Civ picker order

The civ picker in a skirmish has the civs in a confusing order. When choosing your own civ (and browsing home cities in the menu), it’s mostly alphabetical (in English) but there are a few randomly out of order - the War Chiefs civs are at the bottom, and Inca and Swedes are sandwiched between Chinese and Dutch.

Then when you choose an AI civ, the list is in a completely different order - the arbitrary order the civs are listed in the data file.

It seems like it would be better to have them both the same and preferably in alphabetical order.

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I agree alphabetical order would be helpful.

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I would prefer the 8 old nilla order+Swedes+3 WC+Incas+3 TAD

That could get confusing if they add in more civs, unless they clearly separate them into culture groups.