

The Freemason (II)

  • Ships: Crates of 500/700/1500/2500 Food.
  • Universal Suffrage (II): Upgrades Settlers to Citizens, which cost 80 coin instead of 100 food.
  • Agrarian Reforms (II): Settlers gather from Mills and Estates 15% faster.

The Publicist (II)


  • Ships: 2/4/6/8 Courer des Bois, Crates of 200/500/1000/2000 Food.
  • Protectionism (II): Trade Routes generate 20% more resources (but not Experience).
  • French Alliance (III): Ships 12 Gendarme Cuirassiers (Consulate units).

The Critic (II)

  • Ships: 1/2/3/4 Outpost Wagon(s) and crates of 200/500/1000/2000 Gold.
  • Modern Education (II): Delivers 2 Surgeons and enables their training at the church.
  • Westernization (III): Grants Veteran upgrade to all Barracks and Stable if they were not already Veterans.

The Historian (III)

  • Ships: 1/2/4 Covered Wagon(s), +1/2/4 Town Center Build Limit
  • Academic Zeal (III): Delivers books of XP for every past and future shipment of resource crate cards. 100 xp for cards of 300 resources, 300 XP for cards of 600 and 700 resources, and 500 XP for cards of 1000 resources.
  • Transylvanian Interests (III): Ships 1 Royal Embassy wagon. Grants an automatic House of Habsburg alliance, similar to the Tammany Festival card.

The Journalist (IV)

  • Ships: 8/15 Skirmishers, 1 Fort Wagon.
  • Hybrid Doctrine (IV): Buildings are 20% cheaper and are built 20% faster, but Settlers are 20% more expensive.
  • Urban Proletariat (IV): Delivers 4 Artisans (Villagers that work very fast but lose HP over time) and enables their Muster (similar to Levy) at the Town Center.

The Marshall (V)

  • Ships: 4 Blockhouse Wagons, 1 Factory Wagon.
  • Republicanism (V): Delivers a dorobant for all past and future shipments.
  • Fascism (V): Delivers a settler for all past and future shipments.


HC_Turkish_Merchants Turkish Merchants (I): Ships 3 trading post wagons
HC_Tuica_Brewing Moonshine Breweries (I): Houses trickle a small amount of coin.
HC_Moldovan_Pastures Moldavian Pastures (II): Allows mills to double as Livestock Pens similar to Native American Farms.
HC_Wooden_Churches Wooden Churches (I): Romanian churches are 30% cheaper and 30% faster to build, but have half the normal health. Increases church build limit to 3 and ships 2 Church Wagons.
image Russian Protectorate Company (II) (400 food): 4 Siberian Cossacks
image Russian Protectorate Force (III) (800 food): 10 Siberian Cossacks, 1 Culverin
image Russian Protectorate Army (IV) (1000 food): 10 Bashkir Ponies, 2 Culverin
image Edict of Turda (II): Grants unique Romanian techs at the church:

  • Fountain Pen (II) (1500 Gold): Research is 20% Faster
  • Székelyi Garrison (III) (1000 Food): Ships 20 Jaegers.
  • Székelyi Lancers (III) (1000 Gold): Ships 6 Bosniaks.

Really nice proposition, but too many key civs in this game are missing at the moment (Danes, Prussians, Persians, Siamese, Arabs, Moroccans, etc).

I think a lot of your ideas could fit perfectly with the Romanian revolution.


However, in the far future (after the release of key civs) we could see such a Balkan DLC adding Bulgarians civ, Greeks civ and Romanians civ (then Belgians civ and Swiss civ could also appear) - since we already have full-fledged post-colonial civs in the game.

The time frame of AoE3 certainly extends to 1880’. But I think they calmly end near 1900 - the end of the 19th century.


I dislike the idea. Many of these nations were not independent during much of this age. I don’t meet them online in this game. However, it is glaringly obvious that the Poland-Lithuania empire, the cossack frontier and the Austrian-Hapsburg dynasties are missing from the game. These all features border lands similar to colonial areas. I would like to see Tartar/Ukraine/Cossack empire just to give a morale boost to Ukraine. I think many Americans and Europeans would play it.


US and Mexico kinda threw that out the window tbh.


I like this.
Here is a map with the Ruthenians on far right.

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I’d rather like to see more love in the revolution. Not just for Romania, but other countries as well. They should be similar to the mayan or the french revolutions. I do agree that they should not be fully playable states, but the revolution should get even more love. The current patch is a step in the right direction, especially for Romania, which now finally gets to freely train is unique unit. This is actually a huge buff.


God I love the Maya revolution. And yes, I think that revolutions should be improved to be more interesting. And on the topic of revolutions, Meiji Restoration should work like a revolution! Actually westernizing the Japanese player and changing the flag and all that.


fair enough, pleas in the future though just use the report button and well look into it.

also @MUTYLATOR5553 i know you really like your Prussians etc. but pleas keep in mind this is a thread about Romania and not Prussia.

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i cleaned up the thread so it can go back to discuss Romania, whether as a civ or a revolution.

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I talk not only about Prussians :wink:

Agree. They should be in the game, but how much funds to the Devs have left for more content? I see they are focusing on AOE4 and the new AOMythology Revisited.

People will literally revive a thread just because they’d rather have the smallest, most irrelevant country in Europe than a third civ in Africa.

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To be fair, we already got the smallest, most irrelevant country in Europe.


Andorra civ when?

It has the same flag as Romania!

Por que no los dos?

20 characters.

Por mi, que haya una cantidad inmensa de civilizaciones pero el equipo tiene una cantidad finita de recursos y tiene que poner en fila las civilizaciones a agregar. Hacer Romania ahora implica empujar Persia y civilizaciones de África y el SE asiático mas allá en la fila

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Devs are revamping revolutions, like USA and Canada. Romania should and probably will get also more cards


Nobody said they should make Romania, or any other civ, right now, it’s just an exercise in civ building for fun. You’re confusing throwing ideas at a wall with demanding urgency.