Civ ideas, for AoE III DE

I have been thinking about some things I would like to see get added in the sense of new Civs and perhaps “improvements” to existing civs.

First off the AoE III dlc all added 3 new civs from a new continent. Seeing this and the theme is European colonization and trade and the nations involved with that, the only important missing continent would be Africa accompanied with 3 African civs.

There are a lot of interesting African civs, so i have been thinking between, Kongo, Morocco, Zulu, Ethiopians, Mali and more. The civs i thought would be most interesting would be Morocco, Kongo and Zulu

Also all the new dlc civs had one age up mechanic in common and one special building or thing like the consulate and fire pit. For this i thought it might be interested for the special thing in common that all units have low attack, but excel in one or two things, so for a speartype unit it would have something like 5 attack, but has a bonus of *10 versus cav. As age up special i thought about something like European advisors, so for every age up you can pick between European technology or and buildings. And perhaps as special building a trade port (cant come up yet with original name) where you get influence by Europeans where you can choose who influence you and according to who influences you the most you get bonusses like the fire pit gives, and or being able like with the consulate to gain expedition units.

Things i thought about as advisors:

  • Factory wagon (age 5?)
  • Fort wagon (age 3/4?)
  • gunpowder units attack increased (age 3-5?)

Then for the civs:

  • Many bonusses for livestock, and also have an unique building for livestock.
  • Main unique unit the Impi which does extra damage versus gunpowder units.
  • The age advisors for Dutch and British, so perhaps banks, rockets etc.
  • More homecity cards towards melee having bonus or more attack versus gunpowder or more advanced units.
  • And ofcourse more


  • No houses, but a special towncenter that is a bit cheaper than a normal and has more pop space so it is sort of your house and town center in one.
  • Can train Portuguese crossbow from barracks (regular crossbowman but with the Portuguese name).
  • Can build just like Europeans a church where they have more bonusses.
  • Native bonusses.
  • More things.


  • Trade bonusses.
  • Trade port bonusses so you can gain more influence.
  • Coin bonus based on jewelry making perhaps for plantations or different buildings/resources perhaps an unique building.
  • Ofcourse also more.

African tribes (same as minor civs i believe they are called):

  • Egyptians
  • Ethiopians
  • Mali
  • Something like Caravan guard or something
  • way more ofcourse

General things:

  • Rework churches/religious buildings like wars of liberty/civilizations where you have faith to spent for upgrades and units.
  • Rework of revolutions making them more viable, for example still being able to train settlers, maybe more expensive, but seeing all your eco just changed in military it still would take some time building you settler eco back up.
  • Wall rework, making them compatible for trade routes and also making defensive play more viable. So perhaps also rework of forts and towers.
  • Rebalance of some civs. Not nerfing them into the ground but small changes. French, Japanese, iroquois come to mind which i hear a lot of things about.
  • Perhaps rework of the trade system, perhaps be able to make your own networks between allies or and with the current trade routes be able to make your own and more trade travious etc, and upgrade them yourselfs withouth enemy getting same bonus. Perhaps if you can make your own for enemy also able to kill yours.

New general things:

  • Westernization for Natives and Asians and Africans, which would be similair to revolutions.
  • New fort type the coastalfort which has extra bonus versus ships and can train a small selection of units and small ships.

I like it man!!!

I really like the ideas for the new civs and hope they will bring out aa DLC with some civs from all these threads, like this one. I really doubt they will add civ ideas that have been suggested this year, especially only recently, into the launch. I think the devs are too far in to start on aa brand new civ for releawase now. Hopefully things like an improved revolution make it though! :slight_smile:

Me agradan tus ideas, ojalá las tomaran en cuenta, aunque el juego ya está casi terminado.

I would instead make the etiopians a main civs, they were after all the last indipendent kingdom in Africa.

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I hope one day to see the Mapuche, Persians and some SEA civs (Burmese, Siamese and Vietnamese).

Is it possible to transfer home cities to the new version in the future?

All cards are unlocked by default so there is no reason to transfer home cities.

Well, are you sure about that?

I believe they said that yes. Watch the trailer it might be in there.