I cannot update my MOD in game, It doesn't updated on AOE4 Website and In-Game Modding

I had experienced this issue before, and thy had said me “It was the server cause issue” and I had waiting 3 weeks to publish and update my mods again. Right now, I experience the same issue again :frowning:

My MOD supposed to be v2.0.4.1 but it is still v2.0.3 on the AOE4 website and in the game modding section…

Civilization Conquest Mod - AOE4 Forums

Civilization Conquest - AOE4 Website MOD Detail

Even I updated the mod successfully according to the in-game notification; but it is not updated in the game’s MODS section and AOE4 Website and it is like this for +2 days already.

Even at the AOE4 Website’s update date time, it shows it is updated again today. However, the patch notes, patch number etc are not updated at all from v2.0.3 to v.

I update my mod regularly when I add new features.

Is there anyone would help me to solve this issue please? thank you very much.

First, I just need to make sure that you did Build your mod from the editor. Right?

Is the content updated when you play your mod or is it just the title and description?

I am going to do a follow up with the team.

Can you provide your warning logs as well?


Dear @seabass8695 friend,

Thank you for your reply.

I made some testing. Yes, my mod data is being updated. However, the mod title + mod description are not updated in the game’s modding section and in AOE4 website.

In addition to that when you update your mod, your mod supposed to be marked as New Mod so it will appear at New Mods section too. Again, this part is not being updated in the game’s modding section too.

ok thanks for the information, I will ask our team about the mod title and mod description.

Im not sure what the design for New Mod on the website is so I will also ask and let you know here.

thanks and have a nice day,

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After you update your mod, your MOD will be appear at the 1st column of the “NEWEST MOD” list. You can find and see it from MODS main page and you will see the “NEWEST MODS” title there. I attached the picture above.

As I explained at my previous comment, this part is not updated too. I hope that the developer team will fix these problems soon and thank you for your fast reply too @seabass8695 friend.

Hi @seabass8695 Support friend,

Do the developer team find any solutions for this problem? thank you very much.

I still have the same problem for almost one week already. My Mod name title and patch note texts are not being updated in the game and in the AOE4 website still.