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@ahioz9426 friend do you have visuals for Ottoman Units in AOE4 too as 1st-2nd-3rd-4th appearances? something similar to pictures you had shared with me before which helped me a lot.

Conquest - Ottoman Empire v0.1
Main Capital Building - via villagers you can get Ottoman Archers which can build bridges too.

When you advance to next Age to choose a landmark, you can build as many landmarks you want as long as you can afford. I will make spawn units from landmarks too later on.

I have changed the visuals for some units with Janissary versions along with man-at-arms 3rd Age and spear 3rd Age visuals.

For now, I have added units spawns from mining and wood buildings.

I will try to add more unit variations from the other campaign units and builds of other civilizations if anything remained to use for Ottoman Empire - Civilization. It is sad that there is no campaign for Ottoman Empire.

Ottoman Military Barracks can summon 15 units every 1 minute 10 seconds and Tophane Armory can summon 7 siege units.

I have changed the Ottoman weapon damage, range, bombard etc units too.

Ottoman Great Bombard has the longest range and damage in the game which can be used as Powerful Coastal artillery is the branch of the armed forces concerned with operating anti-ship artillery or fixed gun batteries in coastal fortifications. It is historically accurate as sinking 18th Century Battleship with 14th - 15th - 16th century upgraded version of the Original Great Bombard

Dardanelles Gun (Dardanelles Gun - Wikipedia)

Janissary units are the most powerful ranged elite units of Ottoman Empire in the game. Slightly more range and damage than current ranged weapons.

I have updated the Conquest Mod, so you can access to current added features.

I will add other existent features later on with new features along with navy concept too. I try to find out where thy have added this Vizier System in Content Editor.

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You can bring siege units in the walls too. I changed capital building visual and added x2 more extra building to build from Ottoman 2nd Age archer via summoning villagers from capital building.

All Ottoman Buildings can hold units now and most of them can shoot too.

I have fixed a bug that caused fatal error.

I have made one Ottoman building to be capturable, so if anyone can test about how AI acts when AI captures that building will be a good feedback, thank you.

Now the default self blue colour to red; because I wanted to make Ottoman Units with red colour always, but you still can change it from custom colours in game before launching the game.

Ottoman stone can hold units and shoot too; because there is a small tower head on the gate. Stone Tower Defence building can produce units too and hold soldiers inside of it, but it costs more.

Tophane building will generate 3 siege units along with soldiers to protect them, and for Ottoman Military School - 15 units per 1 minute 10 seconds as free, so if you build x5 military schools, every 1 minute 10 seconds you will get 75 units free at Imperial Age.

I checked that I used majority of other civilizations’ campaign units and buildings so I was able to add two new buildings for the Ottoman Civilization, and there is no Ottoman Campaign so it is really hard to add anything very unique to Ottomans. AOE4 developers even didn’t add Rumeli Fortress to the game, thy might add it when Byzantine Civilization comes in the future.

Only remained is now the Ottoman Navy, when I have time again, I will finish it as much as I can because I need to test myself that there are unique Ottoman ships and concept design in the game. After Ottoman Civilization finishes, I will focus on the Malians Civilization.

Conquest - Ottoman Empire - v0.3

I have fixed some pre-cache error box I found after the new Patch. I organized Ottoman Civilization better. I have really nice ideas for Ottoman but there is no extra campaign unit to add for Ottoman Civilization :frowning: I hope that AOE4 developers bring some campaign for Ottoman Empire.

I will fix red box error for x2 stone bridge type (west stone small and medium bridges), for unknown reason after new patch, we got this error. I will try to add something for every civilization can build later on.

Ottoman Empire and Mongol Empire have 750 population and other civilization 500 population. Mongol AI is not working still in full ground maps for unknown reasons and AOE4 developers still didn’t fix that problem, but Mongol AI works at sea maps. I wanted to give these two civilizations to be more competitive because they develop to gather their forces as slowest progress in the game and even at the mod. So gather your allies to defend or attack against Ottoman Empire or Mongol Empire AIs or real players. I didn’t make any civilizations OP, so there will be intense battles in Conquest MOD.

Share your battles while using Conquest MOD with pictures and videos, thank you :slight_smile:

Ottoman has ships to move on the land which it is very slow and it has 35 less armour comparing to its sea version - it still hits hard, but it can produce troops and you can take off the produced troops by yourself via choosing them and right click on the ground.

You can build these new type of ships from Naval Building or Ottoman Archer 2nd Age units to build specific buildings.

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Ottoman Civilization can build bridges too.

Grand Bazaar produce more gold now.

If the cheat is activated by typing a cheat code like “Photon Man”, then the units becomes visiable without any red-box visual error.

I try to figure out how to use this Photo-man without activating cheat. I have changed it with Ottoman visuals :smiley:

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Ottoman Great Bombard has the most damage and range in the game which it is really good against coastline defense where your enemies need to create a strategy when they want to land on your land. This is the most fearful weapon in the AOE4. Let the CONQUEST START

Ottoman Archers with Poisonous Arrow

New Ottoman Unit, the cheat unit will be now the new Ottoman unit with a different feature. You can recruit it from Capital Building and Town Center building only at 4th Age.

Ottoman some of the cavalry units


I have finished Malian Civilization with v1.0 patch.

I tried to make it unique itself that it has already a fully new model buildings and units already.

Unfortunately the Malian Civilization doesn’t have any heavy units. Thus, I wanted to make a different approach.

                    Malians Civilization Update - v1.0 Patch
  1. Malians will summon more units from their military buildings with no extra cost.

  2. Malians can summon their only explosive grenade ammunition archer unit from Capital and Town Center buildings via villager recruitment where only this unit has extra cost.

  3. Malian units have less HP and less armor comparing to other civilizations, but you can produce them in low cost. However, they will die faster too. Therefore, you have lots of advantage at 1st Age and 2nd Ages where you should focus on your enemy to tease them all the time.

It is like something similar to LOTR Mordor Army where ORC can be produced really fast and fall down on their enemies as massive amounts.

If you watch this video you will understand what I mean:

LOTR - Opening Scene (Battle of Dagorlad HD)

  1. Malians King unit can provide buffs and summon an army with low cost as gathering warriors from all ranks (1st Age, 2nd Age, 3rd Age, 4th Age). It only cost 1250 resources from every resources, but it takes 120 seconds.

  2. Malians Monks and Trader Units will provide different buffs, so use them wisely.

  3. Malians can build x12 Landmark while at the construction state - similar to Ottoman Civilization feature I have added. Therefore, you can build gold production landmarks etc to boost your economy to maintain your soldier production to zerg on your enemies.

  4. Malians can counter other civilizations’ armies with their siege units where this extra summoning units apply to siege units of Malians too with no extra cost. Thus, use them wisely.

In Conquest Mod, Malians are not overpowered or weak either unlike the normal version which you will enjoy to play with Malians Civilization^^.

Still no fix from AOE4 Developers about why Mongol Civilization AI is not working anymore for 6 months already. Otherwise, Mongol Civilization is really well balanced too.

Ottoman and Mongol Civilizations have 750 population while other civilizations only 500; because I wanted to give them Empire / Imperial Concept for these two civilizations where they have unique features in the game.

Ottoman Great Bombard population amount cost a lot and it is already an expensive unit which I had buffed that unit to be more useful in the battlefield. It has a great range and damage, so scouts are very important to target your enemies.

I have added three more Ottoman Buildings that Ottoman villagers can build. I have made some balance changes on Ottoman Cavalry and Sipahi units which Cavalry has more HP and armor but less speed, and Sipahi has more armor now; because I wanted to make Sipahi to use their active skills more. AOE4 made Ottomans to get %50 more damage in most cases, so I tried to lower this amount as much as possible in a balancing way.

Let me know if you find any bugs and if you enjoyed with current Conquest Mod - Ottoman Patch.

That’s all for now. See you at next reply^^.

Best regards,

Conquest Team

Conquest - Ottoman Empire - v1.0

After doing testing, I have decided to make Malians Civilization to have 750 population too now; because the units are quite weak which this civilization doesn’t have any heavy units and I didn’t want to boost their armor and weapon ratio too much while their visuals wear light armors, and I want to stick with my Malians Civilization approach to make it more different than other civilizations I designed. I will do more test with AI Malians if thy can be more effective in Conquest MOD against other AI Civilizations.

In the meantime, I have fixed some of the bugs I have found and I have lowered some of the HP of Ottoman units. I need to do more testing for balancing.

If you have any idea or comment to add, or finding bugs or red box visual error, please write here.

Current red box visuals might occur; because you didn’t reach to appropriate Age to build or summon that units yet. When you age up, that visual errors will not appear which you just delete that red box visual unit or building.

I have done some testing with Ottoman and Malians AI and thy are not aggressive as other civilizations even with Hardest mode.

Ottoman Horse Archer Unit with Incendiary Arrow


Ottoman Horse Hand Cannoneer Unit

You can recruit these new Ottoman Horse Archer units from this building which you build it with Ottoman Archer 2nd Age units where thy are recruited from Capital Building via villager production:

Is it updated for current version i want to play ottomans with your mod

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these are french special units. and i dont think its really logical to summon 5 of them at the same time since they are all same guy

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Would you tell me which unit that you recruited from which building in what Age please? I will look into.

This red box visual error happens when you recruit some high Age units at low Age

Yes, they are in with mod version 1.2 now, I updated recently.

Conquest - Ottoman Empire - v1.2

age 2-3 market-castle building. I build it from another special unit that comes from TC. if problem is age wouldnt it be logical to unlock them at those ages?

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cool , your mod looks great i’ll recommend it to my mates

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