Suggestions, little fixes and improvements

Hi, I would like to number a couple of things to improve in the future:

. Estimated time in ranked queues seems broken
. Be capable of doing something else while you are queueing ( check tech tree, see leaderboard for example)
. Earn some extra ladder points if you win going random civ.
. Be capable of reporting players for inappropiate lenguage during a game and add punishments
. Add/improve the system where you can check recent opponents/teammates profiles.
. Be able of searching players in ladder
. Adapt colours in 1v1. ( Blue = higher elo, Red = Lower Elo) or players being able to customize 1v1 colours( instead of only blue and red, green and purple for example)
. Once the map pool and the “season” ends, drop a resume of maps statistics: for example
You have played 350 games
Best performance: Nomad ( 70% win rate)
Worst performance: Arena ( 10% win rate)
Add medals/badges to customize your profile:
For example:
More than 70% win rate on a map during the season: Gold badge
I would like to propose a map pool too for next season:
Arabia - Golden Pit - Islands - Regicide Fortress - Baltic - Bedouins - Hideout - Full Random
.While spectating there is a little bug where one of the players has his name cross out . Is not that big but anyways I guess it´s not that hard to solve :slight_smile: