Civ variant is a genius idea

Congratulations to those who had the idea of ​​creating the variant Civs. This opens up vast possibilities for the game.

The only suggestion I would like to make is for variant Civs to be associated with the main civilization.

Thus, when choosing the main civilization we will be able to choose which variant to play with. This will open up possibilities not just for one, but for several variants of the same civilization. And it will also solve the name problem.

So, for example, we can choose French and then pick Jeanne D’Arc variant or play with the base French.


Yes its good idea but they gave so little info like are they gonna have different landmarks fron original civ? What about their unique units are they going to be different or same?But idea is good and it makes easier to add new options.Also names should change.

They can call it a faction or an army instead of a variant civilization, so Jeanne D’Arc and any other name will be perfect. The most important thing is to be a submenu of the main civilization. Then, you can add other factions/variants, even with minimal changes to the main civ.


I think submenu would just add unnecessary clicks.

They could just call the whole dropdown faction selection instead of civ selection and/or have the name French - Jeanne D’Arc.

But i’m fine with the current plan they have for variant civs. These aren’t that much important, people will stop caring about these minor issues a few weeks after release.


That’s the solution I’d go for, the most rational, to me. But a submenu would keep things organized, moreover in the foresight of other variants being added in the future.