Civilisation and play bug

  1. Version 101.102.9814.0 (#75350) 0
  2. Game platform - Microsoft store, Operating system - Xbox series S
  3. The issue which happens always and occurs 100% of the time, on single player and multiplayer.
    When I go and try to choose a civilisation it brings up fetching new store information, then a tab opens up as if I’m going to purchase something but it says Oops- not sure what happened there. Please try again later. Combined with an error code at the bottom- 89Cl8SjpekWaGHMs.
    The problem is as well is that I’m clicking on the coloured civilisations that I literally own although I should own way more but for some reason the game for me seems completely bugged. I’ve uninstalled the game and deleted all my data but that didn’t fix anything. I can’t even play the game because when I have just tried to play as random the game says ‘you cannot play as this civilisation. You do not own the required DLC’ but I do I installed the game of game pass and everyone else I’ve played with who’s done the same isn’t experiencing the same issue as me.
    4.If the bug wasn’t present I’d be able to select most civilisations without the game bugging out and then also be able to ready up in a multiplayer player game and play.
  4. Here’s is a link for my problem. Please help me