Civs should be in AOE1 ASAP

Actually i am AOE2 players but i really love AOE1 especially playing the campaign. While playing AOE2 and checking the civs and tech tree, it is weird actually that they have a civs should not be even in AOE2 but in AOE1 and get their campaigns too with other civs that i suggest, which they are:

1-Huns: to be honest, all people of aoe2 like Huns especially in voobly days, but do you know what is the funny here? Huns is the most stupid choice to be a civ rather than being aoe2 civ, but if they should add it, this civ should exist in aoe1 for sure, and if aoe1 will have any future expansions, then Huns must be in this expansion 100% especially against Romans campaign.

2-Celts: Celts actually a civ that begins in 6th century BC and reach their max expansion in 250 BC, and they should be in aoe1 too.




6-** Göktürk Khaganate


They and:

Are the same thing

No, they don’t fit in aoe1


Huns with Atilla were in east/ middle europe against romans and east europe, but Xiongnu were north China and made an empire in east/middle Asia BC, even if they have the same decents

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Arabs are old civ from BC centuries don’t put them the same with medieval Saracens (Muslims), they can have place in AOE1 by this


Celts might fit timeline for AOE1, Huns not as much, they did not become a major player in history until around 400AD well after the end of the iron age and near the end of the Roman empire, timeline for this game is during formation and height of Roman empire - they very slimly can be crammed into the timeline of AOE2 depending on when you consider the dark age to start but they’re really in between both games in a grey area


I would like it very much if pre-Islamic Arabs made their way into the game. As for playable civilizations, the biggest two could be added: Thamud and Dilmun.

I also think Scythians should be added, featuring a new campaign. All in all, a new DLC would be awesome, if it’s designed in a good way.


This game does not even have Israelites, Scythians, Celts or Mauryans.

Arabs and Huns are way down the priority list, from civs that actually existed during the Bronze and Iron Ages.

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Only agree on indians (Harappa culture should definitely be in the game) and celts/gauls. Scythians would fit really well, too.

Not so sure about pre-Islamic Arabs or hunnic peoples, tho.

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If there really will be any new content, we’d better start with those that already appear in the campaign, which has always been a mess:
Gauls, Britons or generic Celts (represented by Assyrians, Phoenicians, Greeks, etc.)
Goths or generic Germans (represented by Palmyrans)
Numidians (represented by Carthaginians? I’m not sure)
Some Anatolian or Black Sea culture because Pontus was represented by Palmytans, which made no sense.

The original AOE2 started with Italians, Spanish, etc. represented by British, Goths, Celts and the like, and it was gradually fixed. This can be done for AOE1, too.


I like the idea of ​​Huns / Xiongnu. I don’t think 2 civs are necessary for this, one that encompasses both is fine.

Celts, Gauls, Germans, Britons, Goths, etc. they should be there, that’s not in dispute.
For them, two general civs with the same architecture.
They could be Bretons and Gauls.

Arabs, I think it is not the period. I would prefer Parthian civilization. Even one of the achievements mentions them, as do the Scythians.
The Scythe Chariot and the Horse Archer are his inspired units.

And like everyone else, I would also like Indians / Maurya or whatever it’s called.


It would be interesting a campaign about Queen Boudica in command of the Britons, it would also add a female presence to the game to meet the gender quota.


Are you forgetting Zenobia and Cleopatra? :smile:


Not just Arabs. Pre-islamic ones. They’ve been around since 3000 BCE. Not the ones from AoE2, of course. Or you meant to refer to geographic locations?

I mean a female controllable unit, with a unique model like the heroes of AOE 2. Zenobia is a tower (not even in the campaing, only in the editor) and Cleopatra a stupid ship in the sand.

I think the Arabs are represented by Palmyra, it was supposed to be a Romanized Arab kingdom. But like I said it seems better if Parthians is included. The Parthians should be there, they even killed Crassus!


Armenians? They were a major state the duration of the AOE1 timeline.


Many civilizations are missing from AoE 1, for example:

  • Israelites
  • Celts
  • Slavs
  • Gauls
  • Armenians
  • Scythians
  • Huns
  • Arabs
  • Indians

If this was going to really happen, I would honestly start with an “Enemies of Rome” expansion with gauls, britons, germans and thracians. Devs can even be lazy and employ the same architecture set for all of them…


i would definetly buy this game on steam, if they added new civs, campaigns, units, techs etc.
I would buy 1 for a friend also.

Please Microsoft listen to us fans of the first and best game,


I consider the Scythe Chariot to be the cheapest, most overpowered unit in the game and I would like to see more of it. The cataphract is my favourite though.


Nooo, I want
Kalinga Odisha,
Porus Punjab
Chola Tamil

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