Civilizations by difficulty

Similar to the difficulty category in the campaigns: one sword for easy, two swords for medium and three swords for hard
Difficulty_easy Difficulty_medium Difficulty_hard

How would you classify civilizations according to the difficulty of playing them?
Would you like the devs to add a category (swords) in the description of each civilization according to its difficulty, especially for new players?


All civs are meant to be balanced. Their winrates are close to 50%> so every civ should get a out the same difficulty. Only real difference that set civs apart are uncommon openings, like starting with more vills. It also changes a lot based on balance changes or even maps/settings.

We could do that. But it is harder to do because the difficulty a player will feel depends a lot on his playstyle and favorite units.

At beginner level (hard AI and lower) I would put something like:

  • easy: mayans incas franks britons portuguese italians goths huns lituanians magyars berbers hindustanis mongols vietnamese poles
  • medium: aztecs spanish byzantines vikings teutons bulgarians slavs persians saracens turcs japanese khmer burgundians bohemians gurjaras sicilians
  • hard: celts cumans tatars chinese koreans malays burmese dravidians bengalis

At intermediate level (1000 elo), I would put something like:

  • easy: mayans incas aztecs franks britons portuguese italians huns lituanians magyars berbers mongols vietnamese khmer
  • medium:spanish byzantines vikings teutons goths bulgarians slavs saracens tatars japanese bohemians gurjaras
  • hard: celts turcs persians cumans hindustanis chinese koreans malays burmese burgundians poles sicilians dravidians bengalis

My criteria:

  • how easy it is to win in late game
  • how easy it is to take advantage of boni
  • how easy it is to steamroll in mid game

I do not take the civ description into account (eg: “Teutons: infantry civilization”), nor whether the civ is currently overtuned/undertuned.


I don’t know there’s a very good way to do that. Different bonuses and units are differently useful at different skill levels. Some civs are ‘easy’ at lower elos, but hard at higher elos; does that make it an easy civ or a hard civ?

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If you want to rate civs, then you need to have just one rating. Having multiple ratings result in a mess. There are too many factors for ratings to make sense. You picked already elo, but thing about 1v1 vs TG, open / closed maps, water / land maps…

Easy: mayans incas franks britons goths lituanians magyars mongols spanish byzantines vikings teutons slavs persians japanese celts tatars burmese
Medium: portuguese italians huns berbers hindustanis vietnamese aztecs bulgarians turcs gurjaras malays dravidians
Hard: poles saracens khmer burgundians bohemians sicilians cumans chinese koreans bengalis

Easy are the ones who have fairly straightforward mechanism, while hard are the one who have complex mechanisms that are hard to master.

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And if you play Dharma Expansion then here’s the list for its additional civs:

Easy: Kalingans Sinhalese Siamese Persians
Medium: Tamils Sindhis Rajputs Hindustanis Bengalis
Hard: Nepalis Kannadigas Deccanis Assamese Tibetans


Just for me personally:
Easy: Frank, Incas, Mongols, Mayans, Portugese, Khmer, Malians, Aztecs, Teutons, Lithuanians, Berbers
Medium: Huns, Tatars, Vietnamese, Magyars, Gurjaras, Britons, Chinese, Hindustanis, Byzantines, Japanese, Malay, Ethiopians and Vikings.
Hard: rest of the lot.
Hardest for me is Cumans.

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I’ll put the difficult level on how hard is to pull out the best playstyle according to the civ bonus. Also, this is mean to be a pre-acknowledge for players playing the first time
The hardest to play, IMO, are the civs that are difficult to start because they are different from the rest, like: Mayans, Huns, Chinese and Gurjaras. We can include in this section the civs that are different like Cumans.
The Americans and Indians civs are different from the rest so cannot be easy
Goths and Franks should be easy
I wonder how would be the rest

Quite a few civilizations play differently at different skill levels for games. The Britons are a prime example, where at low level they are fairly straight forward, but at high level their play requires exorbitantly more thought, especially since their legendary Skirm holds are less viable.