Civbuilder Showmatch II (Ganji vs. D3rp)

The official Civbuilder Showmatch will soon have a sequel this Saturday! Have you ever wondered what top players could do with overpowered civilizations? Well now’s your chance to find out. Ganji and D3rp will be playing 5 games with civilizations of their own designs at 18GMT on March 5th. Check out the event page here.

Come watch myself cast the games live at Twitch with LordYorric co-casting on his own stream.

There have been multiple improvements to both the website and the showmatch settings, incorporating player and viewer feedback. Spectators on Twitch will be provided links to view details of the civilizations being played and check them at their own leisure. Various custom bonuses have been readjusted, and community-made maps have been added to the pool. Further details provided in the outline.


How can this take place if is not possible to publish custom civilization mods? I’ve been trying for months and the mod upload page in the website seems to be broken, because it won’t let me publish my custom civ mods. How could you do it for the event? Maybe what you did works for me…

I’ll be posting another tutorial video on how to publish without the (at times) buggy website. If you want personalized help, just message me on discord: Krakenmeister#1672

The match has been postponed by 2 hours to 20GMT

TBH i liked the first showmatch way better. I think with players each picking only from their own civ we very often just get one-sided matchups.
Whilst if one player makes both civs and the other picks we are basically guaranteed to see very interestingly (and complex) designed civs where you can’t tell the outcome like by just looking at the civs.

Don’t say this wasn’t also funny to watch, but some of the matches were at some point decided and derp didn’t had any answers anymore. (Ganji also just made a better job in his civ designs imo, but ofc this is subjective opinion)

Yeah I liked the depth of civ picking in the first one more, too, but it had a few problems. 1) it required a lot of time making civs, 2) repetitions of bonuses were really common, and 3) it’s more complex (both Modri and Hallis said they had misinterpreted the rules). I’m really torn on where to take the third showmatch and/or a civbuilder tournament, so if you have ideas I’m all ears.

Also, I unfortunately didn’t catch it until after the games had started, but D3rp had 5 civ bonuses where Ganji had 6 on all their civs.

lol, ok that explains something ^^

We could make community choice. So everybody can post a set of 2-4 civs for each map and then the community votes which of these sets can be taken. Then the players can chose one of the civs of the voted in community set.

Hmm well community choice would be cool, but would also require me to be a professional streamer 11. I’d prefer something that can be prepared and organized beforehand with as little required by the players during the match.

I mean we could vote here, can’t we?

Yeah, but how many people is “we” 11

Likely about 10. <20 Characters>