Civs tech (and graphisms): 3 suggestions

Hi all!

I would like to suggest 2 things if possible as there are many civs and it’s difficult to know what each of them can do:

1/ In game tech tree summary
When I display the tech tree in game it takes at least 1 or 2 seconds to open… it is too long to not impact the game.
There is a modd allowing to see the tech tree of our own civ in the bottom of the screen (ui improved tech tree, something like this) which is pretty convenient (even if the icons are a bit too small in my opinion).
Why do we need a mod for that? Couldn’t this feature be implemented in game directly to see easily? Like when some casters show a match and display the summary of the civs, it is very convenient. We could be able to see them on top of our playing screen by clicking players names or something like this for example.

2/ All civs tech tree summary
Is it possible to have a way to download a table summarizing all the civs tech trees and bonuses?
This way we could study all the possibilities easily.
Back in the days when we purchased the game we would also have a little book presenting everything which was quite enjoyable to read. As it’s not the case anymore, at least having such a table could be quite convenient to print and useful for a quick look in game.

3/ Civs icons and graphic improvements
What about adding the civ’s icon in front of the name of each player so we know who is playing which civ easily? That wouldn’t take much space.
About the menu’s graphics, they feel quite poor. The icons are displayed very small, hard to see correctly. Also the interface itself isn’t very appealing for a remake… and can’t even say it’s done in order to be practical as we can’t update our profile or edit our shortcuts or check the tech tree or else during the matchmaking (which takes between 5 and 10 minutes each time…). Could we improve this too?

What does the community think about these 3 points? In my opinion they can be very easily fixed.

Besides, the game is freaking amazing (when it works :smiley: )

PS: I saw several similar topics created, it seems to be a shared idea.

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