Civilization levels

I am curious about what the civilization level number indicate other than the fact that the player has played that civilization a lot, now that all the cards are unlocked from the start. Also, is it still capped at 131?

If the above is true then the civilization level number does not really have a purpose. I would like to suggest a purpose for it. Like ELO’s, what if the civilization number indicates that player’s ability to how well play that civilization? What if like ELO’s this number also changes based on the player’s wins and loses? This would indicate how well the player has the civilization mastered, which will especially be helpful in team games.

It’s the legacy of the original.
At that time, you had to level up to select a card. There was even a level limit to select some cards. It was deleted from DE because everyone hated it.


Yes I know that. That’s why now there is no point to the levels number and I’ve suggested how to give it a point.