Civ tech tree in ranked matchmaking

Why isn’t there an option for you to see the civ tech tree during the ranked matchmaking screen?

Is there a website that has the current tech tree and civ special bonuses?



On this site you can have the tech tree, however it’s not updated yet to take into account the December patch

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I always check Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom.

But yeah! devs please give us at least the option to check the tech tree while matchmaking.


And now that I think of it there is a mod to display the important military techs of your civ on your UI during gameplay, wich can come in handy

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Definitely useful for team games. I can never remember all the team bonuses for the civs. And I’ll pick certain civs based on what my Allies picked too due to their team bonuses.

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In a RANKED mode you should be able to see your RANK while queued up. Backing out of the queue to look at the profile tab is unnecessary and a waste of the time you’ve invested searching for a game.

Also we have a tech tree for choosing civs in lobbies we should have one in the ranked queue as well, not just a list of civs. Right now I have to alt-tab and open up the civ abilities in an internet browser. I should be able to do this in game.

Please add these thingamabobs, thank you.



This is a suggestion for the new update. I still haven’t memorized the tech tree and like looking at it to spent time while waiting for games. It would be great if this option came back.


Yes please. Right now I am playing cell phone games while in matchmaking queue

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I’m all for adding a tech tree while being queued, that is a nice feature that can help to prepare for the game.

Showing your own rank while queued is unnecessary imo. It’s an automatic matchmaking system so knowing your rank does not change anything and doesn’t help you in any way for the upcoming match. The only way it might be relevant is when the match is made, provided that you would also get to see the ELOs of all the other players in the game. But I’m actually glad that you can’t see this, since seeing the ELOs can influence your mindset or it could lead to players quiting instantly now and then.

Here are excerpts from a few topics by other players who mention the feature suggestion of being able to view the technology tree while queued for a ranked match:

Hey there.
Can the devs please open up the ability to access other tabs (Profile), or menus (Options, History), while we wait in a ranked queue?
Being able to check the tech-tree at least would be very productive, when waiting for a good 8 minutes or so.

P.S. Btw, great thing you did with the game in DE. Love it!


Can we pls be able to check tech tree in-game while in queue for a ranked game, instead of using 3rd party applications? Dunno if there is high demand for this. Idm using the browser but seems relatively easy to implement.

Please add a technology button in Ranked screen which will not break the queue. Sometimes it takes ages to start a game (particulary in 3v3+) and it will be best to have something to browse while waiting.

It will help generate ‘Mastapiece’ strategies as well with combining civs.


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Is there any new information about this if they will add this feature?

As a player who mostly plays ranked multiplayer I would like the ability to view the technology tree for a race more quickly than I currently can from the multiplayer screen. Right now if I want to view a civilizations technology tree I need to leave the ranked play screen and go to the single player screen and click the technology tree button.

Here is suggestion on implementation with a lot of assumptions about existing implementation. It would save a lot of time if there was a small button next to any place you can select a civilization to display their technology tree. As I stated before I am not sure how the game is implemented but I am making the big assumption that their is a civilization selector control that you could add the technology tree button too so that all locations with the civilization select control would gain that functionality. Another option would be to add a button next to the the horn button here so just this one location required less clicks to see the technology tree.


Thank you for all the hard work you do on AoE2 keep up the great work!


I strongly agree to this I was going to make a post about this but already seen a couple topics, I hope this will be added soon. It’s extremely helpfull to learn and study civs while waiting in queue.


This has been widely requested , yet not implemented so… Up

Why is there no tech tree included in the ranked queue? shouldnt be that hard, right?