Clan names in game

When DE started, I believe when a player was part of a clan, the clan tag appeared before the player’s name automatically. Maybe I’m wrong. However, my clan (Anvil) was talking and desires that back. Chrazini whom you know specifically is requesting it. He doesn’t want to change his steam name to include the tag because that steam name refers to other games as well and looks less “clean”. For other players, they are in other clans for other games. So this is just a request to have our clan tag appear in front of our names in game.

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I totally agree with this feature, which I felt was present when the game was launched.
Currently we are forced to change our nickname on steam, which also changes on other games like CS: GO, although we can be part of 2 different clans.
In CS: GO it is possible to choose your ingame tag, which has no effect with other games …