Civ-jingles in ranked queue

It is sad that we only get to hear the civ-jingles in the loading of a game when playing singleplayer against computers. Can we please have this in the ranked queue too, so we can hear the jingles more often? I have personally missed them…


There is a musician somewhere that you’ve made very happy with this request.


If you have the music on, you will hear like 10 seconds after the game starts of music from the civ, not the same but each civ has its only sound.

I have not changed the default settings for music, and only get the jingle when playing single player.

If you are referring to the first song in the tracklist, I am aware that this song is individual for each civilization, and is often even built on the original jingles, but they are a part of the in-game music when the game has started, not pre-game in the lobby counting down to start like the jingles are supposed to be.

Spirit of the Law did an interview with the composer

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