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Would love to see Morocco as an official civ in a upcoming DLC!


Gave this mod the good ole’ scholar’s try.

Homecity is very bare bones and there’s not much in the way of unique cards either way. Civilization has European mechanics, IE age up with Politicians, explorer just has regular crackshots attack, has a royal decree-ish like card, even can send factories.

Unit roster seems to be mostly the units featured in the Historical Missions, not that bad, but nothing exciting either, they also have a strange “Portuguese cannon” using the model of the Cetbang out of all things.

Unit voice lines at least are fitting, nothing new here either, just a mix and mash of berber, sarracen and kabyleh (that language the Pirate speaks) voice lines, again, nothing new here.

So civ is indeed “functional” but I wouldn’t call it a complete civ. Age of the World offers a more feature complete Morocco civ anyways.

Except Age of the World doesn’t care about faithful representation. I haven’t seen its version of the Moroccans, but let’s just look at the Inuits as an example…

…so you didn’t even bother to check the other Morocco, but you’re going to complain anyways?

Alright bud.

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You’re right, I’m sorry

may i use it on multiplayer lobby?