Civilization Craft: Micronesians

The Micronesians mainly represent the Saudeleur Dynasty and the Yapese Empire, which can be seen in their bonuses and techs, though there are also a few elements taken from Kiribati culture.

In terms of campaigns, perhaps there can be one about the legend of the founding of the Saudeleur Dynasty and the construction of Nan Madol. There isn’t much historical information, so legends are the best we can do for now.

The Micronesians’ main focus would be navy and defenses, which is reflected in their bonuses, although they’d also have decent infantry. They would have the Oceania architecture set, shared with the Polynesians.

Their Wonder would be the Nan Dowas Temple on Nan Madol.

Civilization Bonuses:

  • Start with +150 wood
  • Fishing Ships can build houses, walls, gates, and towers on the water
  • Galley line fires a second, much weaker shot
  • Farms can be worked by two villagers

Team bonus: Mining Camps built, work 15% faster

Unique Unit: Kiribati (infantry unit that deflects a third of all melee damage back to the dealer)

Unique Technologies: Rai Stones (creates a Rai Stone in the middle of the map that generates constant gold for the player controlling it), Coconut Fibers (Kiribati, Tribal Sentries +1/+1 armor)

Tech Tree Notes:

In terms of infantry, they receive fully upgraded Champions, and their Tribal Sentries have extra armor due to Coconut Fibers. They’re missing Halberdiers, but the Kiribati unique unit is pretty effective against cavalry due to the deflected damage, which ignores armor and is added onto its normal attack. Overall, it’s pretty good infantry.

Unfortunately, the archers are significantly more lacking. They’re missing the Arbalester and any kind of cavalry archer or gunpowder, obviously, but they do have Ring Archer Armor and Bracer. However, there aren’t bonuses for them of any kind, so they’re fairly average.

Naturally, the Stable doesn’t apply to them.

Their siege is pretty average. They’re missing the Siege Onager and the Bombard Cannon, and also lack Siege Engineers at the University. But they aren’t missing anything super important, so it isn’t all that bad.

At the Monastery, the only missing technologies are Sanctity and Faith, but their Monks are also completely average, so while they have options with Monks, they’re squishy and don’t have any real advantages.

In terms of defenses, this is where things get good. Although they’re missing the Bombard Tower, they have Architecture, Keeps, Hoardings, Fortified Walls, Heated Shot, Arrowslits, and the ability to build walls and towers on the water. They’re missing Treadmill Crane, so these things are built slower, but it doesn’t matter when they have options.

In terms of economy, they have every technology, plus the slight boost to their Mining Camp building and working speed.

At the Dock, they’re only missing the Heavy Demo Ship and Cannon Galleons and their Galley line fires two shots. Their real strength, though, is water defenses, since they’re the only civilization that can build buildings on the water, though they still remain vulnerable to Demolition Ships, which have a bonus against them.

Stats and Costs:

Kiribati Stats:

HP: 65, 75 (Elite)
Attack: 8, 10 (Elite)
Attack Bonuses: +4 vs Standard building
Armor: 1/1
Speed: 0.9
Rate of Fire: 2.5, 2 (Elite)
LOS: 6

Cost: 60 food, 30 gold
Training Time: 10 seconds
Elite Upgrade Cost: 800 food, 300 gold

Rai Stones Cost: 500 gold, 225 stone
Rai Stones Research Time: 45 seconds

Coconut Fibers Cost: 950 food, 650 gold
Coconut Fibers Research Time: 65 seconds

Shockingly weak on land with plenty of unnecessarily weak bonuses

This one is maybe fine

This is just the Sicilian bonus

This is either OP or just very annoying



Way too situational

While this unit looks strong, it doesnt replace halbs

This was before the Sicilians, and I didn’t bother updating it.

Sicilians have this

Honest opinion? Gettinf really tired of aura or proximatey bonuses, as its gimmicky and mostly contrary to aoe2 design

This one is on particular very niche.

So on top of reflecting 1/3 of melee damage back to its opponents, it has 7 pa and 1.21 speed, which means even archers are not going to be a solid counter to this unit.
Couple this with a pretty insane attack rate means this unit doesnt really have many weaknesses.

Sure, but its a very weak excuse. Saying that you didnt bother changing it doesnt mean you have to change it any less

Replace it with extra starting wood

I didn’t realize that. Perhaps I should lower the armor values or keep them the same for the Elite version.

I can do that for sure.

I would say +150 starting wood since that is more alike the Lithuanian start

I have significantly lowered the attack rate to be slower than the Swordsman line (which I actually intended to do anyway) and made them move the same speed.

Id say a speed of 1 is fine.

So with the new stats, should I still lower the pierce armor, or is it fine? I can also lower the elite version’s attack to 10.

Id consult someone else on that.

All right, how can I change it? I’d like a farm bonus.

I’ll lower the pierce armor and attack just to be safe.

The problem is a lot of rge farm bonuses are taken. But the one you proposed is just niche (must be near water).

What if you allowed them to have 2 workers on each farm

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Ooo, good idea, I like that.

Maybe aquatic buildings can have negative pierce armor or negative building armor, so ships can destroy them a lot more easily.

As if there aren’t any other situational UTs. The Micronesians already have a strong economy, so a situational UT keeps them somewhat balanced.

What do you suggest I replace it with?

At least those cant be actively detrimental

The 2 vills on farm bonus should be good enough

You can trap enemy ships with houses in dark age. Way too gimmicky and towers on feudal sounds like too much of a problem

Replace the bonus with something like an at-sea dock or something like that