Civ Variants Should Have Unique Masteries

Any idea why the new civ variants are missing masteries? Masteries can be used to really showcase unique strategies to consider while playing a specific civ and I feel they’d be a welcome addition to the game.


I guess limited resources probably,

It would be nice to have at least few masteries for variants - to introduce their mechanics to the players and motivate to try the variants


With new profile vanity included or pages from history.


Civ variants are missing their own masteries because the variants tend to be same as their regular counterparts. The variants are technically not their own civs. They just are basically remixes of their regular counterparts.

I dont like the variants so I prefer they dont have masteries casue I dont want to feel “obligated” to play them.
(Im trying to get every steam achievement)

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There are differences. The Joan of Arc does not have the archery range and stable discount bonus from keep’s influence, Joan can bless production buildings for discounted recruitment etc

and to demonstrate these differences in practice, the masteries would be good

Yeah, there are differences and there is a significant amount of those but overall, the civ variants just happen to be altered copies of the regular civs.

Variant Civs can replace their parent Civs in Daily challenges (Verified)
Something curious about the game’s algorithm is that in “Daily Challenges”, if a challenge says to play with a civ and complete a certain requirement, “Variant civs also count”. In fact, I played a game with Juana, and I got the message that it counted as if I would had played with the French.

Would it work the same with Masteries of Parent Civs?
Since I’ve already completed all the masteries before the DLC, I don’t know if it works but in theory you should also be able to get a Parent Civ “Mastery Prize” by playing as their Civ variants if certain mechanics are available for the Civ variant. Let’s see if anyone new to the game confirms it.

Theory of why masteries have not yet been released for the variant civs
I have a theory that the real reason there are no masteries for variant civs is maybe because they had to make changes to the variant names at the last minute. Let’s remember that completing the masteries give “Rewards”, if originally the Zhu Xi Civ was going to be called the Jade Empire, would they have given you a Jade statue as a mastery prize? If they had to change the awards to have to do with Zhu Xi, or from Sultan Army to Ayyubid, I guess that’s where the issue would be.

In the future: Mastery for Civ variants and more Rewards (Yes, rewards)
In any case, as the civ variants share many mechanics of the original civs that already have their mastery challenge, if they wanted mastery for civ Variants, it could be not 15, but maybe 5 or 7, and with some challenges related to the new mechanics of the variant civ. And if they can have a new ornamental statue with a variant civ unique unit, or even better: At least I would like one with Joan, and one with Saladin for the Ayyubid.

More than the variant civs not having masteries, I’m bothered by the low effort of the masteries for the Byzantines and Japanese. Where are all the cool historical snippets?

Well, this is also the case :smiley:
I do not want anybody “force” to play variants, but I would like to “motivate” the players to try variants, and show the differences through masteries

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I really love the mastery series, was very disappointed the varients don’t have them.

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