Civilization Idea: Mississippians

Eh, I get having low expectations as far as new assets, but I’d rather not pre-justify the devs for something this egregious. A new architecture set for the Mississippians would probably be the best way of justifying their addition. Without it, you just have some very limited historical information wrt leaders, warfare, etc that make it a questionable choice, on top of what might be the most mismatched civ-building set pairing in the game if they just reused the Meso set. Incas are bad as well, but at least they made significant use of stone. (Also the implications of that would be pretty disparaging, i.e. “all indigenous American structures throughout 2 continents all basically looked like the same”). TBH I’d rather not have a Mississippian civ than have them be that lazily designed, so I agree with your earlier post about new architecture for them.

Plus the sketches by Kondrikthus are just fantastic:


I agree, but we all said basically the same thing about Caucasus civs, and what did they do? Gave them an unfit architecture set rather than make a new one. I do agree with you, but I’m being realistic.

I gave them a farming bonus but I think this one is interesting.

Completely agree with this. I wouldn’t want Mississippians if they’d steep so low. Misssissippian architecture doesn’t look remotely like the Mesoamerican one. It’s already sad that they reused it for Inca. The Incas should have gotten a new set by now.


What do you think of the rest of the concept?

I also agree. I’m just being realistic.

Not a fan of the eco boni. I just gave them smaller farms considering their farming tradition.

Not a fan of the unique unit either. I gave them a variant of the Eagle warrior as castle UU called the Falcon warrior. A Monk UU from the Castle was also an idea I had. Should read another more detailed book about them soon. There’s so much to learn. Been reading a general history of Africa right now around 600-1100. Reading keeps me busy.

Falcon Warrior


I gave them the UU I did because I couldn’t find much info about Mississippian warriors. Where did you find the Falcon Warrior?

As for the eco bonus, while I didn’t create the bonus for the Mississippians, I felt it would be appropriate for them. Another purely farming-related bonus would just be bland and boring, IMO. I wanted to do something different.

I’m sorry you don’t like the civ concept. I was hoping it would be satisfactory.

You know, it’s civ concepts. Nothing really matters there except to showcase that we (almost) all want new civs. TBH it’s getting increasingly hard to find something unique especially for eco boni. Some from the Realms mod I could still see being implemented but I don’t think we’re going to get much above 50.

I appreciate the fact that you made a Mississippian civ concept :smiley:

I can rename the UU to the Falcon Knifeman or Falcon Warrior. It’ll have the same stats and gimmick, but a more flavorful name. I figured it could already use falcon regalia for its outfit.

Possible voiceline ideas if this civilisation gets considered: Caddo (and Wichita).
See: Caddoan Mississippian culture - Wikipedia
Sadly, both languages are technically extinct, both are Caddoan languages, Caddo is what probably at least a portion of Missisipians spoke.
American Bottom: Mississippian
Yes? : haːríːh (that is)
Greetings: Kúhaʔahat (Hello)
Ready: wickaʔa (I know)
Order?: caddi (leader)
Yes: haːríːh (that is)
Right: táy:sha’ (My ally)
I will: háːɾɪh (here it is)
Build: kiwat (house)
Chopper: tiyaːhkw (wood)
Farm: kiʃwɑ́nːt’uh (parched corn)
Fish: kaːcʔa
Forage: keʔe-t-waːwaʔa (I shall eat)
Hunter: ʔarasʔa (meat)
Mine: sik-ʔuh (stone)
Restorer: keʔe-acs (it will be fine)
Fight!: keʔecika:sti:kwi (I will hit him on the head)
Battle!: bahʔuh (blood!)
Kill!: keʔe-t-ki (I will kill)
Words are gathered from Wikipedia and Caddo official websites.
Caddo music: Caddo Flag Song (


Yes, they could use the latest Cree language (or Lakota since they came from Mississippi before the 16th century and were expelled from there at the beginning of the 17th century by the French and adopted the horse in the 18th century)…

I just made some changes that I think @Szaladon will like:

  • Economic technologies can be researched again in the next age for half cost and 100% faster → Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart increase farmer and builder work rate by 5% each

The old civ bonus didn’t fit the Mississippians historically, as they were more famous for agriculture than technical innovation. This new bonus fits the spirit of the old one, that being a large population with a devoted craftsman class made possible by wide-scale agriculture, but the new bonus has a flavor that fits the Mississippians more and also reinforces their defensive nature. Because of the building rate boost, Treadmill Crane is now removed.

  • Receive Two-Man Saw and Stone Shaft Mining

With the new bonus, there was no reason to remove all final evolutions of eco techs aside from Hand Cart, so they got those techs back. However, Crop Rotation and Gold Shaft Mining are still missing.

  • Cahokia Knifeman → Falcon Warrior

The new unit has the same gimmick and still wields a knife, but it has a less contrived and much more flavorful name.

  • New team bonus: Hunters +2 range (replacing walls and gates built 50% faster)

With the new eco bonus increasing build rates, the old team bonus was simply overkill. I’ve been wanting to replace it with this new bonus to give the Mississippians an early eco bonus and reference their skill with hunting. Since it’s a team bonus, it isn’t too strong, but helps with luring boars to the Town Center safely by making it easier for villagers to hit them without taking as much damage.