Civilizations Chinese rework Ideas

So, I needed to clear my mind from IRL shenanigans and here is the result. Enjoy my scribbles here :b. Concepts for 6 new civs+rework for Chinese. I tried to keep each civilization somewhat unique like the OG 3, without reinventing the game. Many mechanics fit multiple civs from both historic and gameplay perspectives, but they had to end up only in one civ.
I didn’t delve much into myth creatures and gods etc, this is mostly about the “AoE” part of the civs.


The Celts have to spread out in order to generate favor, building Nemetons near woods. Their military buildings are designed to counter one type of units each, so scouting the celts can tell the enemy what not to train. Their defensive buildings are limited with only weak towers, but their vils are more sturdy and become a formidable force when there is a nearby tower, so they are harder to raid. their heroes- druids are weak, and cant counter myth units effectively on their own, but they have the ability to buff allied human soldiers, increasing their performance against myth units greatly.


Favor- Constructs Nemetons that generate favor according to number of trees in their influence (AoE4 Rus hunters cabin).
Hero- Druids, a villager that gather wood fast with no need for dropoff site or consuming it. Have an active ability that empowers friendly human units, increasing their damage against myth units. Can build shrines to gather favor and summon ravens to scout trees.
Scout- Druids can summon ravens on trees, making it reveal an area for a limited time (similar to WC3 sentinels)
Dropoff- One for food another for gold. both used for wood.
Villagers- Tribesmen, a vill that is stronger in combat. Druids hero that gather wood fast.
Military- Separated to what the units are good against. Instead of fort, at heroic age gain a structure that can train all human soldiers.
Defenses- No wall upgrades. Build outpost instead of towers, which are weaker and cost less, but have ‘call to arms’ aura around them which buff all tribesman. The fort has no attack (only trains units) but it also have this aura.
Naval- Fishing ship can attack but cost more
Start- 2 tribesman and a druid.

Call to arms- Outposts have an active ability that buff all tribesman in combat.
auras- God powers are toggle-able passive effects, only one can active at a time.

Archer Counter Barracks
War wagon- Siege weapon, decent speed and high P.armor, shoots 2 arrows at once. can garrison up to 5 units. Good vs archers and infantry.
Mangonel- Medium range siege weapon that deals splash damage, making it better vs archers than other siege weapons. Only 20 range without siege engineer.
Trimarcisia- Cavalry with high P.armor but low attack, has bonus damage vs buildings and vils. good vs archers.

Cavalry Counter Barracks
Raider- Standard inf, small bonus vs buildings (like aoe2 militia line).
Equites- Cavalry with high H.armor, deal bonus damage to cavalry. Only good vs cavalry.
Woad warrior- Heavy infantry that deals splash damage.

Infantry Counter Barracks
Harasser- Weak archer with bonus vs siege weapons. Good vs infantry and siege weapons.
Gaesatae- Infantry that deal P.damage at melee, deal bonus damage to infantry. They will win other counter infantry thanks to their P.damage but they are worse vs anything other than infantry.
Longbowman- Long range archer (>24). Good vs infantry

Possible auras

  • Increase training speed of units but cost X gold per second.
  • Recruit a free unit slowly
  • Heal all ideal units
  • Increase P.damage but maybe reduce H.armor
  • Increase infantry damage vs buildings
  • Increase favor generation
  • Convert 25% of all income from food and wood to gold
  • Increase training speed of vils but cost X food per sec

Dagda druids

  • Start with one more druid but one less tribesman
  • Druids empower better, increasing attack of units by 10%.
  • Nemetons can train druids slowly
  • Herdable contain 25% more food

Brigit defensive

  • Can train war hounds from military buildings starting classical age. Weak, but good as a damage sponge vs counter units as they have no type.
  • Vils gain weaker ranged attack while affected by call to arms (kinda like aoe4 English).


  • Military structure can switch between one another for a small fee and time
  • War chariot gain more attack per garrisoned unit
  • When a Trimarcisia dies a raider with 50% hp is spawned.
  • Ravens last longer (summoned by druids)

Chinese Rework

the Chinese rework i tried to make them more organized and distinct, but not to change them too drastically. Their rooster is different than other civs now, having no access to infantry on classical age, relying on mounted archers to counter cavalry, they are still focused on cavalry, but now they are not pop efficient, this is reflected by supporting additional pop with bigger houses and the general, now a hero that can buff all units to be on par with their counterparts. Their favor generation now relies on storing excess resources for later, so you having to choose between using the resources right away like RTS promotes you to, or save them for later for favor. They have an access to a special hero countering unit- the spy.


Favor- Reserves, build gardens that gives a small trickle of favor (~10% of now) and can store “reserves”. You can manually put resources into garden, the reserve slowly trickles down, returning a resource of choice in 1:1 ratio and generating more favor. Buildings adjust to a garden gain 30% increased production rate as long as there are reserves in the garden. If a garden holding reserves is destroyed all reserves there are lost.
Hero- General, an expansive cavalry that inspire nearby units when attacking (like aoe4 warrior monk, rather than how it works now).
Scout- Scout cavalry.
Dropoff- one expansive for all resources.
Villagers- standard.
Defenses- Towers are cheaper, but each tower need to be upgraded individually, works similarly to aoe4 emplacements.
Military- Divide to infantry and cavalry, units are trained slowly, but can be train in batches of up to ~5 units (aoe3), castles trains as usual.
Naval- arrow and siege ships are slow but bulky. Their ram ship is a demolition ship, very fast, take 1 pop, explodes on attack.
Start- 1 scout cavalry, 4 vils.

Villages- Houses provide 12 pop, so you can have 20 more pop.
Emplacements- Instead of global upgrades, towers has to be upgrade individually for a cheap cost in order to attack, they can be upgrade with one of the following three emplacements: Arrowslit (Guard tower), Fire Siphon (16 range high H.damage), Ballista (24 range splash damage, unlocks at age3).
Batch training- Chinese can train multiple units at once faster than other civs, but at a cost of training them slowly together.

War Academy
Zang nu- Archer that shoots multiple arrows over a short period of time before having to reload. Good vs infantry.
Halberdier- tanky infantry with mediocre attack but bonus vs cavalry (6 attack X1.5 vs cav). good vs cavalry

Mounted Archer- Take 3 pop, increase projectile tracking speed so they can actually hit cavalry.
Scout Cavalry- takes 2 pop, increase multiplier vs archers to ~2 and vils ~1.5 instead of 1.3. can avoid P.damage, taking ~2 less P.damage from any source after armor reduction. (they are hard counter archers, that can raid vils but horrible against anything else)
Cataphract- similar to now, but takes 3 pop.

General- Cavalry hero that strengthen allies. has less hp and H.armor, cost 120 gold and 80 food, takes 4 pop.
Fierce Fire- (replace fire lance) a guy shoving a small cart with a flamethrower on it (so it’s clear it’s a siege weapon), deal aoe damage, bonus vs archers and flying myth units, decent vs buildings.
Spy- Infantry with bonus vs heroes and siege, can become invisible. (invisible units are revealed by scouts- Pegasus, Oracle etc…)
Sitting tiger- Long range siege that needs to unpack, moves fast otherwise (aoe2 trebuchet).


  • siege weapon increase attack splash size
  • start with 1 additional villager but 50 less food
  • emplacements can be switched


  • general that holds a relic can heal friendly units (~10/sec)
  • gardens support 1 pop.
  • market is available from classical age
  • war academy and stable always train in batches of 5 10% faster with 10% discount

fu xi

  • generals have more hp.
  • can use bless construction.
  • gold worth 20% more reserves.
  • army line upgrades are 20% cheaper

Other idea
Gui- Common myth unit that practically replaces the monk (converting and healing), cant attack. now conversion can be balanced because as a myth unit they are easily countered by heroes just like scouts decimate monks in AoE2.

Persians (Iranians)

Persians represents many Iranians, including Scythians and Parthians. this is reflected in their nomadic characteristics like structures that can be packed and unpacked.
Their economy relies the least on gold, having excess to “trash units”, but it is heavy on food that need to be managed as it competes with their favor mechanism.
they can choose between spamming trash units with double production military structure or gain access to more advanced units (SC2 Terrans). Their army contains few siege weapons compared to other civs. Their defensive structure are sturdy, but requires troops or vils to be garrisoned to actually be effective, so they cant protect large areas reliably.


Favor- Sacrifice animals, can build animal pens which spawn sheep, sheep can be harvest for food or garrisoned inside the pen to generate favor. Do not have farms.
Hero- Immortal, infantry\archer hybrid hero.
Scout- Vils can mount horses to become a scout. (maybe too weird)
Dropoff- One for wood another for gold, both for food. and pen also act as dropoff for food
Defense- Build moats instead of wall that slow enemies that pass. towers are are replaced with strongholds, having more hp but attack (or low), Shots when garrisoned, can garrison up to 10 units. no castle.
Military- Have no siege weapons, have a basic unit and can choose an extension for either advance units or double production (like SC2 Terrans).
Villagers- can mount and dismount horses, making them a scout cav, but they are more expansive.
Naval- Arrow ship can recruit trash units when at shore
Start- 3 villagers and a supply cart.

Supply cart- Instead of houses build supply cart, movable houses that can heal a nearby unit. capped at 10.
Caravans- All buildings can transform to caravans or be salvaged, but many buildings cost food as well.
Animal pen- Animal pen, instead of farms, can build an animal pen which spawns a sheep every ~60 seconds with ~100 starting food. have improvements that increase the starting amount of food.

Archery Range
Maiden archer- Archer that only good vs infantry cost only food and wood. (age2)
Parthian Rider- Fast cavalry archer, can shoot and move. Bonus vs siege. (age2)
Stuff Slinger- Archer with long range that deals crush damage, takes some bonus damage from siege counters, good vs buildings and siege weapons (age3).
Elephant Archer- Cavalry archer with high P.armor, has melee attack vs buildings. (age4)

Takabara- Weak infantry that only good vs cavalry. cost only food and wood. (age2)
Asabara- Weak cavalry that is only good vs archers. cost only food and wood. (age3)
Aswaharan- Cavalry with short range (aoe2 steppe lancer) good vs archers. (age2)
Sythed chariot- Melee cavalry with high H.armor that deal aoe damage and bonus vs infantry. Only good vs infantry. (age3)

Immortal- Ranged melee hybrid hero count as infantry in melee and archer in range mod. Their cost starts affordable, but increases the more Immortal there are (ramping cost, like rise of nations). Good vs myth units (age2)
Myth Units

Mithra heroes and economy

  • Whenever an immortal dies % to recruit 1 for free at temple (like shads)
  • strongholds increase gather rate of nearby vils by 10% (upgrade)
  • Military structure extensions cost 50%.

Ahura Mazda trash and myth units

  • Scythed chariot cost wood instead of gold.
  • Can build Atar over a gold mine, Atar will slowly deplete the gold and generate favor, reduce production cost of military units adjust structures by~10%. When the gold is depleted, the Atar is destroyed. Can have only 1 Atar.
  • Trash units +10% hp and +0.2 multiplier vs what they counter.
  • strongholds can be upgraded individually, allowing them to train trash units.

Angra Mainyu raiding

  • Parthian rider can be trained without the advanced extension.
  • Gain 1 favor for each enemy villager killed.
  • strongholds grant nearby units 10% increased M.speed.
  • Starts with 100 pop and a supply cart but less wood, supply cart provides no pop, build limit removed and speed greatly increased.

Babylonians (Mesopotamians)

Babylonians are the most complex civ yet, they represents Sumerians and Assyrians as well, this is reflected in their ability to construct siege weapons on the battlefield (AoE4).
As a defensive civ, their focus on city planning for their favor and other bonuses. They age up by building landmarks (AoE4). Their units usually have some special attribute that tweaks how the unit works and should be utilized for maximum potential
Their economy is balanced and benefits from collecting all resources equally thanks to resource depot system which collect multiple resource simultaneously similar to aoe3 Swedes’ trop. Their vils are helpless against raiding as they have no attack, but they garrison in buildings for protection. In addition their vils have a sort of alternative way of collecting resources by making research and training cheaper at buildings they garrison.


Favor- Offerings, you can build 1 idol (statue of your major god), which generates favor according to resource gathered and used by buildings in an aoe around it. You can extend its influence by building roads that lead to it. But if a road disconnects, the influence won’t spread (like AoE4 Byzantine’s aqueduct).
Hero- Astrologer, a weak hero with no attack that has to garrison into special towers to attack, stronger vs myth units. They can also construct some buildings.
Scout- construct observatories which reveal moderate aoe around them, garrison scholars, astronomers or connect to the idol to reveal a much bigger area. compare to obelisks, observatories are much tankyer, but they reveal less area unless garrisoned or connected.
Dropoff- build an expansive resource depot that can gather from all nearby resources when garrisoned with vils (like AoE3 Trop), it can gather from all 3 resources simultaneously but slower than regular vils (~65%) garrison up to ~10vils.
Military- infantry and archers can construct siege weapons (AoE4), siege weapons can be garrisoned to become better. Fort increase production rate of nearby military buildings by 25% but cant train anything.
Defense- castle is very strong compare to other civs, most buildings can garrison vils for protection. builds special unique “ward towers” that counter myth units.
Villagers- scholars, weak vils with no attack that requires to be garrisoned into resource depot in order to gather resources. cost less food, but cost gold as well.
Naval- Ram ship is replaced with boarding ship- can convert enemy ships, low P.armor so they are still countered by arrow ship.
Start- 3 scholars and an astronomer.

Landmarks- Age up by building special structure that have a special effect which replace god powers (like aoe4 landmarks). They also Don’t need a certain structure to enable aging up (E.g forge for Heroic age), but a certain number of structures (like AoE2).
Scribing- Scholars (villagers), scholars can be garrisoned inside production buildings to refund some of the training and research cost.

Astrologer- Hero with no attack, can build warding towers which are weaker towers with bonus vs myth units. can be garrisoned in a warding tower, increasing the damage. astrologers can also construct roads for free.

Phalangite- Standard infantry weaker but have short attack range, good vs cavalry.
Isusu- Archer that benefits more from hill bonus (~150 instead of 125).

Royal Academy Units cost all 3 resources.
War Chariot- Cavalry archer hybrid, can switch between melee and weaker ranged attack (AoE2 Ratha), good vs archers and infantry.
Composite Bowman- Fragile archer that ignores P.armor of human soldiers, good vs all human soldiers if protected.
Lugal- Tanky infantry with bonus vs myth units, good vs myth units and cavalry. (infantry Jarl)

Siege (constructed by units)
Siege Ramp- Slow siege weapon with high hp, can garrison units to shoot arrows dealing bonus damage to archers. Can ungarrison units behind walls. Good vs archers.
Fortified Ram- Cheap siege weapon that becomes stronger when garrisoned, good vs buildings.
Hurler- Stationary catapult with extreme range that must be garrisoned in order to work. can be salvaged to refund 50% resources. good vs buildings and infantry.

Possible Landmarks

  • Hanging gardens- Can be garrisoned by scholars to act like up to ~3 farms, all adjust farms (including these) are gathered 10% faster
  • Ziggurat- Observatory warding tower hybrid that also acts like an idol (but cant be connected)
  • Trains units for free but slowly. Garrison scholar to increase speed
  • Nineveh- Acts like a TC, but does not provide pop
  • Acts like a fort, can recruit all units and provide 10 pop
  • Library- Can research all upgrades slowly for free, garrison scholars to increase speed
  • (Many things from aoe4 TBH)

Morduch siege weapons+defensive

  • Landmarks have 30% more hp
  • Human soldiers gain 10% increased damage while near a landmark
  • Siege weapons are less vulnerable to H.damage
  • Fortified Ram can be constructed at classical age

Ishtar economic

  • All economic upgrades are 25% more effective
  • Constructing a house trains a vils, but houses are more expansive
  • No buildings require for age up (aoe2 kumars)
  • Castles also reduce the training cost units in their influence by 10% as well

Timat myth units

  • Under the influence of the idol, myth units deal ~20% more damage.
  • Astrologers can construct all structures (or some) slowly for free (like aoe3 architecture)
  • Receive 3 favor for each technology researched

Aztec (Mesoamericans)

The Aztec benefit from keeping their units alive, as they gain promotions with every kill which improve their capabilities. Instead of blacksmith they can research blessing which have an additional effect if the units are within an altars’ influence. They have to relay on such bonuses as their units take more pop that their counterparts.
They focus on combat and raiding rather than on economy, TC automatically train vils slowly for free and being able to gain vils (captives) through raiding enemies. They have to balance their economy with their favor, as the most effective way for them to gain favor is by sacrificing vils, killing them in the process


Favor- Units can pray at altar for small trickle. can sacrifice captives to generate much more favor.
Hero- Start with a strong hero that can level up (aoe4 jan d’arc style) starts as a villager. in addition, Human soldiers within altar’s influence can transform to a sun warrior (similar to Atta’s hero mechanics) but only if they have promotion points (it cost a lot for 1 point and free for 3 points). Sun warriors are an entirely different unit than the original one.
Scout- Fast infantry that can turn invisible, and capture enemy vils.
Dropoff- One for food and wood. other for gold that is built on top, can garrison up to 10 vils preventing enemies from working at that mine, and protecting your vils.
Villagers- TC spawns captives slowly for free (AoE3 ottomans). can capture captives from enemies.
Defenses- Military structures can be individually upgraded to fortify ones, making them act like towers as well. A temple can be upgraded to fortify temple which is a combination of fort and temple. has no fort.
Military- Have no cavalry, units are divided according to their armor type- high pierce or H.armor.
Naval- Ships are weak, cheap canoe version, fishing ship can heal ships slowly in close range.
Start- 3 captives a hero and a scout.

Altars- Fragile, cheap structure, heal a unit within its influence (like apollo temple) and buff their attack and defense by 5%. In addition, instead of blacksmith upgrade has blesses in altars that improves units attack and armor in a similar way, but each upgrade grant additional 5% bonus within an altar’s influence.
Promotion- After killing enemies, units gain promotion increasing their stats up to 3 times (like aoe3) and reduce the cost of transforming to skull knights greatly. In addition, the higher the promotion, the higher the favor the unit generate by praying.
Captives- Scouts have an active ability that allows them to capture enemy vils with 50% or less hp. A chained captive will be visible walking behind the scout, when the scout reaches a TC or an altar you gain a captive but if the scout dies the villager is released.

Warrior priest- standard infantry that can heal allies (aoe2 warrior priest).
age4 (Fortified Temple)
Slingshot- Siege weapon, mediocre vs buildings, bonus vs archers. Good vs archers and buildings.

Armored Barracks
Jaguar Warrior- Strong infantry with moderate bonus vs infantry. good vs infantry and cavalry.
Bolas- Archer, only good vs cavalry and flying myth units.
Maceman- Infantry with that deals crush damage, good vs structures.

Skirmish Barracks high ranged armor
Scout- Fast infantry that can turn invisible, and capture vils, bonus vs siege. (invisible units are revealed by scouts- Pegasus, Oracle etc…)
Atlatl- archer that soft counter both other archers and infantry. vs arch (age 2)
Eagle warrior- very fast infantry, good vs archers. vs arch (age 3)

Huitzilopochtli hero and battle

  • Hero gain xp faster.
  • Egle Warrior promotions are more effective.

Quetzalcoatl sacrifices

  • ~10% chance to convert enemies killed within an altar’s to captives .
  • Sacrificing a captive increase the bonus attack an altar provides by 10% for limited time.

Tezcatlipoca economic

  • Farms adjust to a town center have increased work rate
  • Can put relics in altars making them attack.
  • Jaguar warriors can become invisible.


The phoneticians are based mostly of Carthage. Their economy is focused on gold, they are able to build trade posts and train trade caravans from age 1. Their god powers are replaced with tactics, abilities that have a shared cd and can be cast by their main hero- the Strategos, which works in a similar way to the Khan of aoe4.Losing the Strategos can be devastating for the phoneticians. Their ships are more flexible than other civs, being able to change role for a small fee (AoE4 Lodya ship). Their depend mostly on gold and wood, they can train mercenaries which are disposable units that act as cannon glass or cannon fodder that cost only gold. Lacking a standard “hoplite” line, they rely on Armored elephants as a proper substitute.


Favor- Caravans gives favor as well as resources. can build trade guilds at archaic age and recruit caravans.
Hero- Start with a Strategos, a commander hero riding a chariot with a ranged attack that can cast gp (tactics), respawns on death (like pharaoh). In addition can train mercenary heroes that are strong and affordable but last for a limited time.
Scout- Strategos acts as a scout.
Dropoff- One separate for each resource that cost wood.
Villagers- Merchant- standard.
Defenses- Strong towers, up to ballista tower but weak walls with only 1 wall upgrade.
Military- Have mercenaries, disposable units that cost only gold, siege weapons are trained at the armory, fort can train all units.
Naval- Can change role for a price (aoe4 Lodya ship)
Start- Strategos, 2 vils

Harbor- Can build one harbor which acts as a dock. fishing ships can trade like caravan with harbor and dock.
Tactics- God powers are replaced with tactics, which can be recast infinite number of times but with a shared global cd, so after using a tactics you cant use any for some time. The higher the rank of the tactics, the longer the cd.

Mercenary Camp units cost only gold.
Scutari- Infantry with a large shield, has high P.armor but lower hack armor, rendering them weak vs other infantry.
Numidian cavalry- Fragile cavalry with very high damage, good vs archers.
Iberian champion- A strong affordable melee hero that last for a limited time. Good vs myth units.
Libyan camelry- Cavalry with short range that throw a knife dealing H.damage, dealing bonus damage to infantry. Damage increases the lower hp this unit has (mounted throwing axman).

**Armored Elephant-[/b ]Slow cavalry with high H.armor but low P.armor that deal splash damage, good vs cavalry.
Balearic slinger- Expansive archer with long range (~20) and bonus vs archers, only good vs archer.
Sacred band- Slow infantry with superior armor that reduces all H.damage taken by ~2 (after armor reduction) making them excel against units with moderate heck attack. Deal bonus damage to infantry. Good vs Infantry.

Fire cart- Suicide siege weapon, bonus vs buildings and other siege weapons. Takes 1 pop.
Palintonon- Ballista that shoots a very fast projectile, dealing bonus damage to cavalry decent vs buildings.

Baal Hammon: mercenaries and trade.

  • Strategos can train mercenaries (AoE3 daimyo)
  • Mercenaries refund 10% of their cost upon death
  • You can choose which resource to gain from trade (aoe4 France)
  • Starts with a caravan

Tanit: combat

  • Tactics have less cd.
  • Sacred band damage reduction increased by 1

Resheph siege

  • Fire cart H.damage increased, creation time reduced.
  • Barracks units can construct transport ship near coast.

Possible tactics

  • Emergency repair- Rapidly repair a structure to full hp (like aoe4 HRE)
  • Mirror image- Create duplicate to a friendly unit that absorb damage.
  • Scouting Falcon- Reveal nearby area maybe an additional effect?
  • Haste- Increase units M.speed
  • Barrage- Increase A.speed of ranged attacks
  • Cover- Grant P.armor as long as your units dont move too much
  • Fortune- Gain gold for slaying enemy units.

Indians (Hindus)

The Indians represent Hindu religion, their vils cost wood rather than food and they can’t hunt, representing how common Vegetarianism was in India compared to other civs. Instead of hunting they can build shrines that attract animals to slowly produce food. Their army has a twist with melee P.damage dealers and range melee damage dealers that are standard units and not hard counters. They have a large variety of elephant units that hard counter a certain type of unit rather than being good vs multiple things, they transform amongst each other for a given cost over some time.
While improbable at best, as this is a practiced religion by many, the civ itself had many interesting mechanics that only fit the Indians from historical perspective.


Favor- Meditation, you gain favor by paying with time. Every structure have meditation mod, which greatly reduce the train and research but generate favor while training units or researching upgrades.
Hero- Rishi, a hero with a ranged attack that deals no or very low damage but debuffs enemies, the debuff is especially effective against myth units. can reduce research and train time of structures in meditation mod when tasked to them. can construct shrines (like aoe3 Japanese, more on that later).
Scout- Rishi, have decent los but low speed.
Dropoff- have a free warehouse which act as a dropoff for all three resources, but has a build limit of ~3 so you have to place them right.
Villagers- cost wood.
Defenses- Have more affordable but weaker forts called Durga.
Military- devide to melee and range, some melee units deal P.damage and verse versa.
Naval:- arrow ship are a bit weaker but deal bonus damage to all land units.
Start- 2 vils, 2 rishi.

Vegetarianism- cant hunt food or gather from herdable. as a compensation, Rishi can build shrines which attract nearby animals to generate food (like aoe3 Japanese).
Equipment- the elephant unit can be equipped with different weapons, changing their role to hard counter different units (like aoe4 Lodya ship). they have one common upgrade for hp but separate upgrade for the attack of each.

Ranged Barracks
Chakram thrower- Infantry with ranged heck attack. (ranged hoplite).
Dhanurdhar- Archer with high P.armor, making them more durable to other archers.
Shatagni- Weak small catapult that takes only 2 pop. Only good vs buildings.

Urumi warrier- Infantry that deal P.damage, good vs infantry.
Ratha- Charioteer holding a spear, having a special charge attack that deals more damage.
Kauntika- Fragile infantry, take 1 pop. good attack for pop value. deal bonus damage to siege weapons.

Gaja- Elephant with high bonus vs infantry and aoe damage. only good vs infantry
Howdah- Elephant with javelin throwers on top, deal bonus damage to archers. only good vs archers
Ballista elephant- Elephant mounted with a ballista, has short range and fires a fast projectile that deal bonus damage vs cavalry. only good vs cavalry
Siege elephant- Elephant with high P.armor that deals crush damage (basically siege ram). only good vs buildings.


  • Houses spawn a berry bush
  • Elephants takes 1 less pop
  • Increase build limit of resource depots


  • Shrines generate small amount of favor as well
  • Gain 10% discount on training and researching in meditation mod
  • Ratha special attack deals aoe damage


  • Rishi can train myth units, but for additional favor cost
  • You can train two kauntika simultaneously
  • Rishi’s debuff also deal damage

Thanks for reading! :smiley_cat:


I would make the Phoenicians more explicitly Phoenician by switching the hero name to Suffet or Milk/Melek (King) and making the major gods Baal, El and Asherah. Perhaps remove the scutari and replace them with some form of Liby-Phoenician or just standard Phoenician infantry.

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Yea, thats a good option. Funny thing it started as a king when I initially thought the babylonians would have that hero. But it was removed once I decided they whould have landmarks. Usually there is one “evil” god, and thats why I picked Resheph which wasnt such a main god, so replacing him makes sence in a way.

Anyway, here is a concept for yet another civ- the Romans, which use other civilizations’ pantheons, as romans didnt have a big destinctive one.


The Romans are a very versatile civ that have many choices allowing them to customize their properties. they cab change their rooster by choosing a contract, allowing you to recruit units from other civilizations, and instead of picking a minor god, they can pick a pantheon of other civilizations granting them access to special properties of those civilizations. The bonuses they gain from each pantheon increase with every age, but they can only choose a pantheon once. Some of their units are stronger but cost favor as well. They gain favor by defending their territory.


Favor- Defending your territory, build Millarium which enhance structures within its influence and generate small amount of favor. Generate more favor per enemy unit within its influence. Defensive structures generate favor when they attack enemies as well. They can also gain alternative ways to gain favor according to age-up choice.
Hero- Aquilifers, similar to AoE4 Japanese Bannermen, with build limit of ~1,2,4,6 for all types together according to age. Cost some favor to train which gets higher the more Aquilifers you already have (starting with 0).
Scout- Scouting Falcon, flying unit that last for a limited time.
Drop off- Expansive and separate but with additional effect: granary increase food gather rate in adjust farms by 5%, stacking with other granaries up to 15%. lumber camp reduce adjust building wood cost by ~20. gold mine gather gold slowly from nearby mines.
Villagers- Standard.
Defenses- all towers deal 80% damage when not empowered by a Millarium and ~125% if they are. In addition have Fire siphon upgrade instead of boiling oil witch is much stronger.
Military- Can choose Auxiliary units, which are units from existing civs.
Naval- At mythical age or heroic age heave acess to an additional ship- Dromon, it is an Onager mounted ship that costs favor as well, deal a lot of damage in aoe but with friendly fire. Don’t outrange structures. Weak vs myth units. Overall roman ships are stronger but take 1 more population.
Start- Falcon, 2 villagers and 2 constructed Millariums.

Millarium- A structure that enhance all other structures, Romans structures work and construction rate are very slow, unless they are within a millarium’s influence (15 range).
Idolatry- Instead of picking a minor god when aging up, pick one out of 4 options of other civilizations, granting you access to myth units and other properties of the other civilization, each focuses on different aspect (military, economy etc…). the bonuses increases the higher the age and you can only pick each civ once at most (similar to AoE4 Ayyubid house of wisdom).

Scouting Falcon- A flying scout that is fast and cheap (compared to pegasus) but last for a limited time.

Legion Barracks
Legionary- Infantry that can periodically throw a javelin dealing moderate P.damage. Good vs cavalry.
Scorpion- Small version of ballista, that is rather fast for a siege weapon but have to unpack in order to attack. Replaces archer, bonus damage vs siege weapons. Good vs infantry and siege weapons.
Aquilifers- (see Aquilifers)
Alaris- Cavalry that deal P.damage. good vs infantry and archers. Not good vs siege or other cavalry.

Centurion- Infantry hero, nearby infantry gain 15% increased attack. Good vs archers and myth units.
sagittarius- Archer hero, nearby archers and siege weapons gain 15% increase attack. Good vs infantry and myth units.
Decurion- Cavalry hero, nearby cavalry gain 15% more attack. Good vs cavalry and myth units.

Auxilia Camp Foreign units from a chosen. For instance:
**Hellenistic #################### ########## Pertobolis; Myrmidons.
Middle eastern (Egypt+Babylonian)- Slinger; Composite bowman; War Elephant
Northern (Norse+Celts)- Throwing Axeman; Jarl; Longbow.

Alternatively, this could be tied to the age up mecahnics. I wanted to reduce the number of variables in the age up choice.

Castrum units cost favor
age 3
Praetorian Perfect- Expansive cavalry that costs favor, ignore armor of human soldiers but deal less damage to myth units. Strong vs all human soldiers, extremely weak vs myth units.
Aquilifers- (see Aquilifers)
age 4
Onager- Siege weapon, throws stones covered with volatile compound which deal great damage in large aoe but deal friendly fire. Good vs any unit that is stacked together.

Possible age up options: (there should be more techs etc…).

  • Greeks: one temple spawns a Greek myth unit every 2 minutes for free.
    age 2- Centaur.
    age 3- Hydra, increase maximum favor to 200.
    age 4- Colossus.

  • Egypt: can recruit up to 1/2/3 priests that can empower (like Ra’s).
    age 2 Wadjet.
    age 3 Petsuchos, can construct ~2 monument (the 2nd and 3rd).
    age 4 Mummy.

  • Norse: all copper/bronze/iron armory upgrades are free.
    age 2 Einherjar.
    age 3 Frost Giant, gain favor when attacking enemies within Millarium’s influencen (~50% of norse).
    age 4 Fire Giant.

There will be 3 more civ options, like Celts, Persians etc. they could give cheaper age up or some other bonuses. they gain 1 additional tech per age, so picking up a pantheon later gives acess to more of its techs.

Jenus: Versitality

  • Have an additional age up upgrade to the golden age, costing the same and have same effect as mythic age upgrade. (Alternatively, have access to all 6 pantheons or can choose the same pantheon twice)
  • You can switch contracts, but cancelling one cost and takes a lot of time.

Terminus: Defensive

  • Millarium deal ~3 damage every 2 seconds to all enemies within its influence (15 range).
  • Millarium can construct buildings slowly within its influence without any villager, 1 structure per Millarium or at all.

Vesta: economy and heroes

  • Aquilifer limit is increased by 2 (3,4,6,8)
  • Aquilifer leave a banenr for 10 seconds after their death that continue to emit their aura.
  • Can train Vestals from TC. Vestal is a hero (Aquilifer) villager that is horrendously weak compare to the other Aquilifers but they increase the gather rate of all nearby villagers by ~10%.
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