Civilization concept: The Kingdom of Hungary

Yeah, part of the reason I think they would fit so well in AOE4 is not only because of the timeframe which is basically perfect (896 - 1526) but also because I think out of any potential civ they would have the most relevant interactions with current civs. You could even argue that dark/feudal age Hungary fought against France (early Franks), and they also participated to a minor extent in early crusades, so even Abbasids would make sense as an opponent.

Let’s refer to this civ as Hungarians or Magyars and perhaps this civ can be having access to the Horse Archer unit for the sake of historical accuracy.

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As a hungarian i are biased, but i think good idea add the Hungarian Kingdom the game.

In my opinion, Hussites deserve to be seperete “civilisation”, not just merceneries, or generic units for HRE

magyars were originaly people from euroasian stepes , which settled in carpatian basin and transform into important medieval kingdom, this also can be reflect in the game

I would be so hyped with that one …Game needs HUNGARYYY xD Hell yeah !!! Come on devs give it to us we deserve it xD
But pls dont let be like ottos xD 11


I would like to play Hungary. I believe they deserve to be in Age of 4. :slight_smile:


Reflex Bows should be called Recurve Bows and the Pavise is something that already exists as an ability used by the French unique Crossbowman (the Arbaletrier).