Civilization Conquest Mod

Thank you everyone for subscribing the “Civilization Conquest” Mod. I hope that you enjoy to play the AOE4.

You can subscribe and check the MOD from here: Civilization Conquest Mod

Please do not forget to RATE this mod and if you have any opinions to add more features, or if you find any bugs, bad data error, misspells etc. Please write a comment, thank you very much.

With this mod, you will enjoy to play with your favorite civilizations to do conquests against your opponents in a smooth and enjoyable way. Your battles will last longer and you will experience intense battles when you fight against AI or real players.

Previous “Civilization Conquest v2.0” Patch Notes:

  1. All ground units have x2 more HP,

  2. All ships have x4 more HP,

  3. All siege units and attack ships are Auto-Target the enemy units,

  4. All buildingsand walls have more HP,

  5. Villagers’ gathering animation for resources are x4 faster,

  6. You can place Siege Units on Bastions and Walls,

  7. All units’ production speeds are fixed to 12 seconds,

  8. All buildings are re-sized to %120,

  9. Every Civilization has their own Capital Names (except Holy Roman Empire which thy didn’t have any fixed capital, and some civilizations have more than one capital like China - because of multiple dynasties),

  10. All units cost 1 population capacity except villagers, trade related units, and fireships which cost 0.1 population - so you can produce more economy units easily, and the default population capacity is 600,

  11. If you click to FORMATION BUTTON for siege units, you can make siege units to auto-target theenemy units,

  12. More Resources,

  13. Sacred Site - Capture and Revert Times are increased to 45 seconds and Sacred Sites will provide active and passive buffs to the armies who captured it, and Sacred Site radius is increased (Sacred Site generates GOLD already) and You can recruit King Units which thy will bring 150 Units Army to Aid you at Sacred Site with -%60 cost (comparing to Capital + Town Center buildings) and Choose the same “King Reinforcement Unit” with the same civilization you play. Otherwise "Pre-Cached Red Box Visual Error Happens,

  14. More Units can be stationed in the Keep - Capital - Town Centers,

  1. Keep - autotarget enemies and you can keep Siege Units inside of the Keep Building + Capital + Town Center (fishing ships too when you’re building near sea / river),

  2. Added available Campaign Faction Units that are not “Pre-Cached Red Box” visual errors. However, if you try to build these Campaign Faction buildings with the Campaign Villagers, your game might be crashed and most the Campaign Faction Units and Builds are flagged as “Pre-Cached Red Box” visual errors. I indicated these in the game’s unit text while you produce them.

  3. All Civilizations have their town King Unit to summon from their Capital and Town Center Buildings. Some civilizations have Elite Units from currently available Campaign with NO “Pre-Cached Red Box Visual Errors”. If AOE4 Developers fix these issues and let us MOD them again to access these named special units from campaigns more, I will add them. King and Elite units have active and passive skills to help you to improve your civilization’s production speed and efficiency economically and militarily.

  4. All the Neutral Builds (like Trade Posts etc.) in the game can act likea Town Center which your villagers can place the collected resources there. These buildings will provide active and passive buffs. You can place Units in these buildings and you can shoot the enemy players who get close, but even your units are inside of the building and shooting enemies automatically, the enemies can still continue to capture these Neutral Trade Posts. However, Enemy AI cannot use these buildings, so there will be no crash issues. From this building you can access to Huntable Deer, Boar, Sheep to hunt them for food resources. You can access to x3 Campaign Faction Villagers, so Civilizations like Russian and Mongol can build STONE WALLS. I have placed a special reinforcement unit there as Bohemians Crossbowman Units that you don’t have any control on them but their only purpose is to defend your Trade Town. You can access to every current available civilization’s hand-cannoneer units as mercenary units to recruit them to summon your favorite hand-cannoneer units. You can summon some of the siege units too.

  5. All Civilizations have their own unique gameplay, so I try to add new features according to that. For example, Mongols can gather stones and deliver these stones to GER / Town Center buildings. Ovoo building let Mongols to produces five units at the same time. All civilizations’ Town Centers + Capital Buildings have new CASTLE + SIEGE Grids which it will help you to access Elite Units, King Unit, Trader Unit, Defensive Soldiers with extra Cost – that you will see some of the Grid Boxes when you upgrade your Soldier Unit Amors to 4th Age to recruit them from Capital and Town Center buildings which if your enemy surrounded you and only place remained it is your Capital Building, you can continue to defend yourself until your resources are finished. Thus, you need to destroy all of the Landmarks of the Enemy Civilization to become victorious in the game.

  6. Chinese Civilization is more AOE2 which you have more villagers to recruit that you might develop slow at the 1st Age until you have enough villagers to gather FOOD Resources. However, Chinese Civilization has the fastest economy in the game; because of its villager population – worker capacity.

  7. You need to explore the MOD yourself; because there are many features I applied to every Civilization in the game.

“Civilization Conquest v2.0.2” Patch Notes:

All units cost 1 population capacity except villagers, trade related units, and fireships which cost 0.1 population - so you can produce more economy units easily, and the default population capacity is 600, and King Units will cost as 151 population because thy summon 150 units army

Current “Civilization Conquest v2.0.3” Patch Notes:

  • I have updated the English King Unit. Now your English King can hold a weapon and fight against other enemy units with more speed, armor, HP and even torch buildings. In addition to these English King can summon his Knight Units to assist him with extra cost. Thus, King Unit will be more useful and meaningful in the game. I will update other Civilization Kings later on.

Because I have changed lots of subjects to achieve this King Unit feature. Otherwise, I had encounter lots of model, animation and movement errors in this process, so it will take some time to bring this feature to other Civilization Kings too that it takes lots of time with testing.

  • I have added Templar Order Reinforcements to English Civilization to help your Capital to defend.

To achieve such individual units in game, I started to change the Norman Civilization from Campaign that the soldier models are working with English Civilization without any problems (For example Dane Soldier unit has movement animation problem when you send them to attack enemy unit while walking to them, otherwise thy don’t have any other animation problems). The only problem is that, the game doesn’t have many unique armors that are specific to Campaigns so some units might look same but their HP, Armor etc features are different. Therefore, always read the descriptions while recruiting / summoning these units in the game.


-This MOD will be updated regularly and I try to add new features to my MOD everyday (I test different ideas and try to apply them), so Please “Do not forget to update your subscribed MOD regularly”.

-If you have any cool ideas you want to see in this MOD, please write a comment, thank you. ####urnnewline;

What do you need to do in this mod to win the battle?

-Always target enemy economy buildings and enemy villagers first, and then so whoever pushes efficiently with good tactics via constantly reinforced army will win the battle.

-Do not let your enemy to place more and more Town Centers. Otherwise, it will be harder to predict where the enemy forces come from and stop the Enemy Advancement. Thus, placing Keep / Castle buildings is very important to prevent any Enemy Villagers to sneak into your territory to build their Town Centers.

-Always Control the Trade Market and Sacred Site

-The most important factor here is to have a good economy to supply your army and pressure the enemy.

That’s all for now! We’re still hard at work on the next version whichthey will soon begin its first testing phase. In addition, many other things are still in development. Release will not be soon.


The Civilization Conquest Team.


“Civilization Conquest v2.0.4” Patch Notes:

-French and HRE Civilizations’ King unites are updates, so thy can fight too. These king units can summon soldiers with extra cost to protect themself.
-I have added lots of new units to HRE, so thy have many weapon variety units now. French already has unique elite units so I didn’t add them anything extra; but if you want I can add them.

I had problems with weapon and movement animations while trying to make unique soldier units; but I managed to do everything nicely, probably your favourite civilization will be HRE.

-HRE Unit buildings while choosing the next Age, now thy will heal the players around (except castle ones). I have lowered the total population from 600 to 400, so you can play the AOE4 Civilization Conquest Mod even with your 1060 graphic card laptop without any problems.

If you want to win the battle, you need to give importance to the siege units to destroy high HP units, at this mod – siege units are very important to stand against the opposing army

Marketplace / Trade Post Neutral Building became more meaningful. It will act like a town center that you can deliver your resources and hold units to shoot enemy units and you can produce food animals like Deer, Boar, Sheep. Even you capture this building, the enemy traders still can do trade runs to this building. And for your own Trader Units to do trade on this building, you need to manually use the trade skill of the trader on the Trade Post for once and your traders will do trade runs automatically themself. Both Trade Post and Sacred Site can be captured with Monk Units, and you can hire mercenary units to defend your capturable building and I have added Bohemian Defense unit from Campaign that you cannot control them, thy will be summoned around your building to attack enemy units themself, thy are your allied reinforcements to assist you with 25 units, so thy cost quite some. Already with this MOD you can make your economy really well, so you can afford these costs starting from mid game.

Please summon the King Units and Hand-cannoneer Units according to your civilization preference. Otherwise, you will experience “Pre-Cached RED BOX MODEL ERROR”. Now Sacred Sites and Marketplace/Trade Post Neutral Buildings will be more meaningful. The King Units cost really less comparing to their summoning from Capital and Town Center Buildings. Already Sacred Sites produce GOLD too - I will try to add that feature to Neutral Trade Post building too in the feature.

PLEASE If you find any error, crash etc problems, please report to me by writing comments or go to this AOE4 Forums website link to describe the problems: Civilization Conquest Mod.

I will upload more pictures from the MOD, or you can test these nice features yourself. Just read the patch notes carefully.

Currently only King Updated combat feature, and summoning can be done from English, French and HRE Civilizations. I will update other civilization king units later on.

Best regards,

The Civilization Conquest Team.


I have given names to Capital (the starting town center unique building that you cannot built extra) and Town Centers and I tried to be accurate historically as much as possible according to the AOE4’s given timeline for every civilizations and I tried to add the current Campaign Civilization Units and Buildings to currently available Civilizations, some Campaign models are giving “Pre-Cached Model Red Box Error” so I tried to get right of it after lots of testing; but still sometimes it appears for no reason.

When you reach to 4th Age in every civilization, you will access to general units and unique units with extra cost once you upgrade your technology fully, so you will see the empty grids with unit production. The reason why I have done these is because you will still have a chance to defend yourself until the last moment, or you can confuse your enemy with different spawn locations as new front lines to help your advancement. That’s why you need to give importance to expense your territory by building Keep - Castle buildings, Defense Towers to prevent enemy villagers to sneak into your territory to attack you from behind. With this MOD you will experience intense fights, especially against Real Players.

I have added a new feature too. Now you can place ten units (prefer the range attack ground soldier units) on the Defense Wall Towers. And you can make your soldiers to get into the tower from the RED ARROW MARK I have placed on the screenshot - from the ground location. For above door you cannot make soldiers to get in because the game doesn’t have such a feature yet.

Again I started to experience this “No Update issue on the AOE4 Website and In game Modding section”, so this v2.0.4.1 cannot be updated :frowning: I hope that AOE4 Developers will fix it again, I had experienced this issue before too. That’s why my mod’s current version is still on v2.0.3 :frowning:

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Wilderness in Open World is quite dangerous now. Wolf units have more HP, more attack and they have now armors too, so you need to attack it with 2-3 soldiers. Boar units are like mini boss, you cannot kill it alone with one unit, you need to for 5 men party at least to deal with it. Do not send your villagers alone into the forest areas and when you want to hunt boars, do not do it alone. Marketplace can produce Boars, Sheep, Deer animals.

I have included a new type of warfare to bring a different style to the game.

Warg - Wild Wolf Units. You probably cornered so hard when you start to lose the game against players or even AI which your villagers stuck inside of the Capital + Town Centers. Thus, now you can release these Warg wild animals to attack everyone on their path. However, they have one weakness, thy cannot attack to Man-At-Arms units. Even these wild animals kill your enemies, you still need to deal the remaining Warg units yourself.

Another similar example is the Betrayer Dane Raider Units. You summon them but thy will betray you at the end. I try to add the Mongol feature to this Dane Raider Unit to make it to earn gold for plundering and attacking to enemy units and buildings.

In the meantime, you have allies from the Dane Viking Raiders. You don’t have a full control of these units but only one unit at a time. However, these units provide buffs to their allies. These units are good at defending a spot.

To make the Allied Dane Viking Raider Reinforcements more meaningful, you can summon them from the Elite Scout Horse Unit, so you can take control of certain areas and place your allies on the critical spots, so these elite scout horse units make it easier for you.

There is no problem when you use these units yourself while doing PVP Multiplayer games. However, sometimes AI cannot use them for unknown reason, so the game might be crash with BAD DATA MOD. However, I rarely experience it while playing against AI which is using the modified civilizations. If you find any bug, or these kind of error when you summon a new unit, please let me know.

English Civilization has gain more new units.

Warrior Monk with no combat but more survival, or Spear + Shield Units, heavily armed archer and crossbowman units or unique campaign units etc.

Apart from that, I added some tent models to English and Chinese Civilizations from the Campaign and after doing some DATA MINING in the Content Editor - there are even Monuments in the game, but you cannot access them fully yet.

Every house you can hold five population in every civilizations.

Currently, Only Abbasid Civilization can hold units in their military buildings.

I have focused on Russian Civilization more now. You will have many different type of unique soldiers.

Heavily Armed Elite Royal Soldiers. These units wear have armor. They are slow but their animations are faster. Best way to deal with them is to counter them with siege weapons and hand-cannoneer units, elephants or other civilizations’ elite units.

Russian Militia Units. Thy are similar to Vikings but Russian version.

I have implemented really nice Gulyay-Gorod concept. There are a few type of Gulyay-Gorod in this Mod.
Gulyay-Gorod provides combat buffs to its surroundings. Best way to destroy it with torch or siege engines.

  1. Gulyay-Gorod with 0 Rotation
  2. Gulyay-Gorod with 50 Rotation
  3. Gulyay-Gorod with Mangonel which it summons two stable Gulyay-Gorod (with formation you can make these siege engines to target the enemies automatically too)
  4. Gulyay-Gorod with Springald which it summons two stable Gulyay-Gorod (with formation you can make these siege engines to target the enemies automatically too)
    Only Ivan the Great, Iven the Terrible and Prince Dmitri can summon them.

At every new Age - new summoning options will appear; but to access these Elite and new units, you need to use Ivan the Great, Iven the Terrible and Prince Dmitri Elite King unites.

You still can summon Ivan the Great from Iven the Terrible and Prince Dmitri

Each Civilization has their own unique Capital Buildings. Wonder buildings’ model will be the new model of the Capital Town Center. I wanted to make the capital build different.

I have finished the HRE civilization too. I will post that pictures later on, and I started to work on Mongol Civilization more too. I have updated the Mongol Spearman Units’ weapons with the Mongol Knight weapon and thy become perfect soon.

I encountered with some animation movement or combat problems; but I have fixed most of them. Currently, there shouldn’t be any problems. But still, if you want any kind of BAD DATA MOD ERROR when you click sth etc, please let me know as explaining to me how that BAD DATA MOD ERROR happened with what steps so I can look into them.

In general, my MOD is working %99 without any BAD DATA MOD ERROR but still there is %1 chance of getting that error. I have minimazed that error to be happen. Please let me know if you encounter with any problems, so we can fix it as soon as possible. With current version of MOD, you can play your favorite civilization with new features and new units without any problems.

Please Rate and write comments about this MOD, thank you very much.


Massive kudos to your Mod!! Your mastery at the editor is astounding. Is this your first finished map product on AOE4?

Also, how long have you been creating maps AOE4 or in general for other RTS games, whether they be AOE or others like StarCraft? Your skill is very useful for the new tournament/competitive-styled maps, should you be interested.

Off the topic, but I was wondering if you knew if it’d be possible to add the ability to place units inside Siege units (i.e. a trebuchet) or certain resources, such as Large Stone/Gold veins or Neutral Markets? Your Mod is a nice breath of fresh air for exploring the possibilities we have in the editor. Thank you for sharing and updating!


@GutsYxGameR8485 Thank you for your kind words.

This mod is not a map product. I change the actual data via Tuning Pack with Content Editor to add these new features, ideas and new units + buildings. I have done lots of Data Mining for AOE4. Actually creating map will help me to apply more cool features. For example, there are really cool Wolf, Fishing etc Monuments in the game; but they are hidden - you cannot access with Tuning Pack, except Map products.

I started to do Modding for AOE4 two months ago. I have done mods for World of Tanks MOD, Battle for Middle Earth - ROTWK, AOE3, AOE2. I do modding as a hobby for the games I like when I time from my real life job. I am good at coding, modelling etc already; because I am AI and Robotics Engineer. I love AOE, it was my childhood first RTS game I had played a lot (same for Half Life as first shooter, and Lineage 2 as my first mmorpg).

With AOE4, I wanted to give an idea to courage every new modder what kind of possibilities they can add to the game with Content Editor. And I wanted to enjoy from AOE4 more, so I have started to do Civilization Conquest Mod. I have some free time until September, so I will try to add new cool ideas as much as I can.

I plan to make some cool maps after I complete the initial phase of this mod after adding new subjects to every current civilization in the game. I have completed the English, Russian, France, Chinese, HRE (I will publish HRE pictures soon on the AOE4 forums too) and Mongols are finished half so far. I will work on remaining two civilization later on.

If you find any bug, or bad data mod errors after which steps you experienced, so I will try to fix them. Some features are limiting you because of game mechanics or while AI is trying to use them, that’s why these small bugs or errors are happening; but there is almost no problem when you fight against real human players.

For your question, yes you can activate and use the skills in the grid tab of your unit or inside of that building, and you even click it while you are inside of the siege units or buildings, and even resource veins etcetera, but they will not worked at all; because of the unique “parent_pbg” limitation that you can do only what is written there. From “Attributes” Tab in Content Editor to use these abilities by other different units of the same or different civilizations, but thy are not working. I didn’t want to change the main code; because when I tried it I experienced lots of bugs and unknown errors. If I want I can solve these problems in time but then I need to spend lots of time.

Most of the models, features are individually done for every civilization and the units as specially designed, so it doesn’t allow you to do something different most of the time, that’s why you get the BAD MOD DATA error or Pre-Cached RED BOX error etc. While I started to add these features in my Mod, I spent lots of time to fix these problems. The pictures and features I shared are the final working versions.

I wanted to attach these two pictures after I complete the Mongol Faction fully. You cannot use or copy paste to use an actual exploding ship with detonation as a ground unit to do same job like in the sea. You need to change some of things and you will not see how AOE4 developers’ code works like until you do lots of testing. At the end, I managed to add this cool feature too. I hope that you like it too @GutsYxGameR8485 .

An idea come to my mind, why we don’t have a ground explosive unit like in the AOE2 and how can we achieve this in AOE4. After a lots of testing, I have managed to do it.

I even made the ships to move on the ground (I will add an Easter Egg like that soon to Mongols)

Fetih (Conquest) 1453 | The brave men move ships over land…

@GutsYxGameR8485 All of the features I have shown here are already in the mod that you can subscribe to experience yourself.

There is a bug in the AOE4 Modding Website and AOE4 in game Modding section, and it is not fixed for 1 week already (which I reported it one week ago and even at the AOE4 forums) and I hope that AOE4 developers will fix it soon. I cannot update the Mod Title and Mod Patch Note Text, even my mod is being updated successfully in the game as mod data - Tuning Pack. You might see the mods current version title as Civilization Conquest v2.0.3 in the AOE4 website and AOE4 in game, the mod data is updated successfully every time, so @GutsYxGameR8485 you can access to every features I explained here in this thread. Thus, please follow this thread to see what kind of changes are happening in the MOD. I have changed many things. Current version of my mod is Civilization Conquest - v2.0.4.3 which you can play all of the features I have shared here in this thread in the game too.

@GutsYxGameR8485 Please let me know what do you think about playing the MOD fully with these features. If you find any bugs, errors etc please let me know. Thank you for liking the mod. It motivated me more now to add new cool ideas + units etc, and finish the mod faster.

Mongol Explosive Cartridge Supply Crate , how the detonation works in the ground successfully.


I will most certainly play your mod soon, once I find some more time to play. Your features are insightful and innovative; the explosions on land is exactly the out-of-the-box style thinking needed to push Mods to the next level. I once thought of Trees exploding, either via some detonation via an interaction.

The possibilities seem almost countless; terrains that give temporary buffs/de-buffs when in their radius, “exchanging” 3 types of a normal unit for 1 hero unit of that same type, water currents pushing ships should they not be actively moving against it.

I sincerely look forward to your developments and hope to see this shared or mentioned in the Reddit or Discords too!

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Mongols can deliver “Rock Resources” to Mongol Resource Collecting House which it can hold 5 units (your villagers have a place to stay now - in their own houses) and heals the near by units.

All Civilizations’ houses can hold 5 units, except some exceptions.

Mongols can move their special ship named “Black Pearl” over the land to spread fear and terror to their enemies. The ship movement and rotation speeds are slow, it is good the defend a place.

And you can see the special Mongol Elite Royal Troop types in the picture too.

Mongol Spear Shield Units are the most elite soldier in the Mongol Army. They are slow but thy are very enduring.

Almost every civilizations have these elite units.

I didn’t finish the last remaining two Civilizations yet: Abbasid and Sultanate.

It is the another civilization I worked a lot is Russian Civilization; because there are many possibilities to add new units; because of their Campaign models, units etc.

Ivan can summon a special Scout Unit which it will help to tease the enemy territory with its summoning units. In general, I courage the Russian Civilization players to use Gulyay Gorod which you can use them via these special named elite units. Gulyay Gorod provides buffs and protect you from incoming damage as reducing the damage etc. You need to discover the Mod to understand them better.

I have changed some of the default Russian buildings with Russian Landmarks.

You can summon these elite new units from Special Named Units from Ivan the Great then Ivan the Terrible and then Prince Dmitri according to the every new Age.

Russian House is very special now and it costs more to build. It can shoot one springald arrow and can get 20 units and thy can start shooting too enemy units. This house is for defensive purposes.

I will add this kind of new features to other civilizations in the future too.

Russian Militia Unit, farmers / villagers / peasants are armed and they are ready to help Motherland.

I changed the “Wood working building” with this model and added “Economy and Production” always active and timid skills. Thus, the cost of the building is increased too.

1st and 2nd Ages you will have wooden defense tower.

3rd and 4th Age you will wall a cooler defense tower^^.

4th Age, your Monastery building will become more efficient with a nicer model which it can hold units and heal the players inside and outside.

Infantry House is now more nicer with the new model. It can hold units and shoot the enemy units.

RUSSIAN CIVILIZATION CAN BUILD WALLS NOW. However, even the normal units can attack to your walls now. Your walls cost more resources and the build time it longer. I tried to balance everything.

Let me know what are your thoughts about the current edition of the MOD.

Please try my mod and write a comment and rate my MOD (Civilization Conquest Mod ), thank you very much.

I have changed the major buildings with HRE Landmarks. And these newly applied models can hold 20 units and shoot inside of the building. You Monastery building can heal units inside and outside too.

I started to change the civilization models with landmarks which makes sense. So, I can use the normal building models as outposts to make camps in the frontlines for future updates I am planning.

HRE has many cool units now and I named them as Gundabad Army; because HRE soldier units have really nice armor models for 3rd Age models especially.

You will enjoy from playing HRE more now.

Another thing I have added HRE is producing Herdable sheep which cost more because you can help your allies as providing food resources and it is more expensive, and there are skinned herdable sheep which cost less but takes more time to produce; because you are skinning the sheep. You can access this feature from Mill and Trade Market buildings.

This last picture is quite tricky. I managed to add Mongol Knight spear to HRE and it worked once; but when I restart the game, I get this “Pre-Cached RED BOX Model” Error :frowning: But I had taken a picture before that happened.

If AOE4 Developer Team makes some solution to that “Pre-Cached Red Box Model” error - at least for the weapon types, we can add nice weapon skills with more combination from other civilizations.

I hope that you like the patch notes, thank you.

You can access to Gundabad Army from HRE via Barracks. I am a fan of LOTR, Middle Earth, and Battle of the Five Armies^^.

Other HRE Units

The extra models are limited in this game to use while adding these units.

Although it takes lots of time and alterations to add them for the civilizations which don’t have direct direction for more campaign civilizations and extra models. Thus, what I have done is this "I have changed some of the 2nd Age, 3rd Age and 4th Age units as you can see from the pictures. After that with stable unique units, I have put them on Barrack Building and Spawn these modified units from 2nd Age, 3rd Age and 4th Age. If I didn’t follow such method then you can only play with 4th Age Units.

For HRE, I enjoyed with 3rd Age armor models, so I have created the Gundabad Army^^. When you play with HRE, you will want to dominate everything.

Other civilizations are same too. Please play the MOD and if you experience any bugs, errors please let me know and please RATE MY MOD, so I can be motivated to bring more cool ideas. All of these changes takes lots of time and effort with lots of bugs which I spend lots of time to fix them. For example, adding a castle wall from a wood wall and add a gate that the game’s template forces you to use stone walls with stones only - not from wood materials. At the end, I managed to do it.

I wanted to added a full Kiev Walls model to Russian Civilization; but game is limited it to be used - probably as hidden object, like the Wolf Monuments etc in the game data. Otherwise, it supposed to be like this.

Can you add the hui hui pao for the mongols? maybe also give it to English as Warwolf

Would you show me its picture please for this “hui hui pao”? and if it is possible a video clip from mongol campaign to check what it looks like in the game? then I can try to find it from Content Editor.

@StereoQuasar163 yesterday I have updated the mod again to fix some bugs and added new units to Mongol Civilization now.

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I have tried a few attempts.

2nd Attempt:

1st Attempt:

It doesn’t let me create that unique in normal gameplay.

Mongol Trebucket CW is directly interact with the Mongol Great Trebuchet in the Content Editor. It doesn’t let me get the actual model…

Currently, There are lots of limitations in Content Editor really :frowning: Until AOE4 developers fix these issues and let us use these unique designs etc, we cannot add them to our mods :frowning:

Otherwise look at this beauty really: Age of Empires IV Hui Hui Pao - Mongol Great Trebucket

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More New Units to HRE