Civs changes to another arch sets

Well, this is some of my ideas to make better represented civs according to their arch set. Here we go:

A) Bohemians to central europe
B) make a new set to Ethiopians: East Africa set
C) new set to berbers bcoz i don’t think that they used middle east arch. Maybe western africa
D) Huns to western asia
E) Bulgarians and Byzantines to brand new set: Byzantine set.
F) wth Portugal, a country wihout acess to the mediterranean with this set? change it to a brand new set shared with spanish: Iberic set
G) Vikings to a brand new nordic set (not sure abou this just i think could be cool if we add more North-Euro civs but i don’t want them)
I) Malay to a brand new indonesian set (just if we add polynesians)
J) Incas to a brand new set: Andean set (just if we add Chimú+Wari)
K) Mongols to a brand new set shared with Huns? Nomadic set.

What do you think?
P.D: I don’t speak native english, so tell me if something is wrong with the ortography.


I think that you are asking for too many new architecture sets and its a bit unreasonable


I don’t want Bohemians changed, purely because Eastern Europe looks so much cooler than Central Europe, and it also fits really well with the amazing looking castle.

We have way too many E Euro architecture civs and Bohemians fit better (and their dumb castle too) with the central euro architecture

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TD;LR: The guy wants a brand new architecture set for every civ.



I think you got the D and the L around the wrong way.

I agree that there are a lot of civs using the Eastern European set. Couple of questions though. Do you think the castle looks stupid? Do you prefer the look of Central Europe to Eastern Europe? And do you actually think the Bohemian castle would look better with Central Europe?

I dont think the castle looks bad but I will never be happy of the “new DLC civs get unique cadtles” idea since I think it is a lame way of making the DLCs more appealing.

And yeah I think the castle fits better with eastern europe.

And honestly I dont really like either of those building sets that much, the Easytern European feels somewhat cartooney and the central european roofs look too shiny. But you are asking this to see if I have any biases for any of these, right?

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Moving Vietnamese from SEA to East Asian was widely suggested since the release of Rise of the Rajas, because Vietnamese architecture was strongly influenced by China’s, due to the latter’s influence over the country.


TBH, I like the idea that each civ has its unique architecture set but I know that it won’t happen

I would like a more unique architecture progression through the ages, where in Imp you have unique buildings to your civ; I also would like different sets to each building like the houses have: Houses 5 different sets, Feudal buildings 3 sets, Castles 2 and Imp 1 but unique to your civ
Something similar for the units

I understand that you have to take into account the multiplayer and you rather to have everything the same for competitive purposes but to have uniqueness in civs/units/buildings/bonus/campaigns/voices/etc is a SP dream
We are used to the current architecture buildings in the game that it doesn’t matter to much but for new players is a mess try to identify everything at first sight


One thing I’ve actually wanted to see, since I was a kid and transitioned from AoE I to II, was more designs for buildings in the Imperial Age. It just felt weird knowing that only a select few structures would change from Castle to Imp (Town Centers, Markets, Universities and maybe something else) while everything else is stuck in Castle. Monasteries & Castles are fine, of course, but it always makes me feel like I’m in Castle-Imperial purgatory - always stuck in the middle.

I mentioned AoE I because most if not all buildings in I have architectural styles in both the Bronze and Iron Ages. Exceptions abound in the Stone and Tool Ages, but it’s the later Ages that count.


+1 to this having a 3rd barrack skin would be cool.


I think this can be done as a data mod already, at least for houses, because I once changed around some numbers in the genie editor and then it was possible to add more ‘angles’ to the object (just more pictures that get randomly selected). Had 12 houses, but because it’s a data mod I abandoned it.

If the devs change the data to allow more angles (in an update), then modders would do the rest.


thanks for your comment, i apreciate too much new info!

these are just my opinions to make the game more accurate (i delete vietnam option)

Just give Mongols a nomad architecture like aoe4


Personally, the main architecture thing I’d like is for civs to have appropriate Monasteries. Currently, all East Asian civs have an overtly Japanese Monastery, Byzantines conspicuously don’t have a Byzantine one, some Catholic civs have Orthodox ones, and Ethiopians have a Mosque. (And maybe there are some other such anomalies that I’ve forgotten.)

I agree that Bohemians should have the Central European set, but mostly because (a) too many civs use the Eastern Europe set and (b) I like the Central European one more. It’s true their castle fits more with the Eastern European buildings, but I think it looks kind of weird anyway. I mean, it looks great, but it looks too much like a Wonder – and unlike the other Castles it seems to include the whole castle, rather than just the keep.


I feel like I don’t like the central European set as much because for some reason I have a mental association with the awful looking equivalents in pre DE versions of the game. This applies somewhat to most sets, but central Europe is one of the worst for me.

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Interesting… personally I think the Eastern European buildings had the most “awful looking” pre-DE equivalents. I guess the DE devs agreed, since those and the Mediterranean buildings are the ones they changed the most. The DE versions are big improvement, but I still like them less than the others (although a big factor is that is the pile-of-boxes aesthetic of the Castle, which doesn’t affect Bohemians anyway).

I actually think all the buildings from AoK and The Conquerors look great (in some ways, better than their DE counterparts). Clearly this is just a matter of personal taste; less clear is how much nostalgia is influencing my opinion…