Civ Tier List according to facts

If we ignore opinion and just look at facts for players with 1600+ ELO using the current patch.

S Tier: Delhi, Mongol
A Tier: Rus, French
B Tier: English, Chinese, Holy Roman Empire
C Tier: Abbasid

So the logical response is to nerf Delhi and Mongols and buff Abbasid. I know that Relic said that they “want to bring every civ to the Mongol level” but that will just cause further problems. The best approach is to buff and nerf the outliners every patch - that is the fastest way to make the game balanced.


Ya had me till here, I don’t want the fastest way I want the best way, fastest mentality is what got us here in the first place.

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No way José, you don’t fix what isn’t broken.

We need to improve the weakest, not start all over again by breaking the strongest.

If we nerf everything to the ground then thats it, everything is a ground lvl nice, flat and boring. Buffing stong points of a civ brings out a flavor, nerfing it will just make everything the same.

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There are way WAAAAAY too many bugs in the game;

do small nerfs on clearly OP concepts (siege, HA, ovoo, AC) then focus intently on removing BUGS!!

buff things up, make them feel unique interesting and powerful, don’t nerf everything into being equally trash and boring

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HRE is only better then abbasid in the lowest elos. Higher up abbasid is better. They are both the same tier for different reasons.