Classic Age of Empires campaigns will be OFFICIALLY brought over to Return of Rome!

It’s amazing news that 4 classic campaigns are being officially prepared by the developers to be part of Return of Rome! The Ascent of Egypt learning campaign and the First Punic War are on the way!

Now it’s your turn to pick two of your favorites to complete the board!

Vote now on the official announcement page here: Age of Empires Campaigns coming to Return of Rome - Age of Empires!


thats great news, more content!

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They finally found what’s the problem with this DLC?

Hope they add all old Campaigns in the last

41% Positive LOL



Although it makes me noisy that we have to choose which campaign to include…it hurts me to have to leave some out, I wanted them to include all…I ended up choosing Glory of Greece and Yamato, the Empire of the Rising Sun simply so that the 3 most representative civs of ancient times (Egypt, Greece and Rome) had campaigns and Yamato so you can fight with the 3 original eastern civs of East Asia:Yamato,Shang and Choson…then we would be left without VoB (goodbye The Holy Man snif),The Reign of the Hatti and the others The Rise of Rome campaigns…


That’s great, I voted for Glory of Greece and Yamato for the exact same reason! We already have a Roman campaign, so for now I think the Ave Caesar, Enemies of Rome, Imperium Romanum and The Rise of Rome campaigns can be ignored, although they were very good.
Also, we have the Sargon campaign now, so the Reign of the H i t t | t & s and Voices of Babylon can wait a little longer, even though VoB is so classic. I hope they eventually add them all!

Edit: I think I just figured out the reason why “H i t t | t & s” is censored on the forums. I’ve already tried writing “H i t # # # # #” like this and it still doesn’t accept it, so I assume the problem is the “T | t & s” part of the word lol


There’s so much stuff they can be doing.
Campaigns on Ramesess, Nebuchadnezzar, Jason and the Golden fleece, Trojan war, Phoenicians, King Croessus, Hamurabbi, Ashurbanipal, Greek-Persian wars, Augustus, Alexander the Great, Muwatali, Pericles, King Minos off the top of my head, maybe 5 times more of this list.
So much content possible that if they did a little bit more, people wouldn’t be complaining.

The whole DLC seems lazy, hastily done, I almost feel like they didn’t fire up the original AOE while doing the remake to get a feel of the game, just copy-paste AOE2 stuff.

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Nah they did a good job porting things over. The thing is…This is just step 1.
Now that the game is ported over, it is time for polish and then new additions.

Although with the editor we have, especially if you include the hidden Aoe 2 units…The community has never had so many tools to work with.

I expect brilliant community campaigns!


I think they’ll add all the classic campaigns eventually.

I agree with many of the negative reviewers who were disappointed with the new bugs introduced by this DLC and especially the absence of the classic campaigns, but the QoL introduced and the new campaigns are breathing new life into this game! It’s so refreshing to play now that I can’t say this DLC is anything short of great and I look forward to an even brighter future for it.

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We want the AOE1 terrains and units.

Everything is from AOE2 now, looks so lame with the AOE 1 buildings, like some fan-made mode.

It is well ported, true, however why omit the AOE1 terrains?

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This is just part of the polish stage. Expect missing units, terrain, etc. to get added in time.
I just hope the Aoe 1 terrain is added as an addition. I don’t want the Aoe 2 terrain replaced, the more tools for scenario making, the better.


I might sound sometimes harsh, but it’s because I love the game and I want it fixed.
I mean I don’t know to what extent the devs are communicating with the playerbase and are willing to change certain things.
Because the code might not be easy to rewrite, I got no idea about that part of things.
I just with they could be more transparent. I really expected them to be more open during the development, it was a surprise they released barely any info thorughout the development, I think it was one of the issues that made this DLC rate poorly right now in the beginning.
If they fix it, I will praise it and give positive reviews and recommend it and the whole thing, but they gotta do that first.

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Believe me, when it comes to adding new units and terrain and such, it is actually quite simple.
There’s already a bunch of mods adding new units and terrain and stuff.

So the only holdup is probably bureaucracy.

And you did not even scratch the surface :smiley: !

  1. They could also finally bring in the game the 3 barbarian civilizations that Romans hard hard time with:
    Dacian Kingdom, Germanic tribes and Gauls.
    (they could have the same architecture for all 3 and instead of priest at the temple they should have druids at the ponds)
    Trajan had a huge war going on in Dacia against Decebalus and we all know about Caesar’s campaigns in Gaul and there was also the legendary fight of Teutoburg forest with Germanic tribes.
    So they can easily make 3 campaigns just out of this.

  2. Another campaign could be made for the roman civil wars, the triumvirates.

  3. A campaign about the Chinese epic civil war too.

  4. Korean campaign about Choson unification, fighting with the northern nomad tribes (the deadly Jurchen) and the internal fight for the throne.

Prioritisation and file size concerns.
It’s always hard to justify changing the minimal requirements of a game.
Not that 3GB is that much disk space though (I remember CoD taking up over 250GB before they allowed to to remove certain parts (like Singleplayer, Multiplayer or Coop) which was an issue for people that had a 250GB SSD just for the game).

The other issue is probably aesthetically. They don’t want to mix AoE1DE terrain with AoE2DE terrain.

The 3rd reason is that if it’s easy to mod they don’t feel like they have to do it officially.

Yes, maybe the campaigns that are not included in the game will be included by the community… even I could include them in the game, if they don’t have triggers at all…

Yes, that’s why I got tired and I write Hatti and that’s it…

Yes, many can be campaigns or content of historical battles…The Assyrians, Phoenicians, Persians, nor Shang have a campaign yet…

Yes, you have content for years and years… you could not release content for AoE 2 exclusively and you would still have plenty of content… you can make dlcs with campaigns for AoE 1 and AoE 2 civs in the same dlc: example a Persian dlc (Cyrus the Great for AoE 1 and Khosrow I/II and Ismail I or Tahmasp for AoE 2)…

Yes, now 3 GB is nothing… it’s what AoM weighed in 2002…

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