Civilization Conquest Mod

New testing models are completed. I currently applied them to Ottoman Civilization for now with “Conquest: Ottoman Empire v3.0 Patch”; but I will add these to other civilizations later on

This Ottoman new housing building increase the Population amount a lot - similar to Chinese special house building

Ottoman Siege Camp - it covers a large area, but it gives buffs to units inside of it. I tried to give a real siege feeling.

You can destroy the stone bridges and repair them too now.

I have added a new bridge type to the game

Conquest - Ottoman Empire - v3.0

AOE4 developers’ Content Editor changes…

The problems I encounter recently with current old mod is not happening with testing civilization with new Content Editor changes version… This is the main reason, I encounter with problems at every new patch :frowning: I hope that AOE4 developers fix these issues…

I want to add tent on my current mod; because of the pre-cache visual error box I cannot place the tent content anymore, or Mongol AI villagers is not working to build buildings. This happened after the new patches…

I managed to create a separated wolf unit to control it, like normal units, but I couldn’t find a way to add a group selection for this new trained wolf unit at Ottoman Civilization.

I created a new Ottoman unit named “Ottoman Imperial Royal Guard”

I have added another building for Ottoman Civilization.

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You can see the siege crew in the siege units now.

More construction materials become visible. However, for unknown reasons, the wheels are disappeared for no reason…

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I re-make the new more population building of Ottoman Civilization

Extra New Fortress designs for Ottoman Civilization

I have added two different type of Grenadier Unit to Ottoman Civilization.

Close Range Ottoman Grenadier is very slow and close attack range (25), but it has the largest AOE (between 0 and 7.5) and the most highest damage (140).

Medium Range Ottoman Grenadier is slow (but a little bit faster than Closed Range Ottoman Grenadier) and medium attack range (35), but it has a normal AOE (between 0 and 5.5) and the high damage (100).

The grenade launcher bow or crossbow units has 60 damage with the longest range of 45, and they are very fast comparing to other new two close and medium range grenadier Ottoman units. I have balanced them. The best good strategy is to put these new close and medium range Ottoman grenadier units to Battering ram or Siege tower as a suicide unit to give most damage which is similar to Age of Empires 2’s Suicide unit.

I have applied Paling and Pavise shield deployment skills at Ottoman Archer unit. If you use both of them at the same (according to deployment queue) only of the effect stay in the map permanently^^. At the end, it looks really nice. I just wanted to share this experience with everyone too.

how did you give them shield and spear together isnt it when you change the weapon their shield is gone?

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These shield and wooden palings are from the used skills’ visual models. I just find a way to make them permanent that I explained the way of implementing it above too.

I have applied Paling and Pavise shield deployment skills at Ottoman Archer unit. Of course the I modified the cloned files of these skills too.

How it works?
If you use both skills at the same time (according to deployment queue) the initially used skills’ visual model is staying in the map permanently^^.

I plan to improve these models where you cannot pass them so easily or place another building on the palings etc. It will take some time on the testing phase. But it gave me really nice ideas.

You can try these features now from Ottoman Civilization and you play the mod multiplayer too. Just yesterday, we played the mod I made with my friends, and all of my friends are enjoyed the mod and these new features.

Conquest - Ottoman Empire - v3.4

Friends, firstly Happy New Year everyone and it will be a nice year for everyone.

@StereoQuasar163 . @Ashenone3DM . @Seicing , @LichKing5742 @ahioz9426 , @KnowingLamb8370, @CorpCodfish , @Swiftey1990 , @SavageEmpire566 , @Sunndae85 Friends, did you ever tried to play the Conquest Mod in multiplayer?

@KnowingLamb8370 has informed me that they experienced some problems in the multiplayer, so I wanted to ask everyone if you have similar problems too.

I just want to be sure whether there is a problem or not while playing the Conquest Mod in multiplayer. If it is possible would you check it for me? thank you very much.

Add me in Steam if you want we can check it if there is a problem, I will look into it. And if there is a problem, and if someone knows how to fix it for multiplayer please would you help to solve the issue please? thank you very much.

When I had played with my friends, there was no problem; but I want to be sure now for everyone to play the Conquest Mod in multiplayer without any problems.


Good work!
Is there a way to move the crew next to the machine (and not in the middle)?

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I try to move it behind of the siege unit, but no luck so far. I need to do more testing.

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I have fixed some of the current generated errors in the mod with the new patches. If you encounter any problems please let me know.

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Wrong That’s too much, my Bros,Just like my mod is basically to be remade

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At every patch, I fix many changes at my mod to work with current version of the game.

Yes, you are right - we need to re-make the mod from zero for the new features of the actual game version to work properly with old mods. However, at every big patch, the developers force us to re-make the mod.

My mod is 23 MB already, so every new patch - I change many subjects to be able to work with current version. And most of the time, some features are not applied fully again.

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If you have any problems with recent patches while playing with Conquest please let me know thank you.

Conquest - Ottoman Empire - v3.7 - new patch update fix

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Hi Momento, after latest update, game is crashing as soon as we start.


Very interesting… let’s take a look :eyes:

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I just played with Ottoman while mod is active, there was no crash.

Would you give more information please? which civilization did you experienced this crash issue?

I found x17 errors, it seems like developers changed economy buildings, landmarks, naval buildings.

I have updated the mod now.

Would you check if you experience any problems still? thank you very much

Conquest - Ottoman Empire - v3.8 - new patch update fix 100823


The game should work now. I realized that some red box visuals appeared again with the new update, I will fix them later. I am busy with these following months in real life.