Civs and factions selection screen concept

Hello there :smiley:

I’m super hyped about the upcoming expansion and all the new content we’re about to dive into. With the addition of new civs and factions, I couldn’t help but think about how our good old civ selection thing is gonna need a bit of a change. So, I’ve been working on some concept art to throw my ideas into the ring. I’m envisioning a screen that’s not just functional, but also nice to look at.

I’m thinking we could categorize the civs and factions in a way that’s intuitive and easy to navigate, while also giving us a bit more info at a glance. Maybe some cool artwork for each civ, a little snippet of their history or unique traits—just something to make the selection screen feel as epic as the game itself. Anyway, I’ve uploaded my concepts below and I’d love to hear what you guys think. Let’s make our AoE4 experience even better together :smiley:

How it would look like if the new civs and factions are just added without any significant change to the user interface…

Not a big fan of it, we will get new players into the game, and there are now too many civs and factions, thus we need to find a better way, a visual way of explaining what’s going on here to the new people, and also a better UI so that we all have a better experience navigating through this brilliant game.

New Civ and faction selection screen (I am not a designer or anything, just trying my best with Photoshop)

Civ selection:


HRE (The order of the Dragon)

hope u liked it, I think we need something like this for the upcoming expansion, please if you got some ideas, please share them in the comments.

Thank u

-Sherman king


I liked your civilization selection proposal. I would probably just put one more menu next to the main civilization. Or I would make a submenu from the existing one. But your idea is cool and better.

If the devs can confirm that those “variant civs” appear as dropdown options of existing civs, I’d say it will terminate 70% of the remaining discontent.


It’s possible that for the civilization selection, that we could end up with the ability to switch the list between the main civs and the variant civs.