Civilizations Picking Menu finally 9x5

We finally have 45 civs filling the picking menu in a perfect 5x9 fashion. Does this mean finally we are at maximum number of civs and there will be no more?

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Honestly? Doubt it. You’ll just get the seratonin of a perfect 9x5 grid for a while.


Release 4 more civs and become 7x7. A Perfect square.


Oh, shit, you’re right! Nice catch.

@AbuzzJam4677680 But would that match 16:9 screens?

@Zaphiron01 They could have gone for 6x7 back when the civ count was 42 but they didn’t.

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I mean, fair? But either way, a square would be instant gratification, I doubt they’d miss out on that at the very least.

It was a square at 6x7 considering there is a row reserved for random/mirror/total.

Not until we reach 9x9 :rofl:


But that’s a rather cursed square though. I’m talking about that nice, perfectly shaped square made out of only civ shields. It would be so satisfying.

Haven’t gotten yet a single DLC about Africa and the Americas post-DE so definitely no.
They can anyway change the UI and in the “worst” case add a scrollbar.


Make it 10x6 in the future.

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No, there is room for one more dlc with 3 civs (most likely they will now go into South Africa or North America)…

@MatM1996 How do you know there’s room for only 3 more?

Because programming is divided into 8 bits and 48 is divisible up to 8… or something like that, Bruce Shelley had said…

I thought that had already been proven to be false.


Matt Pritchard himself said it was false

Maybe I think that at some point they will stop releasing DLC for AoE 2, right? (obviously they will then focus on RoR)…you are left with South Africa, North America, Oceania and little else…

Yes, they’ll probably stop releasing new dlc when they will no longer be profitable. However, I doubt more RoR content will be released.

Yes, and I thought Western Europe was finished in 2013 with the Italians and we have still received more and more civs there. So no, i don’t think we are even close to running out of new possible civs.