Clans Need Higher Player Limit!

Simply put, the clan limit of 200 max is far too low. As leader of the CompStomp in-game clan, we have to continually keep kicking members many of whom don’t deserve to be kicked. AOE3 TAD never had this problem because there was no limit (to the best of my knowledge) or at least not one so low. Limiting clan size for no reason makes no sense.
Additionally, there should be a way to view the activity of members so we are able to tell who is active apart from those who have never logged on in a long while.
-Increase clan size limit from 200 to a much higher number, or even better to an unlimited amount. Shouldn’t be too much of a problem anyway since the playerbase isn’t humongous.
-Add a feature that allows you to view the last time a clan member has last launched the game.