Civilization Conquest Mod

Hello, on Xbox this mod is not working at all. Will not allow any building from villagers for player but AI can build.

This mod made for PC version. The XBOX version was not exist when I created the mod. I released the this mod 1 year ago.

I don’t have Xbox, so I cannot test how the mod works with Xbox and what kind of errors it gives, sorry. You need to use PC to play this mod. The mod is quite challenging that you need to follow different strategy to win and survive. There are many new units, features and gameplay.

Sorry for the delay in response and thanks for the update. I was playing as abbasid. It works fine now. Lot’s of red boxes though.

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Probably after the new patch where new civilizations come too which brings major changes again. I will re-do the whole mod from sketch again with a clean project again.

Because every patch the developers change the whole system again… That red boxes you experience now were not exist before.

Hi @ MomentoTR89

When I build certain units and buildings, or trees with my villagers I get pink blocks instead of the unit or structure. The block says that the item has not been pre-cached. Is there something I can do to fix this?

Also, do you have plans in the future to make bridges so they can go in different directions? Will bridges be destructible during matches or are they stuck in place after being built?

Would it be possible for allies’ walls to connect to each other?


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With the previous update in the game, AOE4 developers have changed many features again, so that weird pink / red visual errors are happening again (otherwise I had fixed that kind of problems). Every new patch, I fix many errors; because I have changed many files to create these cool ideas and visual in the Conquest Mod. I just wait the new expansion to fix that kind of errors again with other new errors we get every new update.

For bridges, I managed wood bridges to be destroyed but the Content Editor does not allow me to destroy stone bridges (when I tried to make them destructible some weird errors or bugs are appeared; because these bridges are mainly used in the campaign).

For bridge rotation, unfortunately the bridge file does not contain any rotation feature in the actual file, so currently it does not allow us to add such feature. I had tried to add it many times but failed all the time.

@PreciousSprout, with the new expansion, AOE4 developers will change the whole Content Editor files for units, skills etc, so I am planning to create a new project from sketch again. It will take some time to implement everything again; but there will be cool new units and visuals I will implement. I am looking for modding developers to work with me to develop Conquest mod together. All of the Conquest mod I have developed myself alone solo already.

“Would it be possible for allies’ walls to connect to each other?” I have not tried it but I will test it out. I make a nice PC currently, so I will start to create maps too for the new expansion.

Thanks for your reply!

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Hi MomentoTR89,

I’ve seen posts recently of other modders stopping their mods due to there being little support or improvements on mod tools from the devs. Do you plan on continuing this mod after the Sultan’s Ascend DLC comes out?

All the best.

Hi @PreciousSprout
I am not going to abandon the Conquest Mod. Yesterday I tried to play normal default gameplay and it was quite boring really after getting used to play the Conquest Mod always^^.

Today I have played the new Sultan’s Ascend DLC which gave me lots of insperation to add to Conquest Mod, and of course many subjects have changed from zero again… AOE4 developers don’t care the modders and forcing us to fix many bugs and errors at every new update and DLC.

I got lots of new bugs and errors on my Conquest mod modified files. Therefore, it is much easier for me to start from sketch in a new project file. I am going to find out these new features in the content editor first so I will do some testing first.

Starting tomorrow, I am going to create a new project from sketch again to apply these new mechanics, features, and factions on the new Conquest mod features again. It will take some time to apply. I will keep you friends updated. For example, throwing smoke bombs, flamethrower units etc, these are some of the new ideas coming to my mind. I will play with the new factions, mechanics, and features first fully to take some notes and check out how thy are applied in the Content Editor, then start to apply in the new mod.

@PreciousSprout some of the new features AOE4 developers are added with Sultan’s Ascend DLC, I had applied them in the Conquest Mod long before already hehe :smiley: such as delivering all resources on the house building and some of other features^^.

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Awesome, thank you for all your hard work MomentoTR89 :slight_smile:

I was wondering, if would it be possible to add crusader knights from the DLC campaign to factions like HRE, French, or Byzantines? If it is possible, that would be amazing!

Also since stone bridges don’t seem to be destructible, how would you feel about only including the wood bridges in the next version of your mod? If I play with a multiplayer group, I could see how someone putting down lots of stone bridges across areas could permanently affect the match since they can’t be destroyed.

Thank you kindly for continuing this mod :slight_smile:


I will check the DLC campaign to factions like HRE, French, or Byzantines. If they are given separated files, it will be much easier to apply in the main civilization files too. @PreciousSprout AOE4 Developers literatelly changed everything, so no way for old mods to survive and modders are quiting because all of our efforts are literally gone and every new patch we need to re-apply everything from zero. I did not make any fixes for the last 3-4 months, just because of waiting the new DLC to start over again from sketch.

I just played default Byzantines, Byzantines can access all key technologies and units and the armor skins are far the best in the game where you can see that AOE4 developers has spent lots of time comparing to other civilizations really.

Byzantines is the most OP civilization in the default gameplay. I have made some fights with other civilizations in default mode and Byzantines wins every other civilizations currently. But in my mod, I don’t make civilizations OP over others but making more unique way, so you need to use strategy and good economy to conquer other civilizations by maintaining your army to attack and you need to apply strongholds and front camps to push your enemies. Therefore, the fights are longer and more enjoyable, at least I feel in that way.

Conquest mod is like testing and trying new ideas and features to see in they work in actual gameplay. Content Editor is full of bugs. If I give HP and destruction option then the whole model is not working and sometimes it just disappear or turning into red box visual error, and once such error happens then you cannot convert everything to original version, so it limits us again. I added tents to some factions but that tents are not working in other civilizations and then that red box visual errors happens again…

Byzantines has access almost every civilization from that merchanary options such Mongols, Chinese and even Delhi Sultanate and so on, it means that I can even apply that big Chinese Walls to Byzantines. The only subject I could not like is the Byzantines walls currently. I will increase the walls HP, so Great Bombard can do good bombardment :smiley:

I will work on Ottomans and Byzantines civilizations first, do play other new civilizations to see the new mechanics, new features and what new models they have included.


Age of Empires IV The Sultans Ascend

Conquest Mod: The Sultans Ascend

I’ve been engaged in developing a new mod project for Age of Empires IV over the past few days. It’s important to note that the game’s developers have made significant changes to about 70% of the Content Editor, which has impacted my work.

While integrating new mechanics and combined visual models into the mod, I’ve encountered a persistent issue known as the “Red visual box error.” This problem has unfortunately limited my ability to incorporate certain features from the original Conquest Mod.

Given these challenges, my approach to modding has shifted. Rather than implementing widespread changes, I will focus on selectively adding extra units where necessary and permissible. This approach aims to enhance gameplay while respecting the game’s existing structure.

During the testing phase, I’ve adopted a strategy that allows for more customized units. This is achieved by modifying the primary units provided by the game, without significantly altering campaign units or buildings. However, I’ve faced specific limitations. For instance, adding a two-handed mace to Ottoman units results in visual errors, and a two-handed axe leads to abnormal animation effects. These issues were not present in the previous Conquest Mod. Additionally, I’ve encountered problems with the bridge system, where only the wooden eastern bridge version functions without visual errors. This reflects ongoing issues with the game that, unfortunately, haven’t been addressed by the developers for almost two years.

In summary, while striving to enhance the Age of Empires IV experience through modding, I am constrained by technical challenges and unaddressed issues within the game’s current framework.

I’ve recently developed a new unit recruitment system, but its compatibility with the game’s AI remains untested. My next step is to conduct thorough testing to ensure that the AI can effectively utilize this system. Additionally, I plan to verify if there are any visual errors, particularly when recruiting these units in the early stages of the game.

As I progress further with the mod, I intend to showcase more of its features. My primary focus has been on enhancing the Ottoman Civilization. This decision stems from my observation that compared to other civilizations in the game, the Ottomans significantly lack in various aspects such as core elements, features, mechanics, unit diversity, and building types. Consequently, the Ottoman Civilization will also serve as the primary testing ground for new features, which I plan to eventually extend to other civilizations within the mod.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on these changes. Please let me know your opinions and any additional elements you would like to see incorporated into the game. Thank you for your interest and feedback.

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Did you learn how to create growing farm? I re-make the mod now as many subjects are changed. Which mod did you get farm resource image? thank you.

I have good news for you, I managed to find a solution to rotate bridges as the way you want^^.

I try to make the stone bridge destructable too if Content Editor does not bug it.


Oh wow, that’s awesome, thanks for taking the time to figure this out! Yeah, hopefully, the editor allows the stone bridges to be destroyed too!

It’s really cool that you are working on improving the Ottomans civ. If you work on HRE it would be really cool to add Teutonic Knights from the campaign to their civ. Also, for Order of the Dragon, it would be nice to size down their units to the same size as everyone else’s. I always thought it was strange that they are larger than all the other civs. I get that OOTD units are much stronger, but the size difference isn’t my personal favorite.

Thanks again for all your work, I know it’s not easy due to the devs not communicating about update changes with the modding community.

I have applied most of the features I had done in the Conquest Mod before DLC version into the new mod version to Ottoman Civilization already. I just do some extra tests for new features. I managed to add Biome tree directly too without based on house building file directly but for unknow reasons, it does not show the HP bar to make it destructable too

I have made the stone bridges to get destroyed too but if seems like developers did not any stone bridge destroy animation to game yet. You still destroy it but the visual stays but you can pass through it. The dirt bridge is bugged - it gives red box visual error (there was no problem before DLC).

I try to move the new defense tower visual to front but I could not do it after trying a few hours lol… but it looks really nice. For unknow reason, even I follow the similar wall walk through ext method, it is not working on “defense tower building”.

Do you know anyone who might know solution of this?

HRE and Byzantine Civs will be next. It is more easy to apply same mechanics to that civilizations now (I just copy paste from Ottoman Civs with small changes only). My only concern is the “Red Box Visual Error issue”, sometime you don’t get it, sometime you get it. It is the main reason, why it takes lots of time, lots of visual testing to check the problems. Today it works, next day it is not working and you get that “Red Box Visual Error issue” for no reason and this problem exist for 1.5 years already.

This is the new recruitment system where you still can access the old Age units as each of them has different weapon combinations. I have included some new mechanics from Japanese and Byzantine Civs into Ottoman Civ, although some of them did not work. Janissary units can crouch down to shoot the enemy units instread of standing etc^^.

There are torch units and strong Janissary captain but its attack range is less, it is mainly for defending on the walls against who approach walls closely. I try to bring more siege warfare to game.

Ottoman has a new Great Bombard unit, Dardanelles Gun which has a very long range but a very long reload time, very less movement and rotation speed by having the most damage and of course it costs a lot. AOE4 developers made the Ottoman Civilization very weak. Even most of the passives are making Ottoman units take more damage or having very less range for Janissary etc. Janissary 3rd age unit has 0.2 more seconds longer reload to have same range with long bow, but 4th age unit has more range and more damage with default reload time.

I increase some units’ HP while creating new units to differ these units than normal units because HRE knigh units has +550 HP or more. I played some game with new civs and thy are quite stronger than most old civs really.

Ottoman has Barrage Bombardment to show anyone on the map but it consumes lots of stone. 600 stone for big barrage bombardment and it has 60 second cooldown, small one has 10 second cooldown and consumes 200 stones.


I have added really nice features to Ottoman Civs^^. I even made the palings or shield to stay on the ground permanently too. The trick is here to use 1 ability first then use 2nd ability and 2n ability stay on the ground even you move away.

Some of the features I included in first Conquest Mod is not working in the new project, I get Red Box visual error for some of them, so I will include some features.

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You need to have Russian Civilization to access this new type of defensive building in Byzantine Civilization. Otherwise, there will be visual error box.

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Bizans new units

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These buildings are giving different bonuses. Right is for siege related bonuses and left is for economy production related bonuses.

I wanted to add my old Conquest Mod war camp building design but with new DLC, all of that camp models are buggy that is shown in the “Red box pre-cached visual error”. Thus, I have found this kind of solution.

Byzantine Civilization gives more defensive feeling now.

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